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The Great Genetic Era Chapter 4 - Its Not X-Ray Vision

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Chapter 4: Its Not X-Ray Vision

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“Student number J61221912140711, Cheng Mo. Please head to Room 4.”

“Student number J61222007210017, Xu Tui. Please head to Room 5.”

Xu Tui, Cheng Mo, and Yu Zeping immediately stood up.

What surprised Xu Tui was that Yu Zeping looked more nervous than them at this moment.

Yu Zeping spewed out a few reminders:

“Listen to the teacher once you are inside.”

“Youll be out in a few minutes.”

“Dont let your thoughts run wild.”

“Dont be nervous.”


“The death rate would not land on your heads.”

Xu Tui and Cheng Mo were touched when they heard the first few sentences.

However, they cursed at the same time when they heard the last one.

Teacher, did you know how to give a pep talk

They had not been nervous before.

However, both Xu Tui and Cheng Mo became a little more nervous when they heard the words “death rate”.

Rushed by the electronic announcement, Xu Tui and Cheng Mo stepped into their respective rooms.

Before he entered the room, Cheng Mo even found the time to turn back and wave his fist toward Xu Tui.

“Good luck!”

“Good luck!”

Xu Tui stepped into Room 5. The door behind him closed and locked automatically.

Two attendants entered his field of vision.

One of them was a security personnel wearing military gear. He was standing at the corner of the room.

The other was a female researcher who was wearing a large white coat and a face mask. She had a slender figure, and her hair was tied in a ponytail.

There were also security cameras on the ceiling and the floor which could ensure that the testing process was recorded in its entirety without any blind spots.

“Beginning identity verification.”

An electronic device rang out roughly three seconds later.

“Fingerprint similarity 99.7%, retina similarity 99.5%. Identity verification passed.”

“Ill ask, youll answer,” the female researcher said.

Xu Tui nodded.


“Xu Tui.”


Xu Tui thought it was a joke. However, he answered the question honestly after he remembered Yu Zepings instructions.


“Do you have a history of being administered with the Genetic Compound Chain Allele Elixir”


“Do you have a history of being administered with the Genetic Activation Stabilization Elixir”


This information had been filled out in a form before. However, they had to go through the questions again.

This was the protocol.

“Get onto the bed and remove your pants.”

Xu Tui was shocked.

Xu Tui had heard from his seniors that he needed to get onto a bed.

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There were many ways he could go about doing that.

But why did he have to remove his pants

He had never heard his seniors tell him about this.

“The time it takes for the Genetic Activation Stabilization Elixir to take effect is the fastest if administered through the artery at your butt. It will also have the best effect,” the female researcher added.

Xu Tui understood.

He removed his sweatpants and crawled onto the medical bed.

Several slightly cold fingers pressed onto the base of Xu Tuis butt. Xu Tui did not have the time to react.


Xu Tui grimaced a little in pain.

Every muscle in his body instantly became tense.

He had been pierced in an artery.

It came directly.


“Youll have to have surgery to remove the needle if it breaks while it is still inside you.”


Xu Tui slowly exhaled and relaxed his body.

The Genetic Activation Stabilization Elixir slowly entered into Xu Tuis system.

Another needle stabbed directly into a vein in Xu Tuis arm.

“Collecting a 30-milliliter blood sample before administering the elixir.”

The female researchers voice was machine-like. However, these reminders were still heartwarming. It made Xu Tui understand the process. He was not as nervous now.

“Administration of the Genetic Activation Stabilization Elixir complete. I will administer the Level C Genetic Compound Chain Allele Elixir in two minutes.”

“Take a deep breath.”


“Administration of the Level C Genetic Compound Chain Allele Elixir complete.”

“We have entered the observation phase.”

“The timer starts now.”

“Xu Tui, immediately tell me if you notice anything abnormal.”

“Alright, Teacher. There are no abnormalities for the time being.”

“No abnormalities at all”

The female researcher raised a brow. Not having any abnormalities after being administered with the Genetic Liberation Elixir was not a good sign.

Abnormalities meant that there was a certain number of Genetic Base Points being released.

The greater the intensity of the abnormalities, the more Genetic Base Points an individual was releasing and the more potential that individual would have in the future.

Of course, if the abnormal reactions reached an extreme, it would result in the genetic sequence breaking down on the spot.

The outcome was death.

However, under most circumstances, the probability of a students genetic sequence breaking down after being administered with the Genetic Activation Stabilization Elixir was extremely low.

That was also why students who passed the Double Excellence Score in the genetic exams would receive a bottle of Genetic Activation Stabilization Elixir.

In some sense, this was a privilege given to students who worked hard to obtain excellent results.

“Xu Tui, does your body have any abnormal reactions” the female researcher asked again.


Xu Tui knew about the bodys basic reactions after being administered with the Genetic Liberation Elixir.

Having an abnormal reaction meant that he was releasing or activating Genetic Base Points.


Xu Tui suddenly became nervous.

Wouldnt he become useless

He still wanted to head outside of Earth to have a look.

In that instant, Xu Tui desperately wanted his body to experience an abnormal reaction.

“Xu Tui, does your body have any abnormal reactions” the female researcher asked again after five minutes.


Ten minutes later…

“Xu Tui, does your body have any abnormal reactions”


Xu Tui was really nervous now. His voice even trembled slightly.

“Dont be nervous. Relax. Its still early,” the female researcher consoled him gently.

Twenty minutes later…

“Xu Tui, does your body have any abnormal reactions”


Xu Tui was a little flustered.

He was very flustered!

He had read countless papers about his seniors bodily reactions after being administered with the Genetic Liberation Elixir.

Some of them had cramps.

Some had itchy hands.

Some felt pain in their ears.

Some had swollen eyes.

Some felt pain in their mouths.

Some even had hallucinations.

There were even some who suddenly wanted a girlfriend.

Xu Tui had envisioned the abnormal reactions that he might have before he entered the room.

However, this was defying all of his expectations.

To think that he would not experience any abnormal reactions at all…

Not having a reaction meant that the Genetic Liberation Elixir had been ineffective.

In other words, Xu Tui might have a Super Stable Genetic Constitution that was rarely seen among humans. It was also called the Worthless Constitution.

Xu Tui was so flustered that he slipped into a daze.

The female researcher questioned Xu Tui again 30 minutes later. The answer was still no.

This time, the military personnel standing by the corner had a look of pity on his face.

A student who could score above the Double Excellence Score during the college admission exams would not be too bad in terms of self-regulation and their study ability. Unfortunately, he had a Worthless Constitution.

What a pity.

The female researcher also let out a soft sigh.

The probability of the student in front of her having a Super Stable Genetic Constitution was above 90%.

“The maximum time allocated for the observation phase has been reached.”

“We have not observed any abnormal reactions from the student, Xu Tui, for the time being.”

“The direction of the released Genetic Base Points is unknown.”

“Well take another blood sample and compare it with the blood sample we took before the administration of the Genetic Liberation Elixir.”

The female researcher reported each of her actions. It should be for the purpose of creating an electronic record through the surveillance equipment. They could use it if they needed to.

“Alright, you can get off the bed now,” the female researcher said.

Xu Tui, who was lying on the medical bed, tried to get off the bed. However, his entire body felt limp. He could not muster any strength.

The female researchers cold fingers reached out toward him and gently pulled him up from the bed.

It was very easy for the female researcher to pull Xu Tui up, even though he was 1.8 meters tall and weighed over 70 kilograms. It seemed as though she did not have to use any strength.

Xu Tui, who was still in a daze, was abruptly pulled up to a sitting position. Without waiting for the feelings of disappointment in his heart to spread, Xu Tui, who was now sitting, suddenly saw his vision turn black. A strange pain assaulted him.

It was an intense pain that felt as though his brain was exploding.


Xu Tui grabbed his head with both hands and screamed in pain.

Amidst the pain, Xu Tui felt both his hands sweating.

The female researcher had a shocked expression.

She immediately laid Xu Tui down on the bed and pushed over a large Life Examination Device.

Red and green light started flickering on Xu Tuis body. An electronic voice rang out.

“Life vitals are stable.”

“Brain waves are normal.”

The electronic voice caused the female researchers brows to furrow.

Even though she had seen many people with Worthless Constitutions, she did not want to believe the suave boy in front of her had a Worthless Constitution.

Xu Tuis abnormal reaction just now might be because he had released several Genetic Base Points.

However, the highly-accurate Life Examination Device reported that there were no abnormalities.

Of course, the Life Examination Device could only examine life vitals.

“Xu Tui, if you can, report your bodys reaction.”

“Reporting… Teacher, my head hurts. It felt as though my head was about to explode just now.”

“Does it still hurt”

“It…it doesnt really hurt anymore. It was just that instant.”

“Report any other abnormal reactions.”

“My eyes are a little swollen. My ears feel a little painful.”

These abnormal reactions made Xu Tui heave a sigh of relief.

At least there was a reaction, right

Swollen eyes and painful ears might mean that he released Genetic Base Points related to his hearing and vision.

The hopeful Xu Tui started thinking about his possible abilities.

Long-range vision

Or dynamic vision

Or perhaps ultrasonic abilities

If it was X-ray vision…

That would be too…wonderful.

Xu Tui, whose pain had been alleviated greatly, instinctively glanced toward the tall and slender female researcher in front of him.

What a pity.

The large white coat was still a large white coat.

He didnt see through it!

Xu Tui was a little dejected.

“What are you thinking about at such a young age”

The female researcher seemed to have read Xu Tuis thoughts and gave Xu Tui a harsh scolding.

She immediately gave Xu Tui a pigeon egg-sized bump on his forehead.

That force.

It almost made Xu Tuis teeth hurt from the shaking of his head.

Was she still a woman

“Even if you released vision-related Genetic Base Points, your innate ability would not immediately appear. It would require some time.”

“That means to say, theres still a possibility that I…” Xu Tui instinctively looked toward the female researchers large white coat again.

The female researcher raised her slender eyebrows. Xu Tui immediately touched his head with both his hands.

The force was too great.

He should lay low for the time being.

“Alright, get off the bed. The washroom is on the other side. You have one minute to clean up the blood on your face.”

The female researcher stopped bothering about Xu Tui after she said her piece. She became engrossed in her supplementary report and records.

“Xu Tui, he experienced a piercing headache within one minute after the maximum of 30 minutes allocated for the observation phase. The headache lasted less than a second. His mental state is normal. His life vitals are normal. His eyes are slightly flushed with blood. His ears are visibly bleeding. The bleeding is less than 1 milliliter.

“He might have released vision and sound-related Genetic Base Points. Priority recommendation for tests in the Vision-type and Sound-type Testing Halls. Moreover, Reflex-type and Intelligence-type Testing Halls are recommended.

“If there are no findings, we can try the Mystery Branch Testing Hall when the comparison results of the blood samples before and after the administration of the Genetic Compound Chain Allele Elixir is released.”

The female researcher quickly gave a conclusion to Xu Tuis genetic exam.

She signed the report and uploaded it online, then gave Xu Tui a handwritten form.

After walking into the washroom, Xu Tui realized that the amount of blood he lost might be much more than what the female researcher said.

There was a little bit of blood in his ears.

There was also a strong metallic stench in his nasal cavity.

The insides of his mouth were covered in blood.

After washing up as fast as he could, Xu Tui stared fiercely at the bump that had risen on his forehead. He had a dejected expression.

The limp handwritten form was like a solid card in the hands of the female researcher. It accurately flew into the hands of Xu Tui, who had just stepped out of the washroom.

“Quickly head to the testing halls to test your Genetic Base Points. Find out which direction your Genetic Base Points are heading toward.”

The female researcher moved her hand and pressed on a pager. The door immediately opened.


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