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The Great Genetic Era Chapter 8 - Xu Tuis Second Bleeding

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Chapter 8: Xu Tuis Second Bleeding

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Xu Tui got off the bed and walked toward the washroom, moving a chair that was blocking his way. He first eliminated the possibility of a hallucination.

Then, Xu Tui found himself a piece of paper and wrote his name down.

He also wrote the names of the students that he had a crush on in the junior year.

They were all girls.

There were no guys.

He looked through the list.

It was accurate.

Xu Tui eliminated the possibility that he was undergoing a period of insanity.

“Basically, I can confirm that the hazy figure I saw when I closed my eyes in the meditative state is myself.”

There were two reasons for his judgment.

First, there were 14 weak spots of light concentrated on the head of the figure. It was highly likely that those spots of light corresponded to the 14 Mystery Branch Genetic Base Points Xu Tui activated in the afternoon.

Second, Xu Tui tried to move when he was in his meditative state.

For example, he changed his position from sitting cross-legged to lying down. He also stretched his arms and shook his head. The figure also reflected the changes in his position as long as the magnitude of the actions was large enough.

“Could this be the Mystery Branch ability I obtained after I activated the 14 Genetic Base Points”

Xu Tui got off the bed and once again turned on the projection function of his communication device. He scoured the net with ferocious activity.

There was an overload of information regarding Mystery Branch abilities on the Internet.

However, most of them were not worth taking into consideration.

It was even more so for Xu Tuis case of seeing a strange figure when he was in a meditative state.

The comment section always had the best pieces of information.

Xu Tui did not find anything that he could directly use. However, he did find some useful information in the comment sections of web novels and movie streaming sites.

Currently, the distinction of the degree of human genetic evolution was as follows: Genetic Liberator, Genetic Mutant, Genetic Evolver, and Genetic Transmuter. A very small percentage of Genetic Evolvers could develop the ability of introspection.

There was also a small number of Genetic Transmuters who received the ability of introspection through Genetic Fusion Modification.

The most important function of these kinds of introspection was that it allowed the user to understand the changes to their body to a large extent even without the use of any technological devices.

Under most circumstances, their introspection was even more accurate than technological devices.

This was a genetic ability that skewed toward supportive capabilities.

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However, this ability was something that was loved by maniacs who liked experimenting on their own bodies.

On the contrary, Extreme Branch Genetic Warriors and Mystery Branch Superbs who participated in intergalactic battles would never choose this as an evolutionary path.

The decision to evolve and strengthen their genes toward a certain direction was extremely valuable and precious.

The supportive-type introspection ability was very similar to the figure that Xu Tui could see right now.

Xu Tui was very satisfied even though it was a relatively weaker supportive ability.

At least he had a Mystery Branch ability!

Otherwise, he could only keep silent when someone asked him what his ability was.

Furthermore, this supportive ability was something that could only be developed and obtained by a high-level Genetic Evolver or Genetic Transmuter.

What level was Xu Tui at now

Xu Tui had never had any interaction with Genetic Mutants or Genetic Evolvers.

Xu Tui was not even a Genetic Liberator, which ranked the lowest amongst all the other levels.

Xu Tui was satisfied.

He was very satisfied.

Understanding how his body was built was also a great ability.

Finally, Xu Tui began meditating once again and entered the introspective state. He started to learn about how his body was built.

He changed his position.

This time, he lay down on his bed to meditate.

An hour later, Xu Tui realized that he had learned much more about the human body than what he learned during the entire sixth year of middle school.

Nerves, muscles, bone structure, joints, blood vessels, etc.

Observing those a thousand times using models was not as effective as looking at them once through the use of introspection.

Soon, Xu Tui had a discovery.

His introspection ability came in two forms. Xu Tui called the first form “realistic introspection”.

In such a state, Xu Tui could clearly see everything that was happening within his body. Observing his muscles, joints, and inguinal lymph nodes was a trivial task.

That included his capillaries and the movement of his blood, as well as the reflexive change of every mans most precious organ.

Xu Tui called the other state “illusory introspection”.

In this meditative state, Xu Tui could see the human figure that was surrounded by countless hazy flashes of light.

The 14 dull spots of light at the figures head were a characteristic marker.

Xu Tui also realized that the more he concentrated during illusory introspection, the more realistic the projection of the human figure would become.

Other than the 14 dull spots of light gathered at its head, Xu Tui could also see bundles of gray spots all over the human figure.

There were more gray spots in areas that involved a humans major body functions.

A thought then occurred to Xu Tui.

Soon, Xu Tui had another discovery in his illusory introspective state.

When he was in a state of high concentration during his illusory introspection, the hazy flashes of light that made up the human figure gradually became clearer.

Most of the flashes of light were a standard gray. However, the lights in the two areas were different.

One was the 14 spots of light that represented the Genetic Base Points he activated. They were a dull white.

The second area was the midsection of the human figure. It would flicker with pale white light at an unstable frequency.

The direction of this white light was unpredictable. However, more than a third of it would flow toward the head. The rest of the light would be split into a dozen groups and flow toward his chest and abdomen, then toward his limbs.

However, there was the least amount of light flowing toward his limbs at this moment.

Xu Tui was a little shocked.

Just what was he looking at

His introspection seemed to be different from the introspection used by Genetic Evolvers and Genetic Transmuters described on the Internet.

Xu Tui suddenly reacted after he observed the human figure for a short while.

The human figure conjured during the illusory introspective state followed Xu Tuis exact proportions.

He noticed something when he compared the position of the human figure with his own body.

Wasnt the position that was sending out white light his stomach

Wasnt the chest and abdomen areas that most of the white light was flowing toward, second only to his head, where his heart and other organs were

“The stomach digests food to obtain energy, then provides the energy to the other parts of the body to be used…”

Xu Tui made a bold guess.

The flickering white light that was being released by the stomach flowed into his head, then split into three.

The largest bundle of white light flowed throughout every inch of his head before disappearing.

A smaller portion of energy glowed into the 14 Genetic base Points that he activated. The white light that emanated from the 14 Genetic Base Points seemed to become ever so slightly brighter.

The smallest portion of energy flowed into the gray spots around the activated Genetic Base Points, then vanished without a trace.

The gray spots trembled slightly before becoming still again.

It was not a hallucination.

There might be the possibility of a hallucination if he was observing this with his eyes.

However, everything was laid bare in front of him during illusory introspection.

There was no way it could be a hallucination.

Xu Tui felt that he might have just discovered a remarkable change.

To err on the side of caution, Xu Tui observed the situation closely for some time before he confirmed his discovery.

During this observation process, Xu Tui made another discovery.

Xu Tuis consciousness, or perhaps his concentration, could influence the direction of the white light supply pulsing out of his stomach traveled toward to a certain extent.

If that is the case… Xu Tui suddenly had an extremely bold thought.

A teens hubris was lust and recklessness.

A person who could control their lust and their recklessness would no longer be called a teen.

Xu Tui developed an impulsive thought. He decided to go all out, supported by his consciousness.

Under the influence of Xu Tuis main consciousness, most of the white light supply flowing out of his stomach coursed toward his head.

It coursed toward a gray spot that was directly beside a flickering Genetic Base Point.

Under Xu Tuis illusory introspection, the gray light was like a light bulb that had just been plugged in. It instantly started to shimmer.

An indescribable pain assaulted Xu Tui.

Xu Tui felt as though his head had just been whipped by Yu Zeping. His tightly-shut eyes abruptly sprang open.

Just as he felt the blood oozing out of his eyes, mouth, and nose, Xu Tuis vision turned black. He lost consciousness.

This was the second time Xu Tui had bled today.

Xu Tui woke up from his mothers fearful screams.

After Xu Tui opened his eyes with difficulty, he saw his parents standing beside his bed.

Zhang Xiulis expression was that of immense fright. Her face was covered in tears. She was at a loss of what to do.

Even though Xu Jianguo also had an anxious expression, he seemed much calmer.

“Improvement Improvement, can you move your arms Can you open your mouth to speak If you can, tell me how your body is feeling.”

The scene before his eyes made Xu Tui very confused.

He was extremely groggy. He felt as though he was still asleep.

This was the first time in recent years that Xu Tui felt so fatigued even after he had a night of sleep.

It was as if the sleep he had was fake.

His limbs ached and were a little limp. He particularly did not feel like moving. All he wanted to do was remain lying down.

However, his parents cries caused Xu Tuis consciousness to gradually become clearer.

He also remembered what happened yesterday.

Did the gray spot light up in the end

Why did I faint

Also, what are my parents so frightened about

“Dad… You guys… What happened to me” Xu Tui spoke slowly.

Xu Jianguos worries eased considerably when he heard Xu Tui speak.

“You didnt wake up this morning. Your mother came to wake you up and saw that your face was covered in blood…”

“My face is covered in blood…”

Xu Tu raised his aching arm and touched his face. He scraped off a piece of dried blood.

“Oh, f*ck! Thats the second time I bled.”

Xu Tui could speak, was alert, and could move his limbs. That meant that the problem was not too serious.

According to what Xu Jianguo said, this might be an extended side effect from when Xu Tui activated his Genetic Base Points yesterday.

Zhang Xiuli still strongly requested for Xu Tui to be checked out at the hospital.

Knowing that this might have been an accident from when he recklessly rushed the gray spot, Xu Tui was extremely unwilling to visit the hospital.

Finally, supported by Xu Jianguo, they temporarily managed to suppress the caring boss of the family, Xu Tuis mother, with a two-to-one vote.

Xu Tui got off the bed and washed up.

He suddenly realized how hungry he was.

He was so hungry that he could eat a horse.

After demolishing two and a half portions of the three portions of breakfast his mother had prepared, Xu Tui rubbed his stomach with a satisfied look. He felt much more energized.

Aside from feeling more energized, Xu Tui also suddenly felt a different sensation.


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