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The Great Genetic Era Chapter 23 - From a Goddess to a Female Shura

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Chapter 23: From a Goddess to a Female Shura

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Saving the world

Xu Tui was not interested nor did he have the ability to do that.

However, he had no problems saving himself and his good buddy, Cheng Mo, before the arrival of potential danger.

Of course, if he had the chance, he would save his other classmates too.

He had noticed Cha Yifengs abnormal actions.

The surest and smoothest way of doing things was to move toward Cha Yifeng and launch a surprise attack while his target was not expecting it.

He had to attack Cha Yifengs vital spot.

He had to knock Cha Yifeng out in an instant!

He had to pull out the false teeth that might be sending out some special signals.

He had to save the world… No, he had to save himself!

Thinking about it for a moment, Xu Tui decided against the course of action.

If Xu Tui really did that, he might be taken as an enemy and be attacked. He might even be killed on the spot.

The armed security guards who were sitting at the front and the back of the bus were not there to simply intimidate during the wartime provisions.

Once Xu Tui showed any sign that he was going to launch a surprise attack, the security might immediately determine Xu Tui be the enemy and take action. They might even open fire.

It was also useless to shout.

What kind of enemy wouldnt announce that they were partners in this day and age

Furthermore, Cha Yifeng was also an important factor.

Cha Yifeng belonged to the investigation department of Jincheng Prefectures Ministry of Education.

In the 22nd century, the investigation department of Jincheng Prefectures Ministry of Education made up a large portion of the Ministry of Educations military might. Other than keeping an eye on the students studies, their main mission was to guarantee the safety of various campuses.

Cha Yifeng was chosen to be part of the escort team and was responsible for the batch of students who had been accepted by the Huaxia Genetic Evolution College. His abilities must be strong.

He must be a Genetic Liberator at least.

The kind of Genetic Liberator who had trained for a long time…

Xu Tui felt that the situation would be reversed and that he would be knocked out by Cha Yifeng instead if he recklessly attacked him.

After considering all of the possibilities, Xu Tui felt that he should employ a safer approach.

He should be less of a hero.

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He should be more reserved.

Xu Tui stood up and brought along a pen and a piece of paper as he walked to the side of the female researcher. He stood there.

An Xiaoxue looked up. She had a questioning look in her eyes.

“Miss An, I wish to sit beside you. Can you shift a seat inward” Xu Tui stared daringly at An Xiaoxue.

Every student in the bus instantly became more energetic when they heard Xu Tui.


It was big news.

A newly-recruited student of the Huaxia Genetic Evolution College had not even reached the school when he tried to flirt with a professor!

Even though relationships between a teacher and a student were not rare…

Wasnt Xu Tui being too showy about it

While a group of students was relishing in the gossip, a bunch of students who were closer to Xu Tui started to hiss rowdily. Cheng Xi even whistled.

Gong Ling, who had been sitting in front of Xu Tui, glanced at An Xiaoxue, then looked at herself. She was a little confused.

Didnt the woman in the mask just have longer legs

Was her allure that great

Even Cha Yifeng turned to look at the scene. Even so, his cheeks were still moving at a regular rhythm.

“Why, have you managed to develop X-ray vision Youre a mini X-ray man”

An Xiaoxue did not have any intention of moving. She remained in her seat and had a slightly sarcastic tone.

She had only crossed paths with Xu Tui a few times.

She did not hate him but did not particularly like him either.

Of course, if she confirmed that Xu Tui had any indecent thoughts, she did not mind letting that impure chap know what a professor from the Mystery Branch was made of.

The term “X-ray” once again sparked gossip among the students around them.

Xu Tui had a depressed expression. He wanted to vomit blood.

Back then, he had made a mistake that any teenager would have made when they were daydreaming about supernatural abilities.

Why did he become a mini X-ray man in An Xiaoxues mind

He wanted to cry.

However, there were more important matters at hand.

He casually displayed the note that he had written beforehand in front of An Xiaoxue.

An Xiaoxue discreetly glanced toward Xu Tui, then suddenly stood up. She stroked her hair before moving to the seat beside the window.

Xu Tui took the opportunity and sat down.

A wave of sad howls instantly rang out in the bus.

There were strange looks from the genius students.

Xu Tui managed to get what he wanted so easily

A group of male students had an envious expression on their faces.

They would have taken action a long time ago if they knew that it was this easy.

While their eyes were red in envy, Xu Tui had already quickly started communicating with An Xiaoxue through the notebook.

The words that he had written in the notebook beforehand were:

“Miss An, are there any ways of sending out signals within the radius of the Super Miniature Radiation Atomic Releasing Device”

“Yes, but they are very rare. The material is also very unique. Furthermore, the material would not have been able to make it past todays security inspection.”

“Did you notice any problems”

An Xiaoxues handwriting was very elegant. Compared to her handwriting, Xu Tuis rather neat handwriting paled much in comparison…

Xu Tui listed his observations.

“I unintentionally sensed that Mr. Cha had two false teeth just now. The material of the false teeth was not something that I have seen in my daily life or any textbooks.”

“At this moment, Mr. Chas two false teeth are constantly knocking against each other rhythmically.”

“In my senses, Mr. Chas mental aura is also very nervous at this moment.”

An Xiaoxue had only glanced at the notebook before she instantly stood up.

The “senses” that Xu Tui had told her about were very unique.

She had heard Xu Tui mention his “senses” back then during the stalking incident. He had wanted to ask him about it or test him when they got to the school. However, she did not expect it to be brought up again now.

She did not have the time to ask him about it now.

An Xiaoxue stood up under the gazes of everyone in the bus. She walked directly toward Cha Yifeng, who was sitting at a seat back-facing the front door.

“Mr. Cha, please open your mouth,” An Xiaoxue commanded.

Cha Yifeng was shocked at first. He then stood up instinctively and arched his body slightly. He looked like a panther about to pounce. He was in a state of high alert.

“An Xiaoxue, what are you doing This is an escort mission!” Cha Yifeng tried to shift the blame toward her. His roars instantly caused the security in the bus to be on their guards. They instantly aimed the barrel of their guns toward An Xiaoxue.

“An Xiaoxue, if you attack me…”

“Alert, sit down!”

An Xiaoxue had directed those words at the two security guards. She extended her fingers as she spoke.

It was only now that Xu Tui noticed that An Xiaoxue had a silver ring that was as thin as a strand of hair around each of her slender fingers of her right hand.

The two security guards who had been aiming their guns at An Xiaoxue with killing intent mysteriously sat down when they heard An Xiaoxues words.

They were like obedient children. It was as if they did not see what was happening in front of them.

What shocked the students even more was that as An Xiaoxue extended her fingers, Cha Yifeng, who had been like a panther on high alert, suddenly became suspended in the air.

He seemed as though he had been coiled around by countless invisible ropes and was now dangling in the air.

His expression was that of immense shock.

However, he could not say a word.

The students were in an uproar in the bus.

“Quiet, all of you! There might be a problem with Mr. Cha. Ill check it out.”

An Xiaoxues voice had a strange power. It instantly suppressed the commotion in the bus.

“Xu Tui, come over. Find the teeth!”

It was only seven words, but Xu Tui felt compelled to step forward.

Many intelligent students suddenly realized that this might only be happening because Xu Tui came to Miss An just now.

Seeing that Xu Tui was clasping at his mouth, Cha Yifengs eyes bulged. He glared at Xu Tui with a murderous gaze. It was as though he wanted to scare Xu Tui away.


Xu Tui pinched open Cha Yifengs mouth and reached in with his fingers. He accurately found the two false teeth and instantly took them out. He then quickly brought it in front of An Xiaoxue.

An Xiaoxue did not take them.

She examined the teeth closely.

Moved by a mysterious power, the two false teeth started to rotate in Xu Tuis palm.

Xu Tui suddenly had a realization.

An Xiaoxue shouted for him to retrieve Cha Yifengs teeth not because she needed his help. The only reason was that…she was afraid that it would be disgusting!

The saliva-covered false teeth rolled around in Xu Tuis hand. Even Xu Tui felt disgusted.

“Magnetized tantalum!”

“A kind of device that can release ultra-low frequency infrasonic waves!”

An Xiaoxue did not look at Cha Yifeng after she arrived at this conclusion. Instead, she gently made a grabbing motion with her right fingers. Cha Yifeng instantly became like a falling hammer. He got his first physical contact with the stairs of the bus.

He instantly let out a pathetic cry. Blood covered his face.

An Xiaoxue had no intention of stopping. She extended her fingers, then made another grabbing motion.

“Ill stop when you tell me everything you know!”

While managing Cha Yifeng, An Xiaoxue simultaneously moved to the side of the driver. “Contact the mobile command tent immediately.”

“We are already connected.”

The driver had also come from the military and reacted very quickly. He had started to contact the mobile command tent the moment An Xiaoxue started to deal with Cha Yifeng.

For some reason, the two security guards who had been controlled by An Xiaoxue just now had regained their ability to move. They had charged to the front and back of Cha Yifeng, who was still continuously being rubbed against the ground by An Xiaoxue, with their guns in hand.

All of the students were startled into a daze.

This scene was not just straight out an action film.

It was also very brutal.

Cha Yifengs face had already become deformed after being rubbed against the ground by An Xiaoxue. Blood was flowing continuously. However, his face continued to grate against the floor.

This merciless method made every guy in the bus feel that Professor An Xiaoxue had transformed from a goddess to a female Shura!

“Reporting to the command center, we found a spy in Bus 3. We searched out false teeth made out of magnetized tantalum from the body of the spy. My suggestion is that we leave the planned route immediately.”

An Xiaoxue gave an urgent report. However, the contents of her report were extremely clear.

There was a brief moment of silence at the command center.

An Xiaoxue took advantage of this gap and shouted at the driver, “Leave the planned route. Immediately!”

The driver was from the military and had a duty to follow orders.

However, that did not extend to An Xiaoxues orders.

Yet, there was a strange power in An Xiaoxues voice.

The driver immediately started to act as instructed.

With a rumble, the bus started to shake violently. It crashed through the protective barrier and charged down the highway.

The chassis of the bus rose significantly and an obstacle-clearing device extended out of the bumper. The bus started to charge around within the primordial forest.

After they deviated off course, the escort vehicles following behind them also veered off their planned route and followed behind them.

Almost immediately, Colonel Liu Tianhus voice rang out in the radio channels of all of the vehicles.

“I am Liu Tianhu. All vehicles are to leave the original planned route and engage in actions to avoid gunfire.”

“Repeat. I am Liu Tianhu. All vehicles are to leave the original planned route and engage in actions to avoid gunfire.”

Instantly, the 12 buses and 13 escort vehicles that had been traveling on the highway charged off the highway at the same time.

Fortunately, they were all specially-made vehicles. Otherwise, there would be a large problem with the order.

“All vehicles are to avoid potential gunfire for four minutes. The emergency flying combat team will arrive in four minutes…”

Liu Tianhu had not finished his words when he saw a few small sparks outside his vehicle.

These small sparks were increasing in size at a rapid rate.


The sound of explosions rang out as it hit the highway. The asphalt, blocks, and protective railings of the highway were blasted in all directions.

During the instant when dust and debris were flying in the air, Xu Tui saw that the 1-kilometer stretch of the highway in his field of vision had turned to rubble.

Many of the buses and escort vehicles that were in an unfortunate position were flipped over from the impact.


Colonel Liu Tianhus furious roar rang out from the military audio channel.

“I am Liu Tianhu. The enemies have accurate short-range guided missiles. All personnel abandon their vehicles immediately. Abandon your vehicles immediately. Stay with your group and put up your defenses. Wait for reinforcements. There are still three minutes!”

“Repeat. I am Liu Tianhu. The enemies have accurate short-range guided missiles. All personnel abandon their vehicles immediately. Abandon your vehicles immediately. Stay with your group and put up your defenses. Wait for reinforcements. There are still three minutes!”


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