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The First Store System Chapter 6 - Infernal

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Thousands of years have passed since George started his journey as a hellfire mage.

The situation around George has radically changed. Millennia ago, he was a weak human with a sense of justice, he wanted to be a good and a kind ruler, but now he was only a being famous for his cruelty in hell.

Even Infernals shuddered in front of him due to fear. A century ago, George successfully became a Level 11 mage and gained immortality. Level 11 mages were also known as demigods, as only Gods were above a Level 11 mage. His becoming Level 11 brought a radical change in hell. The addition of one more Level 11 in the clan of Infernals made the clan rise to become a higher clan.

George still had bigger ambitions as he found out a way to become even stronger. He wanted to rule the Infernals, not just one of the leaders.

Infernals had a total of seven demigods. The current leader of the Infernals was the first Infernal to become a demigod, and he became one about several million years ago.

There were no sub-levels in Level 11. The power only depended upon the control of the element, and as one spent longer time meditating in their level, the stronger the being is.

The hellfire embryo turned out even better than he expected for George. When he reached the level of demigod, a new knowledge opened in his mind. The data contained information about attaining Godhood. He started meditation according to the newly emerged knowledge.

He has been in closed meditation for a century now. All the demigods belonging to the Infernal clan have been waiting for him to come out, so they can celebrate his reaching immortality.

While the high-level Infernals were busy plundering, ruling, slaughtering, etc., an announcement popped up in every Infernal's mind. The sudden notification was a summon to their main world for every high-ranked Infernal currently staying in hell. The sudden summon confused everybody, but they still returned without asking any questions; through the portals.

Even the demigods had no idea of the reason for the summon. They only came because it was a request by George. It took only a few breaths of time for everyone to arrive at the main world of Infernals.

There were only seven seats available for the leaders, so every other Infernal stood waiting.

"Welcome everyone," A sudden hoarse voice echoed in the surroundings. George appeared in the last empty seat.

Even the six demigods sitting next to him didn't notice when he appeared. All of the six had a look of shock in their eyes.

George glanced at them and smiled. It sent ominous signals to their hearts when they saw that smile.

He stood up from his seat and smilingly waved at the lines of Infernals waiting for the reason of summoning. Everyone who saw that wave was stunned as George was famous for his lack of communication with anybody.

"I know you've been waiting for the reason for your summoning. I can see some of you are anxious, thinking, what if we are going to war. You don't have to worry. The issue is minor," George announced, looking at the Infernals. The leader of the Infernals and the other five demigods had solemn expressions, as they hadn't lived for so long in vain. They knew the motive of George after that smile.

Many Infernals breathed a sigh of relief, but their jaws dropped the next moment.

"I want to be the leader of this clan, so I've called you here to see the challenge between the leader and me," George added.

The venue became so silent that even a breath would be considered loud.

"No need for challenge," The silence was broken by the sudden announcement of the leader.

George didn't expect this response from the leader. He turned, stared at the leader, and stated, "But, I want the leadership."

"I Know."

"Then why no need for the challenge" George argued.

"You can become the leader straight away. There is no need for a challenge. I would only hurt myself in a fight with you," The leader explained.

George didn't expect the leader to give up his place this easily. After being silent for some time, he laughed out loud.

He then turned around to look at the Infernals and announced, "All of you've heard the leader. As of this moment, I'm the leader of Infernals. I'll make Infernals a top clan one day."

He then disappeared after that, all the other demigods following him. Other Infernals only stayed there shell-shocked. It only took a few breaths of time to change the leadership of a race.

Time flew. It has been several millennia since George took the leadership of the Infernal clan. The Infernal clan has also changed radically like George. They waged wars in this millennia to conquer and plunder, resulting in the death of countless species in hell as well as Universes outside of hell.

He waged wars aggressively because his goal of making Infernal a top clan failed, as all the top races had at least tens of Gods. He wanted to rule as much land as he could.

The main world of Infernals was currently in ruins. George was lying naked and injured in the center of the ruins. There were cracks all over his body. Lightning was running in between the external fissures in his body. A smile appeared on his face as he looked at the clearing sky.

After a few breaths, his injury started healing on its own. In only a few breaths of time, his body got entirely restored. Suddenly, cracks began to appear throughout the space. As time passed, the fissures in the void only grew wider.

George stood up. Hellfire engulfed him and turned into a cloak. "Finally," He said, as he has become a God now.

The six demigods of the clan appeared and surrounded him, "What are your instructions before leaving, Honourable God" The previous leader asked with an awed expression on their face.

Gods had their own world, and the Multiverse didn't allow any God to stay in the lower world after having a breakthrough because of the fragile fabric of the void.

"You're the leader from now on. It's up to you what to do" George told the previous leader and disappeared. He couldn't wait to enter the world of Gods.

The impatience of George dumbfounded the other six demigods. "Let's announce it to the other races," The leader shook his head and said to the other demigods.

George's life in the lower world ended with that.


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