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Chapter 30: 030: Looking at her

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The sunroom was directly next to Zhan Lichuans bedroom. Once the door between them opened, both areas would be connected.

There were two cages of rats inside, but all of them were dead. Having already anticipated this, Jing Qian didnt look the least bit surprised when she saw them.

“Young Mistress, why are these rats dead”

Although hed already seen them before, Butler Xu was still disgusted when he beheld the rats, which seemed to have died struggling.

Jiang Yuxi chose then to walk into the room. When Jing Qian subconsciously looked at her, the former instantly exploded.

“Why are you looking at me Are you going to say that Im the one who killed the rats here Jing Qian, there should be a limit even if youre trying to frame me!”

Feeling wronged, Jiang Yuxi said to Master Zhan, “Grandfather, I came to the Zhan family when I was 17. For the past five years, youve seen for yourself how Ive been treating Brother Chuan. I only want the best for him. Why would I place these dead rats here to harm him”

Then, she turned to Jing Qiang and screamed, “Jing Qian, dont you know that these rats are dirty creatures that can spread disease Ever since the accident, Brother Chuans immune system has been weak, yet you placed these rats right outside his room! Even if you didnt kill them, shouldnt you at least give us an explanation as to why you placed these dirty critters outside of Brother Chuans room”

Master Zhan, noticing that Jing Qian was extremely calm, realized what was happening. He was immediately filled with rage as he asked, “Is there something wrong with Ah Chuans room”

Jing Qian gently nodded her head and said in a caring tone, “Grandfather, youre quite clever, unlike some people here whose brains are far away from here, just like their room. Indeed, there is something wrong with third young masters sunroom.”

Jiang Yuxi almost passed out after being triggered by Jing Qians evil mouth.

She had moved out of her room and shifted to the guest house last night. Although it was an individual suite and the view was just as breath-taking, it was still different from this mansion!

This b*tch was doing it on purpose!

However, when she heard that there was something wrong with the sunroom and this woman may have found what it was with the help of these rats, she swallowed the words she was about to spit out.

When Master Zhan heard about the problem in the sunroom, which was connected to Zhan Lichuans bedroom, he immediately ran towards his grandsons room, horrified.

Jiang Yuxi found her opportunity and rushed into the room as well.

“Ah Chuan!” Master Zhan cried nervously as he rushed into the room.

When Zheyan and Yunzhou, who were guarding outside, heard noises inside the room, they quickly opened the door and saw a whole bunch of people crowding the room.


Although Zhan Lichuan wasnt sleeping, his eyes were still closed shut. He opened his eyes upon hearing the noise and immediately looked at the figure who followed behind his anxious grandfather. Jing Qian looked worried and docile, but in actuality, she was just walking inside leisurely.

Zhan Lichuan was just casually observing Jing Qian; the other party shouldnt have noticed. However, Jing Qian immediately realized it and turned in his direction.

Jing Qians reflex may be fast, but Zhan Lichuans was faster.

When her focus shifted to him, Zhan Lichuans eyes had already quickly moved towards Jiang Yuxi instead, who was standing in front of her.

Perhaps it was because he had done it on purpose and his eyes were firm, for it caused things to be more obvious—Jiang Yuxi could instantly feel someone watching her.

When Zhan Lichuans eyes landed on her, Jiang Yuxi felt as if her entire world was filled with rainbows.

Brother Chuan was finally looking at her!


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