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Ch75.2 - Taking Lin Ran back to meet his parents


As the needle pierced the skin, Lin Ran’s body trembled and Song Zhi Xu saw a knot of red blood gushing back from the syringe before flowing back down the needle into his blood veins. 


The little nurse fixed it with transparent tape as she couldn’t help but look sideways at the intimate appearance of the two, then hurriedly packed up her things and pushed the pushcar away.

Song Zhi Xu slowly lifted Lin Ran’s head up, his chest already covered with two circular wet marks from Lin Ran’s crying.




“Ran Ran, don’t cry, it’s all my fault, when you’re fine already, hit me okay Both this child and Lin Ran were pushed and moved the fetus a bit.” 



It was all because of him, Lin Ran cried, Song Zhi Xu’s heart hurt so much.

Lin Ran shook his head, sucked in his nose and tried to hold back his tears, “Ran Ran won’t cry anymore, and won’t hit Song Zhi Xu.”


Song Zhi Xu lightly kissed the corners of Lin Ran’s eyes, then placed him on the bed, covered him with the quilt and covered Lin Ran’s arms with his hands, “Baby, you should sleep for a while, it will be fine once you fall asleep.” Lin Ran looked at Song Zhi Xu for a moment and nodded gently.

Before he closed his eyes to sleep, he thought of the little turtle at home again and whispered to Song Zhi Xu,



“Song Zhi Xu, Ran Ran wants Xiao Guai and Xiao Guai’s wife, is that okay”



He hadn’t seen the two turtles for a long time,so he didn’t know if they were hungry or not. 


“Okay, I’ll have someone to go and get it for you.” Song Zhi Xu agreed without any slightest hesitation.


Only then did Lin Ran close his eyes at ease, and it wasn’t long before he actually fell asleep. 


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Song Zhi Xu boiled some hot water, filled a hot water bag and covered it with a towel before placing it on the small side of Lin Ran’s arm to warm it up, replacing his own hand, otherwise the liquid inside the infusion tube would be too cold and flow into the veins along with the needles.

In no time, Lin Ran’s arm became cold and clammy, that was why Song Zhi Xu was afraid that Lin Ran would be uncomfortable.



Lin Ran slept for almost two hours.

Only after he woke up then the last of the two IVs was left.

He looked around the room and saw Song Zhi Xu sitting on the sofa not far away, tapping on his laptop.

Lin Ran moved as one side of his arm was numb. 


“Song Zhi Xu.” Lin Ran called out in a small voice.


Song Zhi Xu immediately looked up, put the laptop aside, walked to the bedside and touched Lin Ran’s somewhat slightly cold cheek, and then looked at the IV bottle, seeing that it was almost empty, he reached out and pressed the call bell next to him. 


“Ran Ran, is there any discomfort” Song Zhi Xu asked worriedly when he saw that Lin Ran’s face was somewhat pale.


Lin Ran gently shook his head, pulling Song Zhi Xu’s hand with his one hand that wasn’t injected and holding his hands, pursing his lips but said nothing. 


It didn’t take long for the nurse to come up and pull out the needle for Lin Ran, and as soon as she got a little closer, Lin Ran shrank away from Song Zhi Xu with some fear, his voice was somewhat trembling.


“Song Zhi Xu, hug me, okay” 


Song Zhi Xu hurriedly helped Lin Ran up and took him into his embrace, covering his eyes to prevent him from looking.


Only after the needle was removed and the little nurse left did Song Zhi Xu remove his hand that covered Lin Ran’s eyes and pulled his hand over to look at the back of his needle-ridden hand, leaning over and giving him a gentle kiss. 


Lin Ran leaned against Song Zhi Xu’s arms without spirit.

After a while, he tilted his head up and asked in a small voice, “Do Ran Ran still need to take another injection”



Song Zhi Xu knew that Lin Ran didn’t want to have the injection, but Lin Ran’s body was not yet stable, so in the end Song Zhi Xu nodded gently, “Ran Ran, for the sake of the baby and your body, bear with it for a while, okay” 


Lin Ran looked down and touched his own belly and finally answered with ‘Hn.’.


Song Zhi Xu hugged him for a little longer, then remembered the two turtles in the bathtub next to him and reached out to show them to Lin Ran. 


“Ran Ran, your Xiao Guai.”


A smile finally appeared on Lin Ran’s face as he looked at the two little turtles still picking their paws and swimming inside the slightly swaying water, “Xiao Guai and Xiao Guai’s wife.” 


Lin Ran fished one out of the water and held it in his hand, suddenly remembering something as he tilted his head to ask Song Zhi Xu, “Ran Ran is also Song Zhi Xu’s wife, right” Song Zhi Xu froze, then hurriedly nodded again and moved over to kiss him on the lips.


“Of course you are.” 


This matter was brought up by Lin Ran, and the idea of Song Zhi Xu taking Lin Ran back to meet his parents came back again, and it was time for him to prepare and take Lin Ran there.

But he needed to wait for Lin Ran’s health to get better and then after that he could take care of the company’s business.


Song Zhi Xu accompanied Lin Ran in the hospital for a week and waited until Lin Ran’s body had completely recovered before he was discharged. 


During the week, Song Zhi Xu’s company had accumulated a lot of things so he had to go to work the day after he returned home.

When he woke up in the morning, Song Zhi Xu went downstairs and made breakfast before waking Lin Ran up from bed, taking him to wash up and then carrying him to the dining table to serve him something to eat.



After his pregnancy, Lin Ran was particularly clinging to Song Zhi Xu and had to go to work with him.

Since Song Zhi Xu did not feel at ease therefore he had to take Lin Ran with him to the office. 


When Lin Ran finished eating, Song Zhi Xu didn’t give him time to clean up the table, so he changed his clothes for him and drove him to the office.


“Ran Ran, I have to go to a meeting today.

Is it okay if I ask my assistant to accompany you” When he arrived at the company, Song Zhi Xu spoke up after a moment of deliberation.

He didn’t dare to leave Lin Ran alone in the office anymore, but it wasn’t appropriate to take Lin Ran with him to the meeting, so he had no choice but to do so.

Lin Ran looked at Song Zhi Xu, hugging the fish bowl in his arms, hesitated for a moment before gently nodding his head and agreeing. 


Only then did Song Zhi Xu let out a sigh of relief and drove the car seriously.

The car had just been driven outside the company when a figure suddenly rushed out from the side and blocked the front of the car.


Song Zhi Xu’s heart tightened and he subconsciously stepped on the brakes.

The car stopped working because the brakes were applied too sharply.

Lin Ran was holding the fish bowl on the front passenger seat, which slammed into the front because of inertia. 


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