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Chapter 14: 014: Perhaps shes a snake monster

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“Did you think that my sisters death would mean the end of the Tang Sect Youre all wrong! Even if my sister is dead, the Tang Sect still has me! God is watching you. I dont care who it is, but the Tang Sect will get to the bottom of this! We will take revenge! We will make them pay for what they did!”

Master Zhans eyes glowed with hope again as he said, “Lichuan, see Sakas sister is also a descendant of the Tang Sect. She said shes just like Saka. She has also completely inherited her masters mantle.”

Zhan Lichuans eyes remained cold, and there were no signs of excitement even after hearing what Dong Yuetong said.

“Ive only heard of Saka and just found out that she was from the Tang Sect after looking into it. Grandfather, if it wasnt because of Saka, would you have known about the Tang Sect or Dong Yuetong Lets put it the other way around; do you even know who Sakas master is”

Master Zhan became speechless.

In the other room, Jing Qian also watched the international news that was being broadcasted. When she heard what the woman was saying, the lips that were originally curled upwards were now showing a cold, enchanting smile. She was no longer interested in what the woman had to say next or what was about to happen, so she turned off the television.

At this moment, Butler Xu walked in with the family physician to change the dressing on her forehead and to check up on her. Jing Qian saw her chance, and with a bright smile on her face, asked, “Butler Xu, might there be rats in our garden Could you get me some fat, healthy ones

When Butler Xu saw this womans dazzling eyes and slender figure, a movie he had watched as a child appeared in his mind.

In that movie, the captivating green snake was also very alluring. She would be talking and laughing with someone at first, but at the very next moment, she would stick out her poisonous fangs, catch a fat rat with her long tongue, and swallow it in one breath.

Now that he was staring at their Young Mistress, who was almost as beautiful as the green snake, he couldnt help but shiver and carefully ask, “Young Mistress, may I know why you want these rats”

He was the one whod interacted with Young Mistress the most.

Master Zhan and the Third Young Master may not see the change in Young Mistress, but he could.

Ever since she woke up after falling down the stairs, the Young Mistresss temperament was different.

She had become devilish.

She was even asking for rats now.

He couldnt help but overthink this matter.

Jing Qian laughed when she heard Butler Xus question, “Well, obviously, I want to play with them. Did you think that I was going to eat them”

Listen! Listen! Do you hear what she said!

This beautiful girl was asking for rats so that she could play with them, and she even talked about eating them. Most people would only want these rats for experiments! Yet, here she was, thinking about playing with them and eating them.

Butler Xu felt his scalp turn numb, as he was frightened by his bold assumptions.

“Young Mistress, if you want something to play with, why dont you choose white mice instead Theyre much cleaner than rats. These rats are extremely dirty.”

“White mice are cute, and it would be a waste if they died. Rats, please! Butler Xu, could you please get me some Remember to get some that are fat and healthy.”

Butler Xus mind was now filled with images offat andhealthy rats being eaten.

Should he… Tell Master Zhan about his assumption


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