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Chapter 16: 016: She got pissed off again

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As Zhan Yuheng was walking up the stairs, he ran into Jing Qian, who was coming down the stairs at the same time.

She no longer wore the body-hugging, shimmery mini dress from before. Instead, she was now dressed in a loose, white, cashmere, round-necked sweater, paired with some jeans and a pair of white velvet Hermes slippers.

Her long, chestnut-colored hair was slightly curled and lazily scattered on one side. As she walked down the stairs, it gently moved around her shoulder and fair, swan-like neck.

While she was walking, her slender waist, which was partly hidden, now looked more graceful than before. The effect was even more charming and attractive than the tight-fitting dress from before.

She had minimal makeup on, but it was delicate and suited her well. Her eyebrows gave her a graceful look, and even when they were paired with her bright, glamorous eyes, the effect was surprisingly natural.

Zhan Yuheng felt that this woman in front of him was like a banshee from those old mansions, one who went around sucking human spirits.

Her each and every movement was filled with a devilish charm.

“Where are you off to, sister-in-law”

“Just going for a walk.”

Jing Qian walked in a casual, lazy manner and she had a drawl as she spoke. Her voice was like a feather brushing his heart and leaving an itch when it was gone.

“Youre going out for a walk now When its so cold outside”

“Its cold outside I dont feel it.”

With that, Jing Qian swiftly walked past him like an elf.

As he looked at her retreating figure, Zhan Yuheng was captivated.

It had been three weeks since Jing Qian had married into the Zhan Family. Before this, he thought that all she had were good looks, and even then, she was not attractive to him.

After all, as the current Young Master of the richest family in H city, as long as he wanted them to, all the celebrities would stick to him, similar to how bees were attracted to honey. Hence, when he was told that grandfather had found an actress for his brother, he mocked the decision, saying that it was an embarrassment.

But today, Jing Qians every smile and frown kept reappearing in his head, refusing to go away.

Zhan Yuheng only came back to his senses when he heard footsteps coming from the stairs. When he looked up, he saw Jiang Yuxi, who had a gloomy look on her face.

He raised his brows and walked up the stairs. As he went past her, he was stopped.

“Yuxi, whats the matter” Zhan Yuheng smiled as he questioned her.

“Big brother, everything that I said today is true. Although I have no idea how my recordings disappeared, Jing Qian really has a lover outside! Youve got to trust me!”

“Yuxi, it doesnt matter whether I trust you or not. The important thing here is that you have no evidence and Jing Qian is the granddaughter-in-law of the Zhan family. You cant just go around slandering her. Have a good night.”

Then, Zhan Yuheng went upstairs.

Jiang Yuxi had initially planned to ally herself with Zhan Yuheng. However, when she saw that he would rather stare at Jing Qian and not even bother to listen to her, she became angry once again.


The Zhan familys mansion was actually very famous worldwide, as every spot in the house was filled with the utmost elegance and refinement.

No matter where you stood, from your point of view, it would become scenery.

The design itself was breathtaking. In addition to that, it had perfectly integrated garden art with the classical elements of Country Z. Most of the top garden designers wanted the drawings of this mansion so that they could learn about its intricate designs.

However, all of it was single-handedly designed by Zhan Lichuan, who was a business degree graduate that had nothing to do with garden designing.

Most outsiders would assume that the Zhan family became so established because of the old Chairman, Zhan Renhao. However, only senior executives in the industry knew that Zhan Renhao was only responsible for strengthening the corporation. It was Zhan Lichuan, the quadriplegic laying on the bed now, who made them the richest family in H city.

This perfectly described how brilliant Zhan Lichuan was.


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