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Ch73.2 - Lin Ran is the one who he should be feel guilty about


“Lin Mu, our families are old family friends.

I visited your home when I was a teenager and I fell into the water.

In a panic, I pulled you into the water when you tried to save me and made you very ill.

I always remember that.” He pursed his lips and went on to say, “So when I saw you at Jing Da University, I paid extra attention to you and I always wanted to apologize to you but you didn’t seem to want to bring this part up, so I never said anything.

Now I’d like to earnestly say I’m sorry.” 


Lin Mu’s body trembled for a moment, his face immediately turned pale, and his eyes showed some surprise as he lowered his head, not speaking.




Mu Qingting also showed he ‘didn’t expect it’ expression. 



“There’s still this part No wonder, you would often drag me to see him but not to get close.” Mu Qingting still understand Song Zhi Xu.

He probably wanted to say it yet he didn’t know how to bring it up.

Mu Qingting reacted with a jolt, “So it was turning from guilt to like”


Song Zhi Xu was a bit helpless and said in a low voice, “It couldn’t be considered as like, I just feel a bit guilty because of what happened when I was a child.

Since he is alone in the capital, I just want to take care of him.”



“Is that so” Mu Qingting nodded, as if that was indeed how it should be.

He was just about to continue talking when he noticed that something was wrong with Lin Mu so he asked, “Lin Mu, what is wrong with you”



Lin Mu shook his head, his hand clenched tightly, and only after a moment, it was as if he had finally gathered the courage to speak. 


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“I did fall into the water, I also indeed did get very sick, but I didn’t save you.

Because Ran Ran fell into the water so I wanted to save him, but I was too weak, I couldn’t pull him, I… there was nothing I could do.”


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Song Zhi Xu stopped his breathing and his body stiffened as he said, “You, what did you say”


“Fourteen years ago, on the 23rd of February, I took Ran Ran to play in the garden, when I went back to the room to get something, Ran Ran then suddenly disappeared.

I heard the sound of water pounding in the pond, so I went over and saw that Ran Ran had fallen into the water.

I jumped down and tried to save him, but I couldn’t pull him out.

After I was rescued I became very ill, I slept in a daze for a few days.

When I woke up, Ran Ran was already sent away.

The time I saw him again, he didn’t remember anything anymore and became what he is right now.” 


Lin Mu’s gaze was a little hollow, the guilt that had been weighing on his heart for more than ten years was finally out and said by him.



Song Zhi Xu also froze in the same place, not speaking. 


He remembered that on the 23rd of February, he fell into the water, and after he was rescued he was well and nothing was wrong, yet before he left he went to see Lin Mu who was sick and had not yet woken up.


“What’s going on You two have two different stories, huh” Mu Qingting listened and he was puzzled by it, the start of the story was not the same, the end however was not the same too.

He carefully sorted it out before saying, “If you guys remember it all right, then would it be that old Song is the one who made or pulled Lin Ran into the water, after that, Lin Mu also went to save Lin Ran and jumped into the water” 


It seemed like there was someone missing from the story that both of them told, it was the only way it made sense.


When Mu Qingting finished speaking, Song Zhi Xu immediately stood up, striding into the bedroom and standing by the bed looking at Lin Ran who was on the bed. 


If the person he had pulled into the water that day was really Lin Ran, then Lin Ran, in this state right now was because of him, Lin Ran had been sent abroad and bullied for so many years; it was all because of him.


Lin Ran was the person he should feel guilty about, and there was no way to make up for it. 


Lin Mu walked to the door of the room, he then saw Song Zhi Xu inside, slowly bending down and reaching out to touch Lin Ran’s cheek.

He stopped in his steps and did not go further in.


He now understood what had happened back then, he had been too anxious about Ran Ran and did not notice that there were others at all, so Ran Ran had been pulled into the water by Song Zhi Xu. 


Mu Qingting sighed and said in a low voice, “Let him stay inside with Lin Ran for a while ba.”



Mu Qingting reached over and closed the door, giving the room and time for the two of them. 


The room was closed with thick curtains and the light was dim.

Song Zhi Xu sat down beside the bed and stared blankly at Lin Ran, didn’t move at all.


Not knowing how long it had passed and it was only when Song Zhi Xu’s body was a little stiff that Lin Ran on the bed moved and slowly opened his eyes, seeing the dark figure on the side of the bed, he first froze for a moment, but after sensing that it was Song Zhi Xu, he immediately showing a smile.

Lin Ran sat up from the bed as he took the initiative to hug Song Zhi Xu, relaxing his body and leaning lazily into his arms, gently rubbing against him before calling out in a small voice; “Song Zhi Xu.” 


After waiting for a while, Song Zhi Xu did not say anything.

Lin Ran raised his head to look at him again, the room was a bit dark, he could not see the expression on Song Zhi Xu’s face, but he still felt that Song Zhi Xu seemed to be unhappy.


“Song Zhi Xu, are you sad” Lin Ran’s voice was soft, with the hoarseness of having just woken up from a nap, and carefully as he said it. 


“Ran Ran.” Song Zhi Xu’s voice was even more hoarse, as if he hadn’t drunk any water for a long time and his throat was a little dry, but he still managed to make a sound with difficulty.


“Hn, Ran Ran’s here.

Song Zhi Xu, what’s wrong” Lin Ran worriedly propped himself up, wanting to get closer to Song Zhi Xu’s face to see the expression on his face but when he had just moved a little, he was suddenly hugged tightly by Song Zhi Xu.

Song Zhi Xu’s chin buried in the side of his neck and it didn’t take long for Lin Ran to feel a warm liquid flowing down his neck and into his collar.

Song Zhi Xu’s voice was hoarse with a hint of trembling as he said to him, “I’m sorry.” 


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