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The midwives were extremely nervous.

Their faces were pale as they rubbed Mrs.

Weis stomach and continued monitoring the situation below.

They were all experienced midwives.

Looking at each other, they knew the situation was tough.

However, none of them dared to tell Wei Nanxi about it because his expression was too terrifying.

The midwives had no choice but to continue delivering the infant.


Wei took a deep breath and pushed the infant out at one go.

It was close and dangerous.


Wei was in so much pain that she could not even make a sound.

When the infant came out, it seemed to show no signs of being alive, which frightened the midwives even further.

Fortunately, after the infant came out, it started to breathe.

The midwives were overjoyed.

“Sir, congratulations on getting a son.”

A man who loved his wife so much must be extremely happy to have a son as his first child.

Wei Nanxi did not look at the child.

He only waved his hand and said, “Put the child down and leave.”

Although the midwives were puzzled, they still put the child down and left.

When one of them went out, she seemed to have smelled something.

Just as she was about to look back, she met Wei Nanxis cold eyes and quickly lowered her head and trotted away in fear.

After the midwives left, a monk walked into the courtyard.

Wei Nanxi said expressionlessly, “Save my wife.”

The monk smiled.

“Dont worry, sir.”

The monk entered the room and Wei Nanxi followed him.

The smell of blood was even stronger.

Wei Nanxi was trembling and he felt suffocated.

The woman he loved the most was slowly leaving him.


Weis clothes were soaked in blood.

The blood on her clothes was slowly spreading, making Wei Nanxis heart tighten.

The monk held the child and handed a dagger to Wei Nanxi.

“Sir, dont hesitate.

If not for this child, your wife wouldnt have died.”

Wei Nanxi took the dagger and stabbed the monk in the shoulder without looking at him.

The monks eyes widened.

“What are you doing”

“Why did you stab me instead of this child”

Wei Nanxi sneered.

“Do you think I dont know what you are up to Wu Yu, my son can only extend his mothers life.

Who do you think you are How dare you covet my sons life”

The monks eyes widened in disbelief.

He gritted his teeth.

“Sir, youre a Daoist.”

Wei Nanxi said calmly, “Im not a Daoist, but I understand the nasty tricks you are playing.”

The monk was indignant, but he knew that if this man lost his wife whom he loved with all his heart, he would not be able to go out alive today.

He wanted to live.

If he didnt want to live, he wouldnt have gone through so much trouble tohelp.

The monk quickly said, “Sir, please spare my life.

Im willing to do anything.

I dont dare have designs on your son anymore.”

Wei Nanxi said coldly, “I know a formation that can exchange lives.

Lets do it.”

The monk knew that Wei Nanxi wasnt someone to be trifled with.

He said truthfully, “Sir, there is such a formation, but it will only be effective if the sacrificer is willing to do so.

If the baby is not willing, it wont work.”

Wei Nanxi hugged the child.

“Why should he be unwilling She gave birth to him, but he wants her to die.

He owes her his entire life.

Why should he be unwilling”

Wei Nanxi stabbed the dagger in the childs heart and said slowly, “I promise you that Ill let you go on the day the formation disappears.

In the future, if you have any requests, Ill satisfy you.

As a son, filial piety is the most important.

Im your father.

Remember that.”

The monk was shocked and stunned.

However, the child actually listened to him and the life exchange formation was successfully activated.

After the matter was done, he chased the monk away.

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