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After drinking the medicine, Zhao Xiaotao's complexion improved a bit, but she was still pale.


Huang looked at Zhao Dashan and with a serious tone, said, "Although I was able to save your sister this time...

I'm afraid she won't be able to survive longer.

It's best to prepare for the funeral."

Zhao Dashan burst into tears immediately.

Liu Linhua patted his back to comfort him and said, "It's not your fault."


Huang retreated to the side of the medicine cabinet.

Zhou Chengkang also felt embarrassed to stand there.

So he too followed Dr.

Huang to the side.

After Dr.

Huang gave them the medicines, Zhou Chengkang took everyone back to the village.

He took Zhao Dashan and his family directly to their house.

"This quilt…" The quilt fell while Zhao Xiaotao was moving around.

Holding the quilt in her hands, Linhua apologized and said, "Sister, I'll give it back to you after I wash it."

"It's alright," said Li Qinghe, as she took the quilt and went back to her house.

If Zhao Xiaotao really can't make it through the night, then Liu Linhua will be very busy.

The next morning, the sun was shining bright when their door was knocked again.

There was a similar sound to yesterday's knock.

Zhou Chengkang went to open the door.

This time it was Liu Linhua.

She cried, "Brother-in-law, can you please take us to the town again…"

It was quite late in the night when they returned so he hadn't the time to take care of the carriage yet.

It was still set up and can be used right away.

They boarded the carriage and hurried to Zhao's house.

It was not appropriate for Zhou Chengkang to go inside so he waited outside.

Li Qinghe followed Liu Linhua inside the house.

At first glance, she could see the girl's thin face and sunken cheeks.

Her face was flushing red and she was smiling slightly.

She was talking to her brother in a low voice.

When she saw the two of them entering the door, her smile deepened, " Brother, you are lucky to marry sister-in-law.

I am relieved… that you have her to accompany you in the future."

"Sister-in-law… you will be fine!" Liu Linhua nodded her head repeatedly as she said, " Don't worry, you will be fine."

Zhao Xiaotao smiled weakly and her eyes turned to Li Qinghe, "You are a good person, I often… hear my brother and sister-in-law talking about you.

Thank you for the quilt…it was very soft and warm." She looked out at the window and said, "Actually, it's quite good now.

My body is always in pain… It's even difficult to breathe.

I have long wanted to go… It's torture for my brother and myself."

Her eyes suddenly brightened as she said, "Father..."

Then she tilted her head slightly, the smile on the corner of her lips hadn't faded, and she slowly closed her eyes.

She had passed away.

Zhao Dashan's sorrowful cry rang out instantly in the room.

He lay beside the bed and held his sister's hand.

He started sobbing and became completely grief-stricken.

Zhao Xiaotao was gone.

The villagers didn't pay much attention to the funerals of young people, so compared to the other family's funerals there were not many people present at Zhao Xiaotao's funeral.

Li Qinghe stayed with them to help with everything.

She felt pity for the little girl.

She had been sick and in pain for so long but she didn't develop any resentment due to her situation.

She was optimistic and knew how to be grateful for the people who helped her, which was a very rare attitude.

If she was a healthy girl, she would have been an ideal girl.

It could be seen that Zhao Dashan and his sister had a very good and deep relationship.

After the funeral, he fell ill.

In the blink of an eye, it was mid-october.

It was raining one day after another.

In the late autumn season, the rain made the weather chilly marking the beginning of the winter season.

It was cold outside and it was impossible to work.

If one can't work, then it was best for them to prepare for winter.

In the newly cleaned fields, Li Qinghe didn't plan on planting wheat seeds.

It was the best option to harvest in the wasteland.

And with planting wheat there would be a bad idea with no success.

It was only ideal to grow sweet potatoes there.

When she was free during the winter season, she also went to ask Dr.

Huang about the medicinal herbs in the forest.

If it was feasible, she planned to try planting some herbs after spring plowing in the next year.


Huang only grows some herbs himself, and only knows a few things about them, such as where and how they were grown.

Li Qinghe also only knows about some common herbs.

So honestly, if she wanted to do this then she would have to start from scratch.

Now the weather was getting colder and colder, so she didn't want to rush it.

The two killed a pig again and many people from the village bought the meat.

They even killed another one that was to be used for pickling meat.

Later, in the twelfth lunar month, they began to fish and sell fish again.

It was worth mentioning that Liu Yuan did not intend to be angry with them, and he even greeted them when passing by.

As for the Yang family, they completely stopped communicating at all.

During the Chinese New Year, there were quite a lot of people buying fish in the town.

Since the price of fish was very high last year, many people didn't buy it.

But this year, the price was reasonable so many people bought one or two fish.


Zhou had been living with them for a while now.

On the 29th of the twelfth lunar month, when they returned home after selling the fish it was already very dark.

Xiyu was already asleep, while Mrs.

Zhou lit the brazier and warmed the food on the side, "Tomorrow, I'll go home to celebrate the New Year."

"Okay." Li Qinghe replied.

The two began to eat.


Zhou looked at them and said, "Work less in the future, don't be so tired.

Xiyu is still young."


Zhou took care of Xiyu every day.

She taught him to walk and speak.

And now that two months had passed, he learned to walk more stably.

He would find things to play with and entertain himself.

He can also call for his parents and ask for milk.


Zhou would take him everywhere with her and he would be happy all day.

Zhou Chengkang responded.

Then they heard her say, "While you are still young, have more children.

You would have someone other than Xiyu too to take care of you.

And Xiyu would also not be lonely growing up without a sibling!"

She nagged them so much that she herself didn't understand what she was saying.

On New Year's Eve, Li Qinghe and Zhou Chengkang went back to Zhou's house in the morning.

Zhang Haiyao had been using the kitchen so there was no need to clean it especially.

And even though Mrs.

Zhou didn't live there anymore, she often brought back Xiyu to the house to look after it.

The last time when she went there with Xiyu, which was just two days ago, she cleaned the entire house herself.

It looked as if someone had been living there all along.

Eldest Brother Zhou and Mei Hua came back in the afternoon.

It was worth mentioning that the two came back in a carriage and also the carriage was brand new, including the ropes.

When he led the carriage into the courtyard, eldest brother Zhou smiled and said, " I didn't need to buy it but Mei Hua insisted that it would be more convenient to have a carriage.

In such cold weather, Xili might catch a cold if we take her outside.

I also think so.

After all, we can't let a child suffer…"

"Isn't it just a carriage" Zhang Haiyao said, " Eldest brother-in-law if you wanted to buy a carriage, you should have bought the one wrapped in silk and satin and made from mahogany wood.

It is said that a mattress is also placed inside the carriage which is more comfortable than a bed.

The carriage would not be bumpy and it won't make the child suffer."

Her tone was mocking.

Eldest brother Zhou couldn't stand her taunt and replied, "We have little knowledge about it and had never been to the county.

This carriage is best for us.

My younger siblings can go to the county, but unfortunately…" His voice trailed off and the meaning behind his words was obvious.

The Zhang family refused to accept Zhang Haiyao to go back to her maternal house.

This matter was a knot in her heart and could not be brought up at all.

At this time, when she heard him mention it, she became angry and wanted to say some more.

But third brother Zhou pulled her back and motioned her to look at Mrs.

Zhou, who was standing at the kitchen door looking displeased.

Zhang Haiyao immediately stopped talking.

When she didn't say anything, Mrs.

Zhou glared at her and said, "Haiyao, come inside and help me quickly."

Zhang Haiyao crisply answered and went inside the kitchen, "Mother, you don't have to do it.

Leave it to me, and my younger sister-in-law will also help."

She excluded Mei Hua, who was outside in the courtyard.

Mei Hua let the children play by themselves and went into the kitchen.

She worked silently and no one spoke to her.

It was mainly because after entering the house, she only greeted Mrs.

Zhou and ignored the rest of them.

It was reasonable to ignore Zhang Haiyao who spoke some petty words to them, but Li Qinghe didn't say anything.

When she entered the house, Li Qinghe greeted her but she just nodded her head.

This year was bound to be bad.

A little later, Li Qingmiao and second brother Zhou came with their child.

There were many people in the room, and it was a little warmer.

The atmosphere was not as stiff as before, and then they talked about the nonsense happening in the village.

First, Li Qingmiao mentioned that her cousin next door wanted to send her child and asked Hu Yanxi to fix it for a cheaper price,

First, Li Qingmiao talked about her next-door cousin who wanted to send her child to study under Hu Yanxi and asked him for a cheaper price.

The family could not afford to pay a tael of silver per year, which costs the education, not including ink, paper, and inkstone.

"My eldest brother said that it's enough for them to learn for two years and then go to the town to become a shopkeeper.

I don't even dare to think about it, is that even studying That's a lot of money and he also made fun of whether his son would become a scholar.

He also has collected a lifetime's grain tax that he has to pay."

"That's not right," Li Qinghe laughed.

"Then after the results are out, the children who are at the bottom need not be cultivated.

If there are more children, it will be more cost-effective."

This was just a joke.

The people in the room, including Mrs.

Zhou, couldn't help but laugh.

"Yes!" Li Qingmiao was stunned.

She agreed, "I have to go back and persuade him."

Although the atmosphere was not good at first, it finally eased up.

The house where eldest brother Zhou used to live was kept clean.

They didn't say anything about going back today, so they ended up staying there.

The next morning, Li Qinghe and Zhou Chengkang went to Li's house early in the morning.

Now when they go back, Li Qinghe doesn't need to work.

The tea and snacks, including meals, were all ready and served to them.

This year both the daughters of the Li family went to the Li family.

Liu Linhua and Zhao Danshan also went to the Li house.

The couple was diligent.

Even though it was their first year celebrating the festival together they went early and helped clean the courtyard.

They even helped Li Fu replace the handle of a sickle.

When they were eating, Zhao Danshan raised a glass of wine to Zhou Chengkanga and said," My family has no land, so after New Year, I will also go help my brother-in-law in the field.

So please don't mind it."

After the New Year, they definitely had to hire people to work in the field, which was nothing to mind.

Li Qinghe nodded with a smile and thanked him.

Compared to the Zhou family's awkward atmosphere, the Li family lunch was much better.

In the afternoon, when the two were returning home, they passed by Zhou's house and heard a quarrel inside.

"Mother has lived in the village most of her life.

Even if you want to take her to town to show filial piety and respect, she has to first be happy right" It was Zhang Haiyao's voice.

The Zhou family quarreled and the two cannot pretend to just ignore it and leave directly.

So they went inside the house.

Before they entered the door, they saw the fifth sister Zhou and Zhao Liyuan approaching.

Fifth sister Zhou had a big belly and Zhou Liyuan supported her with a careful look on his face.


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