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The Mafias Domineering Love CHAPTER 6

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Isabella woke up the next morning and saw that she wasn in the dungeon anymore,she turned around and found out that she was in Liam Russells office and suddenly she saw Liam next to her holding her hand.

"did he take advantage of me?, how did I get her?". Isabella was asking herself so many questions that she didn know the answer. suddenly she remembered Alice. Isabella stood up straight and she lied down back because her body was weak. At that time, Liam also woke up due to her movement.


e awake?, how do you feel".Liam asked as he stood up.

"Im fine what happened?". Isabella asked.

"you weren feeling well yesterday so the guard man on duty called me and I came over". Liam explained.

"thanks for your help, I will repay you once I have the money". Isabella said trying to stand up but fell into Liams arms as their lips slightly touched each other. Liam was stunned.

"Im sorry, I didn mean to". Isabella asked noticing the awkwardness between them trying to suppress her blush, her cheeks where flushed red like a ripe tomato.

"its nothing, here let me help you". Liam said and picked up Isabella carrying her in his arms as Isabella placed her hands around his neck. Isabella was quite surprised, how can the cold hearted boss be so caring. Liam carried her out of the office and both went downstairs and to the parking lot he opened his car and kept her at the front seat.

"I will take you to my villa for know,once your well enough I will take you to see your sister". Liam said and fastened his seat belt.

"really thank you". Isabella smiled. The ride to the villa was a little quiet. few minutes later they arrived at the villa. she was amazed by the structure of the building it was a three story building which looked like a skyscraper.


e house is so amazing". Isabella praised and opened the door to the car as the warm breeze hit her,she had never felt this happy in a long time.

"here this way". Liam said interrupting her thoughts. They both walked into the villa and were greeted by the maids.

"young master welcome". a woman in her late 40s bowed she was the head maid who was know as Matilda. Matilda was quite curious and suprised the young master had never brought any woman home.

"Matilda please take her into the living room I have some urgent work to attend to". Liam said as he was out of the house. Matilda led Isabella into the living room and sat her down on the chair and offered her a bowl of warm soup.

"here this will make you feel better". Matilda said handing her the bowl of soup.


e quite lucky miss the young master had never brought a woman to his private villa before, I guess you must be special to him". Matilda smiled looking at the pretty young girl in front of her.

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