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The sky aircraft was extremely fast.

Soon, it turned around and chased after the wave of red low-level mechanical beasts that was moving at high speed towards the Mars base of the Huaya Sector.

However, Yan Lie cautiously increased his flying altitude to more than 1,000 meters.

High-tech equipment was quite reliable, but sometimes, it was also very fragile.

The death of a person due to a crash was not a joke.

Moreover, if the sky aircraft was destroyed, the 50 kilograms of Mechanical Spirit Alloy that was mortgaged would not be enough for Xu Tui and Yan Lie to compensate.

Xu Tui was a little relieved when he saw Yan Lie take the initiative to increase his altitude.

Although Yan Lies cultivation path was that of an assassin, he was not the kind of assassin who took risks for everything.

It was more like the kind that planned before taking action and waiting for an opportunity to kill.

“The elite extraterrestrial invaders who can command low-level Mechanical Spirits must also be from the Mechanical Spirit Race, right” Xu Tui asked.

“Thats most likely the case.”

“Then whats the difference between the invading elites of the Mechanical Spirit Clan and these low-level Mechanical Spirits”

“The form is different.

The higher the level of the Mechanical Spirit, the more human-like they are, and the more special rights they have.

If you observe carefully, the invading elites of the Mechanical Spirit Race are usually in the center.

Even if they are also low-level single-horned six-limbed Mechanical Spirits, their appearances are different,” Yan Lie said.

Xu Tui held a pair of high-definition binoculars and observed the crimson waves below.

However, even after ten minutes, he did not discover any different targets.

In other words, Xu Tui did not notice the elites of the Mechanical Spirit Clan who were commanding this wave of low-level Mechanical Spirits.

“Did you notice anything”

“I didnt notice anything unusual.”

“If not, Ill report the trajectory of this wave of low-level Mechanical Spirits to the base and let them deal with it,” Yan Lie said.

Xu Tui and Yan Lie could easily deal with these low-level Mechanical Spirits in a one-on-one battle, the two of them would not be afraid of hundreds of low-level Mechanical Spirits if they worked together.

However, thousands of low-level Mechanical Spirits were not something they could stop.

“Alright, lets report it.

Do you want to try again If the information is more accurate, the base can sacrifice less,” Xu Tui suddenly said.

“How do we do that”

“Lower your altitude.

Ill use my naked eye to observe the entire area.

The probability of discovering anything unusual is higher than the telescope.”

“How many meters”

“Its best to be within 800 meters or about 500 meters.”

“Alright, a short drop in altitude should not be a problem.

Get ready!”

Three seconds later, Yan Lie had already lowered the flying altitude of the sky aircraft to less than 500 meters.

Xu Tui observed the situation below through the transparent observation pod on the floor of the special equipment of the sky aircraft.

With his vision, he could see 500 meters clearly.

However, it was still a little difficult to find the difference.

At this moment, Xu Tui realized that this ability was not enough.

This problem would probably not be a problem if he activated the vision-type genetic ability chain.

“Can you continue to lower your altitude”

“I can last for ten seconds at 400 meters.”


The sky aircraft descended again.

This time, Xu Tui could see more clearly.

At the same time, he activated his mental perception.

Although it was not within the range of his accurate perception, it was within the range of his blurry perception.

Moreover, at this height, the chaotic flow of energy brought about by the energy tide had a limited effect on Xu Tuis mental perception.

There were no problems with the center of the red tide.

He did not notice the different Mechanical Spirit elites.

They were all low-level mechanical spirit beasts.

Xu Tui was a little disappointed.

If this wave of low-level Mechanical Spirit Beasts was commanded by an elite Mechanical Spirit, Xu Tui might be able to think of a way to reduce the pressure on the base and obtain some contribution points.

However, he did not notice anything.

“It looks like its a low-level mechanical spirit beast that spontaneously gathered together…” Xu Tui gave his judgment.

“Its a little rare, but it might happen.

Ill report it to the base immediately.”

“Okay…” Xu Tui suddenly frowned.

The red shadow at the front of the red wave seemed a little different.

The distance between them and the other mechanical spirit beasts was slightly larger, and their postures were different.

Unlike the other Horned Mechanical Spirit Beasts, they still maintained a dense formation as they advanced quickly.

However, the sky aircraft was in the middle of the red wave and could not be sensed over there.

“Accelerate to the front.”

Yan Lie did not say anything.

What he responded to Xu Tui was to speed up.

In the next moment, Xu Tui was shocked by the discovery of his blurry mental perception.

“People! Humans! The figure at the front that looks like a leader is two humans!”

“Are you sure” Yan Lie expressed his doubts.

“Closer, lower to 330 meters.

Give me a second!”


In the next moment, Yan Lie steered the sky aircraft and dived again.

This time, Xu Tui saw it clearly.

He was a human! He was really human! Moreover, the moment the sky aircraft swooped down, someone looked up to observe the sky aircraft.

Xu Tui and Yan Lies expressions instantly froze because of this strange discovery.

The moment the person raised his head to observe the aircraft, the sky aircraft also captured a momentary picture.

However, because of the soaring dust, it could vaguely be seen that it was a human face.

Then, the infrared detector was activated.

On the screen, the infrared detection reactions of the two humans at the front were completely different from those of these low-level mechanical spirit beasts.

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