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573 Research Value and Choice (1)

“This is… the communication device of an alien invader” Xu Tui suddenly found the diamond-shaped object that was beginning to flicker slightly familiar.

The diamond-shaped object seemed to be a little similar to the full-frequency energy detector they had obtained before they went to war.

However, that one was golden.

The one in front of him was silver in color and had some mysterious patterns.

“I think so.” Almost the moment Yan Lie nodded, the slightly glowing diamond-shaped communication device suddenly spoke.

“Canzeng, Ive successfully descended, but I was affected by the vibrations of the tunnel.

There are slight injuries.

Come and protect me quickly.

Ive already activated the Spiritual Consciousness.

Come quickly.”

A female voice sounded from the diamond-shaped communication device.

Her voice was a little breathless.

Xu Tui and Yan Lie looked at the diamond-shaped communication device and fell into deep thought.

Their first thought was whether to impersonate Canzeng or not.

However, they immediately rejected it.

If this communication device was just a message transmission, they could pretend to be Canzeng and use it to obtain information.

However, this communication device could communicate directly.

Xu Tui did not have the talent or ability to simulate a voice.

Although this alien species still spoke Huaxia, even a linguistic expert would not be able to imitate that strange dialect accent in a short period of time.

He could not bring it with him either.

If there was no response from Canzeng, that lord named Yanzi would definitely notice something wrong immediately.

Those who could be sent to the Mars battlefield by an alien species might have strange thoughts, but they were definitely not idiots!

If they realized that there was a problem with Canzeng, they would definitely realize that Canzengs communication device had fallen into the hands of the enemy.

It would be fine if this thing was one-way.

If it could be used to locate the carrier, it would be equivalent to Xu Tui feeding his location information to the enemy at any time.

That would be courting death!

“Yan Lie, this species is completely different from the Dissimilate Clan, Mechanical Spirit Race, and Fission Race that we encountered previously.

He looked like a more muscular human.

Do you understand any of this”

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After all, this was Xu Tuis first time on the Mars battlefield, but Yan Lie had already come three times.

“Ive only occasionally heard people say that the three races active on the Mars battlefield, the Dissimilate Clan, the Mechanical Spirit Race, and the Fission Race, are just relatively ordinary alien races.

“An alien species that looked similar to us humans but was exceptionally tall seemed to be called the Spiritual Race.

Among the alien species, they had a high status and were stronger.

However, they were extremely rare on the Mars battlefield.

“I heard that its common in the extraterrestrial asteroid belt,” Yan Lie said.

At this moment, the two special agents from the Russian Federation who had just escaped also returned.

They glanced at Canzengs corpse and thanked him.

Then, they silently began to clean up the remains of their comrades.

This was a battlefield.

He was alive a second ago.

In the next second, there might only be bones left.

A minute later, Yan Lie remotely recalled the sky aircraft.

Xu Tui thought about it and did not contact Zhu Lang or Li Zhen.

Instead, he contacted Feng Xuanbiao from the Huaya Sectors Mars base.

“Commander Feng, do you recognize this” Xu Tui sent a picture of Canzengs corpse.

“This…” Feng Xuanbiao was shocked.

“These are people from the Sacred Spiritual Race.

Where did you encounter their corpses In that case, the transient power unit detected by the Planetary Eye just now is from the Sacred Spiritual Race”

“The Sacred Spiritual Race” Xu Tui was puzzled.

“Its an extremely human-like alien species.

It has a powerful influence on the Mechanical Spirit Race, the Dissimilate Clan, and the Fission Race, especially the Dissimilate Clan.

They are almost a servant of this clan.

“They were called the Sacred Spiritual Race by the Dissimilate Clan.

Of course, we on the Blue Star called them the Spiritual Race.

Where did the corpse come from Could you get it A complete Spiritual Race corpse at the Genetic Research Institute costs as much as 10,000 contribution points.” Feng Xuanbiao was a little anxious.

“Ten thousand contribution points Thats a lot.” Xu Tui was a little stunned.

“Yan Lie and I killed him.

The corpse is in our hands now.”

“You and Yan Lie killed a Spiritual Race descender” Feng Xuanbiao was tongue-tied.

He was very surprised.

As a general stationed at the Mars base of the Huaya Sector, Feng Xuanbiao had some understanding of the Spiritual Race.

At the same level, the cultivators of the Spiritual Race were stronger than the Mechanical Spirit Race, the Dissimilate Clan, and the Fission Race.

At the same time, they were also stronger than the humans of the Blue Star.

“Should I hand this corpse over to the Huaya Sectors Mars base or the Huaxia Sector” Xu Tui asked.

“The Huaxia Sector, of course!” Feng Xuanbiaos answer was extremely determined.

Although the Huaya Sectors Mars base was controlled by the Huaxia Sector, it was only controlled by the Huaxia Sector.

There were also the Yamato Sector, the Korean Star Sector, the Russian Federation, and the Africa Sector.

Handing it over to the Mars base of the Huaya Sector was equivalent to handing it over to the officials.

However, the complete corpse of the Sacred Spiritual Race was an extremely precious research material.

Feng Xuanbiao might have reported the situation urgently.

Thirty seconds later, a slightly cold voice suddenly sounded in the communication channel of Xu Tuis sky aircraft.

“I am Cai Shaochu.

Judging from the appearance of the Spiritual Race corpse you killed, it is very complete and has extremely important research value.

Xu Tui, is there a problem with handing it over to the Huaxia Sector” After saying that, Cai Shaochu added, “Double of the contribution points.”

Xu Tui was stunned.

Double contribution points reward! This was a little surprising.

Xu Tuis initial thought was that it would not be a problem to hand it over to the Huaxia Sector.

He did not expect to be rewarded with double the contribution points.

However, Xu Tui hesitated for a few seconds in surprise.

On the other end of the communication channel, Cai Shaochu frowned.


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