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1146 Each Having Their Own Thoughts

A few years later, Emma and her son were expelled from the Huttons and forced to leave DC forever.

There had been no news about them since then.

Now, the current chairman of the Stardust Corporation, Lucas, had the last name Gray.

Thus, based on this information and his age, Leila came to a conclusion after making some conjectures.

Lucas should be the child who was expelled by the Huttons together with Emma.

In other words, he was probably Michaels illegitimate son, and the Huttons had returned the Stardust Corporation to him as compensation.

Leila also deduced that Lucas was likely backed by the Huttons, so of course he wouldnt be afraid of the Dunnes.

Therefore, when Leila wanted to find someone to act as her shield for tonights gathering, the first person she thought of was Lucas.

Reason being, she felt that he was probably capable of standing up to Roger.

If she randomly found someone to pose as her boyfriend, this person probably wouldnt be able to withstand the Dunnes revenge.

Although Leila wasnt correct about everything, it was undeniably remarkable that she could deduce so much based on some subtle traces and clues.

Seeing the worry on Leilas face fade, Lucas knew that she had probably guessed something and couldnt help sighing in his head, thinking to himself that she was indeed a woman with high intelligence.

Meanwhile, Roger was gloomy for a long time.

But when everyone thought he was going to lose his temper, he suddenly pursed his lips and pretended to be relaxed as he said with a smile, “It seems that Lucas is also a scion of a wealthy family.

Which family are you from”

Lucas smiled lightly.


Dunne, Im not a scion of any wealthy family, so you dont have to bother asking.”

After hearing Lucass indifferent answer, Roger still didnt lose his temper.

Instead, he raised the glass of wine and said to the crowd in the room, “Come on, lets drink! Whats the point of just sitting here”

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Seeing that Roger didnt bombard Lucas again, Samuel, Hayden, Alyssa, Bethany, and Everleigh couldnt help seeming slightly disappointed.

But Roger actually took the initiative to drink with them, so everything felt flattered.

They quickly grabbed their glasses and showered him with compliments.

The atmosphere became lively.

Everleigh was sitting beside Roger.

Whenever she had an opportunity, she would smile at him coquettishly, toast him, and even help him to food from time to time, doing her best to please him.

Everyone in the room could tell what Everleight was thinking.

She was making it too obvious.

Even the blind could tell that she liked Roger.

Alyssa and Bethany glanced at each other, judging her and rolling their eyes at her.

Everleigh probably dumped her extremely mediocre boyfriend out of the blue today because she planned to hook up with Roger tonight.

But then again, Roger was wealthy and even young and handsome, making him the perfect husband to many girls.

Who wouldnt want to marry a rich man and live a carefree life of luxury for the rest of their life

However, Alyssa and Bethany were self-aware enough to know that they werent as beautiful as Everleigh, so it was absolutely impossible for Roger to take a liking to them.

Besides, they were already attached, and their boyfriends were present too, so they naturally couldnt try to please Roger too much.

As an experienced philanderer, Roger had long seen through Everleighs thoughts about him.

Since there was such a pretty girl throwing herself at him, there would be no harm in toying with her for a few days.

Thinking of this, Roger stopped being as indifferent to her as he was earlier and became more enthusiastic toward her.

With each of them having their own thoughts, the meal suddenly seemed harmonious and lively for a while.


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