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The First Store System Chapter 5 - Revenge

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The night was omnipresent in hell, so there was no way to differentiate between day and night. So when George woke up, he had no idea for how long he had slept. He then remembered the timer that appeared after signing the contract. He thought about the timer, then suddenly, it appeared in his mind. The timer showed 29:11:19, with the timer representing years:months:day.

"Damn, I slept for twelve days straight. Thank heavens, I am still alive," He shockingly exclaimed.

He took a deep breath, just because he was alive despite staying in the open for so long. Suddenly, an urgent thought appeared in his mind to check hellfire. He went with his thoughts and thought about hellfire; a tiny fire darker than the night emerged in his hand. That fire sent chills down George's spine. He suddenly had an illusion of burning in hellfire. He took back hellfire due to fear.

George didn't even calm down when suddenly a pain attacked his head. "Arghhh," He clutched his head and screamed.

After the pain calmed down, new memories about control of hellfire started emerging in his mind. The memories also contained information of a different power system than cultivation, Mage-System.

The memory explained that there are eleven levels in the Mage-System in this Multiverse. Level 11 mage being equivalent to Heavenly Monarch. Only very few beings have reached the level of Level 11 mage. Level 11 was the level of immortality in the Mage - System.

George, in his current body, was a primary Level 4 mage, according to the Mage-System. "I have been born equivalent to the early Soul formation cultivator," He exclaimed when he compared Cultivation-System with Mage-System. The leader of the undead sect was only a late Soul formation cultivator.

The memory contained the complete knowledge of reaching Level 11 hellfire mage. "Only a supercluster core for this knowledge," He murmured, as the price he thought to be expensive turned out to be dirt compared to the product.

He also learned many things about hell from his memory. He had the info about the world he was currently in, fortunately, or coincidentally. This world is called the Sukha world. This world looked barren from the outside, but it wasn't a worthless world, as the inhabitants of this world lived underground. The inhabitants of this world were called Hellants. They had the same body structure as tiny black ants on Redstar, but Hellants are bigger and powerful. Sukha is a lesser world where the highest level of being could be equivalent to Level 3 mage.

Additionally, he learned what race his current body belongs to. He belonged to the Infernals: one of the medium races of hell. He was currently a commoner Infernal, as he had only two horns. As his horns increase, his standing in the infernal clan will also increase.

As he was already the strongest, he need not fear anybody as long as he is on this planet. He decided to conquer this world to get materials to promote himself to Level 5 and then leave for the world of Infernals.

It only took him three days to conquer Sukha. He then meditated in Sukha for a year and successfully reached peak Level 4. There weren't enough materials in Sukha for him to reach Level 5. He left after that. Hellants all over Sukha cried when George left, as he was a good king and belonged to a higher race.

Twenty years have passed since then, George has entirely changed. He has grown to ten times the size of his past. The number of horns on his head has grown to sixteen. He was now a royal Infernal and had control over one enormous galaxy with a size of more than a million Light-year. His penis also has returned because only royal infernals had the capability to reproduce.

He has also improved exponentially during these 20 years, as he was currently a peak Level 8 mage.

George's personality has also drastically changed. Even his aura contained cruelty since hell is cruel.

This year George decided to leave hell and get his revenge. He was already the strongest when it came to his original Universe. His Universe was solely for cultivators, and the highest level anyone can cultivate in his Universe is Void Forging, which is only equivalent to a Level 7 mage.

He couldn't return to his planet as an Infernal, as hell creatures are feared all over. But, he didn't have to worry, as there was an art in his memory that he could use to turn himself into a human.

The time flew by. Redstar welcomed George back; Redstar has changed dramatically from the past. He returned to his kingdom, Empyrion's capital, only to find a ghost city.

As he has already grown more powerful than the Universe limit, he could interfere with the laws of the Universe. He manipulated time to find out the reason for this ghost city.

Time returned to ten days after George died. The king couldn't handle killing his son, so he fell ill. The undead sect spread the information of the king's health to various factions located in the kingdom.

Various factions waged war against the kingdom. As the king was already on his death bed, and his youngest son was young for war, the kingdom soldiers weren't able to stop the onslaught of the combined attack of the factions. The kingdom fell in no time.

It didn't take long for conflict to arise between the factions. The war between factions continued for years; at last, only one party remained. All the other parties escaped to other kingdoms.

The winning faction tried to build a new kingdom, but an unexpected attack of the Undead sect resulted in the death of every person belonging to that faction.

George, in anger, destroyed the Undead sect after seeing the past events. The undead sect wasn't an insignificant sect. The undead sect in Redstar was only one of the branches of the headquarter situated in the center of the Universe.

George's sudden attack on one of the undead sect's branches unexpectedly turned into a full-fledged war between the headquarter and George. More and more sects started involving themselves in this war due to the undead sect's rewards. It didn't take long for it to turn into a full-fledged war.

George was too powerful for the war. He destroyed every warring sect in less than a week.

George became the ruler of the Rainbow Universe, but he has a different plan for this Universe.

He had to pay a supercluster core in return for the embryo, as he was satisfied with the hellfire mage embryo and felt the store was at a loss, so he paid the universal core for the embryo.

Taking the universal core resulted in the death of every living creature in the Universe, but George didn't care. His worldview has entirely changed in these past few years.

"Damn, I lost on this deal," Aakesh complained after receiving the universal core.. As he expected a supercluster core from a high-rank Universe, instead, he got a universal core of a low-rank Universe.


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