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The Great Genetic Era Chapter 3 - The Genetic Research Institute

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Chapter 3: The Genetic Research Institute

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Dawn, 6:30 a.m.

The dull, golden sunlight beamed through the curtains and landed on Xu Tuis long eyelashes. Xu Tui opened his eyes right on time.

The high intensity of studying and training of a third-year student had made Xu Tuis biological clock extremely accurate.

He stretched slowly.

He felt refreshed.

The aching limbs he had yesterday had become very loose.

He had fully recovered.

Xu Tuis lazy expression was mixed with a thick suave and youthful aura.

However, that lazy aura rapidly disappeared after Xu Tui got off the bed. It was replaced with Xu Tuis efficient actions.

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He brushed his teeth.

Then drank the large glass of warm water on the table.

That was his mothers order. Xu Tui had long made it a habit.

He then washed his face and changed his clothes.

Xu Tui devoured the breakfast that had been prepared for him as fast as possible.

The selection included: three boiled eggs, a large glass of milk, a corn cob, a plate of glossy-looking buns filled with pork and eggplants, and a small dish of chili oil, which was the dipping sauce for his buns.

His mother had made it herself.

Perhaps it was his father who made it.

It was fragrant!

It was delicious!

In this Great Genetic Era, every student had to go through cultural studies and a certain extent of physical training since elementary school.

These kinds of physical training reached their peak at high school.

That was obvious from how physical education teachers were also homeroom teachers for third-year students.

For most ordinary households, eggs were the best and cheapest way to replenish protein.

Xu Tuis family was extremely ordinary.

They lived in a small area that was full of life. His parents were also average-wage earners.

They only managed to have such an ordinary life because Xu Tuis parents had passed the Genetic Admission Score during their time.

“Mum, Ive eaten breakfast. Im heading to school now.”

Xu Tui brought along the liability form and insurance form after telling his mother that he was leaving the house and was about to head out the door.

Zhang Xiuli looked at Xu Tui and opened her mouth. However, she did not say anything.

Xu Jianguo waved at Xu Tui. “Go. Remember to call us after you come out of the Genetic Examination Hall.”

Xu Jianguo did not tell Xu Tui to notify them of his safety. However, Xu Tui could still see his mothers body shake.

“I got it.”

He had been immature when he was young and was always repulsed by his parents nagging at him.

However, today, Xu Tui felt the weight behind his parents nags.

After Xu Tui left the house, Xu Jianguo slowly sat down in front of the dining table and pulled out a tissue for his wife.

“In this day and age, every child has to go through this,” Xu Jianguo said gently, trying to comfort his wife. Not taking the Genetic Liberation Elixir is equivalent to being crippled in this Great Genetic Age. Furthermore, didnt the both of us also make it through this Whats there to be worried about Also, 20 years ago, didnt you feel more anxious than Improvement when you were consuming the Genetic Liberation Elixir But I didnt see you cry then, right”

Xu Jianguos words made his wife feel better. She picked up the tissue and wiped off the tears at the corner of her eyes. “Im just worried about Improvement. Probabilities are probabilities. But if the probability lands on someone, that…”

“The probability would not land on Improvement,” Xu Jianguo was quick to interject. “The teacher said that as long as a person has meditated for more than 10 years, the probability of the Genetic Liberation Elixir causing a genetic breakdown would be infinitely close to zero.”

Zhang Xiulis expression became clearly calmer when Xu Jianguo mentioned the teacher.

It was obvious that she had a deep trust in the teacher that Xu Jianguo was talking about.

“But the side effects…”

“There are no buts!” Xu Jianguo was very determined. “Furthermore, the targets that the teacher is tracking are very little. Theres nothing much for us to refer to from the consolidated results.”

Xu Tui did not know that his parents were worrying about his future after he left the house.

He reached the school on time. The school was filled with students, their faces filled with anticipation.

Many of them would become genetic superhumans after they consumed the Genetic Liberation Elixir today.

Every student, Xu Tui included, hoped that they could become a genetic superhuman.

Speed as fast as the wind…

Or an ironman with super strength…

Or vision as good as an eagle…

Or even the legendary supernatural abilities!

Of course, almost all of the students were walking with a rigid gait or limping.

Cheng Mo was even more exaggerated. He leaped into the school like a frog.

They reported directly to Court Number Four today.

Yu Zeping was already waiting for the students at the court.

He collected and scanned through their liability form and insurance forms.

The probability of death that was going to happen during the genetic exams a few hours later was no joke.

When it was Xu Tuis turn, there were no problems with his liability form and insurance form. However, Yu Zepings eyebrows furrowed when he saw how normally Xu Tui was walking.

“It looks like the tripled training yesterday was far less than enough for you.” He didnt wait for Xu Tui to respond. “Go. Start with double the training before the rest of the students start.”

Xu Tuis suave expression instantly became irritated.

“Teacher, I did reach my limits yesterday.”

Xu Tui tried his best to walk with a limp.


The thin leather whip in the homeroom teachers hand pointed toward Xu Tui.

“Do you think I will believe you”


Xu Tui opened his mouth, then walked toward the court, frustrated.

Cheng Mo, Tang Ting, and the rest of the students stole glances at Xu Tui. All of them were extremely amused.

They were familiar with Xu Tuis situation.

Xu Tui would always be energetic the next day, no matter how hard the training was the previous day.

However, he was going to suffer today.

Xu Tui got into the court, extremely frustrated. Before he left, he shouted, “Teacher, Cheng Mo and the rest might be faking it, too!”

The expressions of Cheng Mo, Tang Ting, and the rest of the students changed drastically.

Yu Zeping instantly went where they are with his whip at hand. The thin whip was swaying with the wind. “Well know if they are faking it or not if we drag them out and make them train!”

Yu Zepings so-called potential extracting training was not all name and no substance.

The tripled amount of training yesterday had made most of the students reach their limits.

They had just trained for a short time today before several students broke down and cried.

However, they were only allowed to leave when the school doctor, who was present at the court with a Life Examination Device in hand, ascertained that they were at their biological limits.

Xu Tui was the last person to leave Court Number Four.

The rest of the students only needed one to two rounds of regular training before the Life Examination Device showed that their muscle strength and heart load had reached their limits. They could then move on to the next event.

However, Xu Tui required four and a half rounds.

The homeroom teacher was extremely shocked.

He did not realize that Xu Tui was this talented during their normal training.

Deep inside, Xu Tui was exasperated.

He knew that the culprit was the recovery speed he got from his nightly meditation lessons.

All of the students washed up in school after the extreme training. They then checked through the information of their electronic identity and got onto a vehicle toward the location of their genetic exams.

The genetic exams were taking place in two locations.

The first was an examination hall in the Jincheng Genetic Evolution College.

This location provided the Level D Genetic Compound Chain Allele Elixir.

The students who met the Genetic Admission Score but fell short of the Single Excellence Score would attend the genetic exams here.

The second location was the Jincheng examination branch of the Jincheng Genetic Research Institute.

This location provided the Level C Genetic Compound Chain Allele Elixir, as well as the Genetic Activation Stabilization Elixir.

The students who scored higher than the Single Excellence Score would attend the genetic exams here.

Both the Level D and Level C Genetic Liberation Elixirs, as well as the Genetic Activation Stabilization Elixirs, were extremely valuable. The cost was even more startling, given how many of them there were during the genetic exams.

The military had taken over both locations three days ago.

The troupe of vehicles was examined and guarded by unmanned technology when they arrived at an area 10 kilometers away from the two locations.

In front of the Jincheng branch of the Genetic Research Institute, Xu Tui, Cheng Mo, Tang Ting, and the rest of the students alighted the vehicle in succession and underwent a thorough investigation.

In class 3–7 led by Yu Zeping, aside from Cheng Mo and Xu Tui who had passed the Double Excellence Score, six other students passed the Single Excellence Score, four males and four females.



Digital Identification Document

Facial Recognition

After these four stations and the signature of the teacher leading the group, Xu Tui and the rest were finally allowed to enter the security tunnel of the Genetic Institute.

This was the most high-profile security tunnel that Xu Tui had ever seen.

There were 11 different security equipment.

He could faintly see a variety of unmanned devices constantly prowling around outside the tunnel. There was also fierce armed military personnel. All of these attested to how important the genetic exams were.

There was a vast hall at the end of the tunnel. It could easily hold several hundred people.

One side of the room was made up of 40 tightly-shut rooms. There was a display for student numbers in front of every room. Students whose numbers were called up were to enter that room.

On the other side of the hall was another hall that was clearly labeled with abilities. There was a constant stream of students who entered those function halls after they were administered with their elixirs.

There were two main kinds of function halls: the Extreme Branch Testing Hall and the Mystery Branch Testing Hall.

Extremes bred superhumans.

This was fundamental knowledge. Xu Tui and the rest of the students had learned about this.

What attracted the attention of Xu Tui and the rest of the students was the row of rooms in the north that had a variety of colors.

That was the Mystery Branch Testing Hall.

Only the Mystery Branch could test for supernatural abilities.

There were not many students, almost none, entering and leaving those rooms.

Xu Tui had not seen a single person walk toward the Mystery Branch Testing Hall since he arrived at the main hall.

At this moment, a door of the supernatural-type testing hall at the Mystery Branch Testing Hall suddenly opened.

A short man with a silly grin on his face walked out from the hall. He could not stop smiling.

When the teacher in charge of the short man walked forward, the short man waved his arms in excitement.


“Teacher, I am a fire-element superhuman…”

He had not finished his sentence when the sound of something catching fire rang out.

The short mans body suddenly started to billow with smoke and fire.

Amidst the smoke and fire, the short mans hair and eyebrows were the first to ignite, then his clothes and shoes.

“Side effects”

The teacher-in-charge reacted quickly. He immediately turned around and dived toward the fire extinguisher.

However, the reactions of the security personnel were even faster.

They sprayed the short man with foam almost instantly after the smoke rose. The form immediately engulfed the short man.

However, the short man fainted before the smoke and fire on his body were extinguished.

“Bring him to Cold Storage Room Number 9. Set the temperature to five degrees. Then inject him with a Level D Recovery Elixir.”

A researcher wearing a white coat appeared at the door of the supernatural-type testing hall and relayed a string of actions to be taken without any emotion. It was clear that he had experienced this many times.

He looked like a doctor.

Yu Zepings eyes suddenly lit up.

“Level D Recovery Elixir That lad sure is lucky. Not only did he activate supernatural-type genes, but he also managed to use a Level D Recovery Elixir. That means that the number of Genetic Base Points that he liberated is around eight to 10,” Yu Zeping told his students. “The side effects also seem negligible at first glance. Its merely a leakage of power or that he cannot fully control his powers yet. Not bad. Very good!”

Xu Tui, Cheng Mo, Tang Ting, and the rest of the students didnt respond to their teachers blabbing. “It would be good if you guys have that boys luck. Ill be happy if just one of you becomes like that.”

“Teacher, that lad burned off his hair and eyebrows just now. Do you think that he burned off down there too” Cheng Mo elbowed Tang Ting.

“Down there”

“Which means… Roasted bird”

“Barbequed balls”

The pudgy Tang Ting instinctively cleared his throat and then elbowed Xu Tui.

Xu Tui was shocked, having seen a superhuman for the first time. His thoughts then wandered,Barbeque Isnt that HTs favorite food

Yu Zeping, who had been smiling, immediately turned red.

He was about to flare up and teach these three bastards a lesson.

Xu Tui and Cheng Mos student numbers were called at the same time.


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