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The Incubus System Chapter 414. The Demons Dinner II

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The Incubus System Chapter 414. The Demons' Dinner II

A long breath escaped Lord Damon's mouth.

"That place almost bore me to death. My only consolation is my meal." Then an evil grin appeared on his face.

"But I must confess that humans are tastier than other foods. It is a delicacy. Their fear and scream are the best seasonings. Their flesh and bones are the best food I have ever eaten. But the tastiest part of them is the soul."

"You can eat a human's soul" I asked in surprise.

His evil grin grew wider as if it was a proud achievement.

"I absorbed it to be precise. Only a certain death demon can do it. Although most souls are tasteless, the sensation when I swallow it is incredible," he explained.

"They usually struggle and try to stay alive. Some of them scream for hours before their souls lose their energy and become my strength. Unfortunately, I can only eat the souls of those I have killed with my own hands. Just like those traitors." From his expression, he seemed to really enjoy it.

I shuddered in horror. I couldn't understand why Lilieth fell in love with a terrifying demon like him. Did she lose her mind when she fell in love with him Or was love really blind

One thing popped into my head.

'Maybe it has something to do with her family's death,' I guessed. On the bright side, even though loving a man like him sounded like a toxic relationship, at least Lord Damon treated her well.

After all, their relationship was the same as mine. The difference was I didn't eat humans and souls. I just needed sex, a lot of it. Although that sounded better, the fact that my partners trusted a demon like me was undeniable.

"That's why you shouldn't touch your father's weapon, Damian." Lilieth's voice interrupted my thoughts.

"Why" I asked with a frown.

This time it was Lord Damon who answered me.

"Because Soul Reaper not only cuts its opponent physically. But he also cuts its opponent's soul."

I could catch his serious look as soon as I turned to him.

"What do you mean" I asked in confusion.

"Soul Reaper can kill a person without harming them physically. Destroying a person's soul without destroying the body and creating wounds that will never heal," he explained with an evil smile.

It was even more terrifying than Letos' Deathraze.

"Is that possible" I was either scared or amazed by it.

"Yes. They will end up in a coma or live like plants," he said proudly.

Okay, his weapon was much more horrifying than Letos'. At least I knew the reason why he could reign for thousands of years.

"Anyway, you said this food was from animals. Does this world have farms or something" I decided to divert my conversation. Somehow his weapon made me shudder in horror.

And it managed to get others to join our conversation again.

"Of course, what makes you think we don't have that, nya" said Kitty.

Meanwhile, Tania turned to Yuffy and the others.

"Haven't you guys ever told him"

"Please don't blame them. I'm the one who never asked them this," I interrupted.

"Didn't I say that the dark dimension has everything that humans have Of course, we have farms," Lord Damon reminded me.

"It's just that we don't raise chicken or cow like humans. Our agriculture also produces other things. So everything tastes different. The king and Lilieth don't explain it to you since the animals' form might be a little absurd for you," added Andrew.

"But it's not human is it" I confirmed once again.

"If we can make humans as our stock, the demons will not escape to the human world," Sarael said in his typical arrogant tone.

'True.' I felt better after I heard their explanation. I just had to assume I had joined an alien-eating group.

"But why doesn't Foxy's village have animals" I asked.

It made them turn to Foxy who was lowering her head in nervousness. She didn't dare to say a word since the beginning of the dinner. Their gazes made her curl in intimidation. She didn't even dare to raise her head.

"It's okay, Foxy. Don't be afraid. We just wanted to ask you a few questions," Yuffy took the initiative to calm her down.

"Where's your home, Foxy" asked Luna.

Mustering up her courage, Foxy raised her head and took a glance at all of them.

"W-We named it, Haran," she said in a stammering voice.

They frowned.

"I've never heard of it before. Is there a village with that name" said Ivy in confusion. Her brows furrowed, indicating she was trying to dig her memories about it. Another also showed the same expression.

"I-It's at the bottom of the mountain. Far from here," said Foxy.

"Which one There are hundreds of thousands of villages under the mountain in the dark dimension," said Luna.

"Can you remember what was around it" Yuffy asked.

"The V-Village is surrounded by forests and mountains. Most of them are filled with the Hounds who like to torture and eat us. There are no animals at all in that place. So we can only eat Devil Fruits," Foxy explained.

"Is that a cursed forest Something similar to Deadly Swamp" Maria tried to analyze.

"Makes sense. That's why animals can't live in that place," said Tania. Then he turned to Foxy.

"Also the main reason for their low level."

"Does the dark dimension's normal forest have animals" I asked. I was the same clueless as Foxy.

"Of course. But they can't live in certain places. One of them is Deadly Swamp," answered Maria.

It made me furrow my brow.

"Then, what do swamp demons eat there"

"They usually eat each other. But that's just to quiche their hunger, not like you see in Torture Abyss," said Tania.

"Devil Fruits grow almost everywhere. Can you be more specific" Lilieth asked Foxy. From her expression, it seemed she was trying to forget about my training tomorrow.

Foxy hummed and was deep in thought before she finally remembered something.

"Oh! There is a red mountain in the west."

"Crimson Bloody Mountain," said Lord Damon out of the blue. His voice made us turn to him.

"This little fox demon came from Nefaris Queen's territory."

In an instant, they all fell silent.

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