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This was all Liu Sanniangs fault.

She must have a way to solve this.

Liu Sanniang looked at Wei Nanxi.

“You cant force her to stay.

Your marriage with your wife is already over.

Even if you kill me, you cant change anything.

Theres only one possibility for you.

Let go.”

Wei Nanxi roared fiercely.


There must be a way.

Although his wife knew the truth now, it wasnt impossible to erase her memory.

As long as she didnt have this memory, everything would be fine.


Liu Sanniang looked at Wei Nanxi without any change in expression.

Wei Nanxis pain and anger could not affect her.


Wei looked at Liu Sanniang and begged.

“Miss Liu, help me give my life to him.

Let him leave in peace and make sure that he wont have such vicious parents in his next life.”

If she died during childbirth didnt mean that he was the one who killed her.

She was just destined to die.

Wei Nanxi sat by the bed.

“Yaoyao, thirty years ago, when I first saw you, I liked you.

If not for my fathers disapproval, I wouldve become a psychic just like Miss Liu.

I have an uncle whos a Daoist priest.

He wanted to take me in as his disciple.

For this reason, my father cut off all ties with me.

When you were pregnant with our first son, I often dreamed of you dying.

That monk came to ask for food and said that he could satisfy any of my requests.

You were kind-hearted and gave that monk food.

You asked him if the child you were bearing was a boy or a girl.”

Wei Nanxi was lost in his memories.

When he recalled that time, a smile appeared on his face.

“The monk said that it was a boy.

You said that boys are good.

The monk pointed at you and said that you wont live long.

However, this child is here to repay you.

By exchanging his life for yours, you can live to a hundred years old.

You were angry at that time.

I also got a servant to beat the monk up and chase him out.

I comforted you and told you not to take it to heart.

That monk was talking nonsense.

It took me a long time to comfort you before you believed me, but I knew what the monk said was true.”

“I later went to see the monk and let him stay in our house until the day you gave birth…”


Wei gasped in pain.

“Stop it.

Let him go.

I dont want to live anymore.”

What was the point of this life of hers

Wei Nanxi looked up at Liu Sanniang.

“I heard that Miss Liu has a psychic ability that can make people see someones memories.

If you dont want to hear it, then see it for yourself.

Now, I dont want to hide anything from you anymore.

I want to tell you the truth.”

Wei Nanxi stared at Liu Sanniang coldly, waiting for her to speak.

Even though Wei Nanxis expression was cold, Liu Sanniang didnt show signs of fear.

She said calmly, “Okay.”

Wei Nanxi extended his hand.

Chu Yan took out a handkerchief and covered Wei Nanxis wrist.

Wei Nanxi did not mind.

He sneered at himself.

“Thats true.

Someone like me must be dirty.”

Chu Yan did not speak, nor did Liu Sanniang.

She grabbed Wei Nanxis hand and her power instantly invaded his memory.

Wei Nanxis mental space was pitch-black.

His wife was his only light.

He looked at Liu Sanniang, not afraid that she would know that he was a dark person.

Liu Sanniang released her power to envelop the room, dragging Mrs.

Wei into his memories.

She looked at herself, who was still a young girl.

Her stomach was bulging.

Everything she ate every day was carefully prepared by her husband.

She teased him.

“Hubby, are you too nervous The imperial doctor said that you dont have to be so scared.”

Wei Nanxi smiled gently.

“As long as you are still pregnant, I cant help but be nervous.”

Being doted on and protected by her husband was like eating honey.

Countless people in the capital envied her for marrying a good husband who had a bright future and only loved her.


Wei looked at her husband as he went to a corner of the house.

Wei Nanxi pushed open the door of a courtyard and looked at the monk who was eating voraciously.

“My wife is going to give birth in a few days.

If anything happens to her, youre doomed.”

The monk was beaming and there was a healthy glow on his face.

He was holding a big pork rib in his hand.

It had been stewed until it was soft and mushy.

He ate it in big mouthfuls as if he had been hungry for several lifetimes.

After eating, he wiped his mouth and said, “Sir, dont worry.

Im a man of my word.

I wont do something that will ruin my reputation.”

“Its not difficult to keep your wife alive.

I can also help you get rich and gain fame.”

Wei Nanxis expression was cold.

“I dont need money and power.

I just want my wife to live and be healthy.”

The monk smiled.

“Sir, you really love your wife as much as your life.

There arent many men who are as devoted as you.

Dont worry, there wont be any problems.”

Wei Nanxi looked at the monk with a cold expression.

“If my wife is safe, youll be rewarded, but if anything happens to her, Ill make sure you live in hell.”

No matter how Wei Nanxi threatened him, there was always a smile on the monks face.

“Dont worry, sir.

I promise that nothing will go wrong.”

The monk licked his lips.

“I dont want money either.

I just want some food.”

Wei Nanxi looked at the monk.

“Whatever you want, just tell the servants.”

After confirming that there was no problem at the monks end, Wei Nanxi returned to the mansion.

As the day of delivery approached, he took leave to accompany his wife.

His wife was the one who was going to give birth, but he ended up losing a lot of weight.

Even if he did not want that day to come, it came nonetheless.

With a cold expression, he clenched his fists until his knuckles turned white.

None of the servants dared to approach or talk to him.

There were five midwives in the delivery room.

They all had solemn expressions on their faces.

Hearing his wifes cries of pain, Wei Nanxi could not hold it in anymore and entered the room.

The midwives were all shocked.

“Sir, you cant come in.”

Wei Nanxi said coldly, “Continue, dont worry about me.

If anything happens to my wife, Ill bury all of you alive.”

He knelt by the bed and grabbed her hand.

Tears were flowing down his face.

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