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The Great Genetic Era Chapter 29 - Cheng Mos Crumbling Dream

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Chapter 29: Cheng Mos Crumbling Dream

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“My ability level Why not you guys have a guess”

It was rare for An Xiaoxue to be this playful.

This was the first time An Xiaoxue was smiling since the battle in the evening.

Xu Tui and Gong Ling looked at each other. The two of them had been through a rigorous education system. They immediately knew what they had to say.

“My guess is that you were at least a Level A Genetic Liberator before you advanced.” Gong Ling was the first to speak.

“Youre belittling Miss An. She is a professor at the Huaxia Genetic Evolution College,” Xu Tui said. “I think that Miss An should have been a Level S Genetic Liberator before she advanced.” Xu Tui had a serious expression.

An Xiaoxue could naturally see through Xu Tui and Gong Lings tricks.

“What I can tell you is that I am currently a Level C Genetic Mutant,” An Xiaoxue revealed.

“Level C Genetic Mutant”

Xu Tui and Gong Ling rubbed their chins at the same time.

There were relatively several possibilities.

It meant that An Xiaoxue was at least a Level C Genetic Liberator before she became a Genetic Mutant. Of course, she might be a Level B or even a Level A.

Xu Tui felt that it was more possible for her to be a Level B.

Otherwise, An Xiaoxue would not fit into her status as a professor from the Huaxia Genetic Evolution College.

This was not a trivial matter.

“Is a Level C Genetic Mutant enough to become a professor at the Huaxia Genetic Evolution College” Xu Tui inquired, confused.

“It would be impossible in the Extreme Branch,” An Xiaoxue explained. “Under normal circumstances, the new genetic humans in the Extreme Branch have to be genetic evolvers to become a professor at the Huaxia Genetic Evolution College.”

“The requirements of the Mystery Branch are a little lower. They normally required a person to be at least a Level B Genetic Mutant.

“The requirement would be one level lower if the individual has a unique ability.”

“That means to say that your ability is very unique Whats your unique ability, Miss An” Gong Ling suddenly asked again.

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However, this time, Gong Ling, who was acting cute, received a stern look from An Xiaoxue.

“I have to remind you. In the future, no matter what kind of special abilities you obtain, you must not easily tell others about your unique abilities. This will make your future a little safer and make you live longer.” An Xiaoxue had a stern expression.

Gong Ling immediately became flustered. “Miss An, I really didnt know…”

“You need not apologize,” An Xiaoxue told Gong Ling. “Its just that I have paid a heavy price to learn this lesson in the past. I have been schemed against and targeted before I learned this. Thats why I wanted to remind you. I hope that you will remember this and be put at less of a disadvantage in the future.”

Gong Ling nodded.

Xu Tui slipped into a momentary deliberation and then suddenly asked, “Miss An, according to what I know, we have to report our genetic base points and abilities to the school after we enter the Huaxia Genetic Evolution College. Only then could we receive our allotted resources. Would there be a problem with that”

An Xiaoxue looked at Xu Tui with a fleeting gaze. “Theres generally no problem with that. This data has a high confidentiality status in the school. A person has to have the relevant authority and means if they want to look at it.”

An Xiaoxue did not give a direct answer.

However, Xu Tuis gaze still wavered.

Generally, no problems…

That meant that there might be some practical problems.

Was An Xiaoxue trying to remind them in a roundabout way

The reason she did not directly tell them was simple enough.

One, it was An Xiaoxues status. Two, there were many ears around them in the bus.

Wouldnt a person be an idiot if they just revealed something like that out in the open

It was a long-distance journey. Even though it was a luxury bus with reclining seats that allowed the students to lie down, it was still tiring to have to travel this far.

However, the teenagers naturally had an inexhaustible supply of energy.

Furthermore, the scenery outside the bus became quite different from Jincheng Prefecture after they passed through Ningyin Prefecture.

Students in this day and age were not like students a hundred years ago who could travel the world at a young age. A student in the past would have at least managed to travel around Huaxia.

Most students in the 22nd century, Xu Tui included, have never left Jincheng Prefecture due to issues of safety and cost. They had not even gone to Jincheng City before.

All of the students were extremely excited.

Even Cheng Mo, who was in a deep slumber, would be jolted awake when they saw something novel.

As they had been traveling overnight, they managed to pass through Shanyuan Prefecture before daybreak and Beihe Prefecture before noon. They entered the borders of the capital in the afternoon.

It was four thirty in the afternoon when they passed through the security checks. The fleet of buses steered into the capital.

This was the centermost city in Huaxia.

They arrived at the start of the evening peak hour. The fleet of buses became extremely slow even after they switched to the maglev lane.

However, to the batch of students from Jincheng Prefecture, the novelty was merely beginning.

“Oh, wow, a repulsion-force flying car! Why are there so many repulsion-force flying cars here even though they cost at least three million dollars”

“Look, that person flying in the air! Is he wearing a repulsion-force flying skateboard”

“My God, is that the best skateboard in the world There are so many of them in the capital!”

Amid the exclamations from his classmates, even Cheng Mo gasped as he tried to sit up and have a look.

“I heard that those go for at least a million dollars.”

The students looked at the fast repulsive-force cars and skateboards flying outside of the maglev lane with enthusiastic expressions.

The corner of Xu Tuis lips twitched when he heard them.

At least a million dollars…

He shouldnt think about it.

Xu Tui might only be able to afford the tax on those toys with his total assets.

“I heard that you need Level E rights to be able to purchase a repulsion-force flying skateboard.”

“You also have to pay a high quantum for insurance.”

“I heard my dad say that you also need a drivers license.”

“Oh, drivers license. I have that,” a student said happily.

“No, its not a drivers license. Its a special kind of license,” Tong Qi suddenly said.

Tong Qi had performed exceptionally well during the surprise attack of the modified human and superb individual. He had killed a leopard and protected a student.

He Mingxuan was a little worse off. He was swept away by a large python. Fortunately, the python escaped after Xu Tui killed the modified human. He Mingxuan was saved and only sustained small injuries.

He looked like he had been spooked. He maintained a low profile today.

“Special license” This was the first time some students were hearing about this. They asked about it curiously.

“Thats right. You require a special license. Its full name is the Special Flying License. The exam is rather difficult.”

“Of course, it is only difficult for ordinary people. It shouldnt be too hard for us.”

Tong Qi added, “Oh yes, there is a school for the Special Flying License within the Huaxia Genetic Evolution College that offers classes a few days after school starts. You guys can sign up with me if you are interested.”

“Isnt it too early to study for the high-level Special Flying License the moment you enter the school Whats more, we wouldnt have a repulsive-force flying skateboard even if we got the special license.”

“Thats right, Tong Qi. Do you have one” a student suddenly asked.

“My dad rewarded me with a repulsive-force flying skateboard when I got admitted into the Huaxia Genetic Evolution College. Im just lacking the Special Flying License.”

Tong Qis tone was calm as if he was talking about something that could not be more normal. He had no intention of boasting.

However, only one word came to the minds of the students when they heard him—rich!

Xu Tui was a little envious.

Tong Qi was exceptional, handsome, and had a rich father.

At this moment, Cheng Mo elbowed Xu Tui. “Little Tui, why dont we enroll to learn the Special Flying License after school starts”

“Whats the rush We cant even afford the repulsive-force flying skateboard,” Xu Tui said.

“Its all right if we cant afford it now. We can get the license first. Well be able to purchase the repulsive-force flying skateboard when we get money in the future.” Cheng Mos face lit up as he spoke. “We are students from the Huaxia Genetic Evolution College. I heard that we have a bright future ahead, in terms of money.”

Xu Tui nodded after he heard Cheng Mo and then shook his head again.

“I can enroll, but not you!”


Cheng Mo became anxious. “Why can you learn it but not me”

“Look at your belly. It has just been a few days. If you are going to develop at this rate, I think that you shouldnt obtain the special license to prevent any accidents in the air,” Xu Tui said.

Cheng Mo froze as if he was imagining the terrifying scene of an air disaster.

Gong Ling suddenly looked back from the row of seats in front. She smiled. “Cheng Mo, you dont have to worry about an air disaster.”

“Thats great. Whys that” Cheng Mo was elated.

“Because at the rate you are gaining weight, the repulsive-force flying skateboard would not be able to fly with you standing on it in a few months.”

Xu Tui chuckled when he heard that. After the incident with the modified human, the relationship between Xu Tui, Cheng Mo, and Gong Ling had become much stronger. They had no problems making these jokes.

Cheng Mo slumped into his chair like a deflated ball.

It was a little hurtful.

However, it made Cheng Mo worry.

His dreams of soaring through the sky seemed to be about to end before it even started.

By the side, the students who heard the conversation also laughed.

“Rest well after we arrive at the reception center for new students. Try your best to bring yourself to your best condition.”

“If there are no accidents, the test evaluation for new students entering the college would happen soon.”

“The test will determine your specific direction of study in the Huaxia Genetic Evolution College and the treatment you receive for the near future. This is of utmost importance for you guys. Please pay serious attention to it!” An Xiaoxues voice rang out and instantly silenced the students in the bus.


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