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The Great Genetic Era Chapter 10 - The Three Stalkers

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Chapter 10: The Three Stalkers

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It might be because he activated 14 Mystery Branch genetic base points or a result of the reckless action he took yesterday.

Currently, Xu Tui was very sensitive to his surroundings.

Many different people were bustling around the maglev bus station.

Most of the people were looking at their communication devices. The younger crowd even had earphones stuffed in their ears.

No one had the time to observe someone else.

They would occasionally glance at another person, then rapidly shift their gazes.

However, while he was waiting for the maglev bus, Xu Tui noticed that people were observing him at regular intervals.

Xu Tui had thought that they were young ladies who could not stop admiring him because he put on his white shoes and looked incredibly handsome.

However, Xu Tui became frustrated when he found the source of the gazes.

They were two men.

They were as masculine as they could be.

Perhaps it was because they were at a maglev bus station.

One of the men quickly turned his head around when he saw Xu Tui turn to look toward him.

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Xu Tui ignored him.

The people made up the scenery of the bus station, especially handsome people.

Could you forbid a person from looking at you

The maglev bus arrived. Xu Tui walked forward but did not get on the bus.

He had to allow the elderly and the children to hop on first.

Xu Tui was one of the last few people to get on the bus.

However, he had just stepped onto the bus when he noticed that the two men who were observing him also hurried onto the bus.

After that, Xu Tui realized that their gazes would land on him whenever they reached a bus stop, especially just before the maglev bus came to a halt. It was as though they were watching him to see if he would get off.

Five bus stops later, the mens stalking became clearer.

Xu Tui also noticed that at least three people were looking at him.

As a teenager from the 22nd century who had watched many television dramas, Xu Tui knew of many tactics to deal with this situation.

He knew what to do from watching these situations happen to other people, even if this was the first time it had happened to him.

Xu Tui immediately had an idea.

First, he had to confirm whether these three people were really tailing him.

He also had to guarantee his safety while not alerting these three people.

Xu Tui knew that those people might act recklessly as a result of their anxiety after being alerted.

Xu Tui thought he could accomplish not alerting the other party with the tactics he learned from television dramas, even though he had only really used these techniques on Yu Zeping, his parents, and his classmates in the past.

As for guaranteeing his safety, Xu Tui only thought of one idea: to head to someplace crowded.

The arrival of the Great Genetic Age had resulted in the enhancement of physical abilities in a small number of people. There had been more incidents of conflict in this day and age, but the security of Huaxia had always been rather decent.

Xu Tui got off at Little West Lake, in a calm manner.

There was a famous bubble tea store here. This was a place that many teenagers would visit to take pictures for their social media accounts.

Xu Tui adopted various poses as he took selfies, all the while seizing the opportunity to observe the situation.

His heart sank.

The three men indeed continued to follow him off the bus.

Two of them huddled together and smoked, while the last man just bought a bag of fried chicken and had a mouthful.


It was fragrant.

He was sure that these three men were tailing him.

Xu Tui, who was in the queue to purchase the bubble tea, felt his mind turn blank.

Why would he have attracted three experts in tracking

He should not be that valuable, right

Did the other party have to do this even though he had activated 14 genetic base points

The legendary Dawn Salvation Traitor Organization wouldnt target him just based on that, would they

This generation of third-year students from the Jincheng Prefecture was exceptional. There was even a person from Jincheng Third High School who activated 16 genetic base points.

There were even two other people who activated 15 genetic base points. It was rumored that one of them was also from the Mystery Branch.

Even if the Dawn Salvation Traitor Organization wanted to attack them, shouldnt they target those people first

The Dawn Salvation Traitor Organization was made up of traitors who had betrayed the human race.

According to the official reports, the Dawn Salvation Traitor Organization had worked with the extraterrestrial invaders and had exchanges of benefits with them since a long time ago.

It was also said that the multiple setbacks and the stalemate that the humans were facing in the intergalactic battlefield during the recent 100 years had something to do with the Dawn Salvation Traitor Organization.

This was especially so for recent years. The Dawn Salvation Traitor Organization successively obtained a large number of advanced technology from the extraterrestrial invaders and rapidly developed their strength. Their influence was expanding.

They still engaged in brazen activities despite the suppression they faced from the Blue Star Alliance.

The reason Xu Tui thought about the Dawn Salvation Traitor Organization was the series of brazen activities conducted by the Dawn Salvation Traitor Organization all over the Blue Star Planet after the genetic exams every year.

There were genius students who were assassinated. Many students were abducted and went missing.

According to the rumors, the Dawn Salvation Traitor Organization was using these students who had just activated their genetic base points as experimental subjects.

At this point, the possibility of his stalkers being from the Dawn Salvation Traitor Organization was large.

Even though he was nervous, Xu Tui was also a little excited.

Was this life after he activated his genetic base points

Would he no longer have a dull day

However, almost immediately, his nervousness became the most prominent feeling.

If his stalkers were truly from the Dawn Salvation Traitor Organization, he might end up in a pathetic state if he became abducted and had drugs tested on him, if he was not dissected in the first place.

The first thought Xu Tui had was to call the police.

He could get the police to deal with the problem.

However, he quickly dismissed that idea.

It was not because he did not trust the police. It was just that, at this time, the police department would not have much of a reaction no matter how exaggerated Xu Tui described the situation to be.

They would send a rookie cop over to take care of the situation at best.

Would a third-year student like him be able to discover a member of the Dawn Salvation Traitor Organization

Is that possible

A third-year student like him could dream…

The people sent by the Dawn Salvation Traitor Organization were all experts who had been through professional training.

Under such a circumstance, Xu Tui would be killed if he made a mistake.

Currently, Xu Tui only had one life.

It would be over if he was killed.

Should he head home and look for his parents

He definitely could not do that.

That meant bringing the danger back home.

Should he call Yu Zeping for help

Xu Tui also dismissed that idea after he thought about it for a moment.

Yu Zeping was a physical education teacher who only had the physique of a man but the heart of a mother. All he could do was probably call for the cops and head over to the scene personally.

Xu Tui might accidentally harm Yu Zeping if he called him.

Do I take a taxi to the police station even though the fare is a little expensive

That idea was impractical.

The three stalkers would not foolishly follow Xu Tui to the police station. It would alert the other party instead.

Even if Xu Tui managed to enter the police station, the police would not be able to offer him much protection after Xu Tui told them about what happened, and the investigation would result in nothing.

Two-thirds of the students from the Jincheng Prefecture who had just finished the genetic exams were concentrated in Jincheng City. That was more than 10,000 students. How could the police tend to all of them

Furthermore, even if the police force was not stretched thin, the police department would not send men to protect Xu Tui just because of his words.

Suddenly, Xu Tui felt a little despair.

He managed to spot danger using his abilities but had no way to deal with the crisis.

No, I have to save myself!

Suddenly, Xu Tui remembered the name card of the female researcher.

Ill ask her to see if she has any good ideas. Ill go stay at the police station for a few days if Im really out of ideas…

Xu Tui turned on his communication device and called the female researcher, Professor An Xiaoxue.

“The user you are calling is not available at the moment. Please try again later.”

Oh, God…

Xu Tui was speechless.

Was his only choice was to stay in the police station for a few days

Suddenly, the watch-like communication device on his wrist vibrated. Xu Tui received a message.

It was Professor An Xiaoxues reply.

“Im in a meeting. Do you need something”

Xu Tui was elated.

“Professor An, I noticed three people tailing me. I cant seem to solve the crisis by calling the police or any other way. Do you have any suggestions” Xu Tui could not afford to be indirect.

In the Great Genetic Era, only people whose genes were strengthened and evolved to a certain extent could become associate professors and professors.

Of course, researchers who had arrived at breakthroughs in certain areas could be promoted to become a professor as an exception even if the evolution of their genes were average.

However, An Xiaoxue was definitely not one of those exceptions, given how young she was.

“Are you sure that you are being tailed How did you notice them”

Indeed, even An Xiaoxue, who knew that Xu Tui had activated 14 genetic base points, was doubting him. It would be worse if it was someone else.

“Professor An, after I returned home yesterday, I noticed that my senses had become incredibly sensitive. That was how I noticed my stalkers. I confirmed that they were stalking me when I changed locations and saw that they were still tailing me.” Xu Tui did not attempt to conceal anything.

“Send me your location. Remain in a crowded area and wait for my message.”


Xu Tui was no longer anxious.

He estimated that he had to spend at least half an hour more in the queue for the famous bubble tea. It would be even longer if he politely allowed a beautiful lady to cut the queue in front of him.

Xu Tui noticed that the men who had been smoking earlier, as well as the guy who was eating his fried chicken just now, were now also in the queue. They were not far behind him.

They were queuing for the bubble tea together.

Inside a meeting room on the top floor of the Jincheng Executive Building, a full-bearded colonel wearing an ironed military uniform was addressing the room.

“It means what it says. If someone was to drop the ball or not listen to instructions for the reporting period of college students this year, I, Liu Tianhu, will be the first to settle the score with him.”

The meeting was between all of the higher-ups involved in the students reporting to their respective colleges after the genetic exams.

There was the deputy of the Jincheng Prefecture, the heads of the Jincheng Education Division, the Jincheng Public Safety Division, and the Jincheng Special Intelligence Division, as well as a few military officers.

Aside from them, An Xiaoxue and another man from the Huaxia Genetic Military College were also in attendance.

As a professor from the Mystery Branch of the Huaxia Genetic Evolution College, An Xiaoxues social status was rather high.

Furthermore, An Xiaoxue had come to the Jincheng Prefecture this time as the person-in-charge of student admissions for the Huaxia Genetic Evolution College.

“Colonel Liu, can I interrupt you for a moment” An Xiaoxue suddenly spoke.

Colonel Liu Tianhu was very unhappy that he was interrupted in the middle of his speech.

However, Liu Tianhu had to give the professor of the nation-leading Huaxia Genetic Evolution College a certain level of respect.

“Professor An, whats the matter”

“Oh, I just wanted to ask Division Captain Zhou a question.” An Xiaoxues gaze landed on the Division Captain of the Jincheng Special Intelligence Division, Zhou Sheng.

“Division Captain Zhou, a student is asking me for help saying that he is being tailed by someone. Are you going to send people to deal with it, or should I deal with it personally” An Xiaoxue asked a direct question.

“Well deal with it, of course.”

What a joke. Getting a professor from the Huaxia Genetic Evolution College to save a student from the Jincheng Prefecture within their jurisdiction would completely destroy the reputation of the Jincheng Special Intelligence Division.

“Professor An, the name of this student, the general situation, and his location,” Zhou Sheng asked.

“Xu Tui, 18, male. He just activated 14 genetic base points and is at the Xile Bubble Tea Shop, located at the entrance of Fengshou Plaza in Little West Lake,” An Xiaoxue reported.

“Alright. Let me pull up the information first. Ill arrange for my men to deal with the situation immediately.” Zhou Sheng turned on his communication device and accessed the system used exclusively by the Special Intelligence Division. He typed the name into the system.

Not many people had the same name.

He immediately found the student in question.

However, Zhou Sheng froze a moment after he found Xu Tuis information. He first looked toward Colonel Liu Tianhu before smiling toward An Xiaoxue.

“Dont worry, Professor An. The stalkers that the student noticed are the men sent over by the Special Intelligence Division,” the Division Captain of the Special Intelligence Division, Zhou Sheng, said. “They must have been sent over this morning,”

An Xiaoxues brows furrowed slightly, “You guys sent three special agents to protect an Enlightened Mind Type student like him What do you intend to do”


Zhou Shengs expression changed. “Hes certain that three people are tailing him”

“Whats going on” An Xiaoxue immediately realized that something was wrong. “How many special agents did you send”

“The information shows that we only sent two!”


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