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The First Store System Chapter 29 - Conflict

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Chapter 29

Aakesh's face turned weird after hearing the warning of the soldier. Seeing Aakesh's strange looks, the soldier thought he had become afraid, so he tried to calm him down, "You don't need to be afraid. You must've not known that this land is strictly forbidden to buy by the prince. You only need to vacate the land; everything will be alright after that."

Seeing no change in Aakesh's face after speaking, he thought that Aakesh was worried about the money he invested in the land and the building. Creating a structure overnight must've cost a fortune, and seeing the building looking majestic and gave a sense of pressure, so it must've required more money. He added, "You don't need to worry about the money. I'll talk with the prince and convince him to compensate you for your loss."

While the gathered crowd in the front of the store had stupendous faces, they expected the store owner to be afraid after knowing about the prince, but they never expected the soldier to try to calm the owner down instead of forcing him to get out.

What the soldier and the crowd thought had nothing to do with Aakesh. He was talking with the system in his mind.

"Hey, system, you told me about everything, but you didn't tell me that the land I'm going to start my store upon is in conflict with the Kingdom's prince," He asked the system in his mind since he couldn't speak to air in front of a crowd. They'll take him for a fool.

[Host, it's just a minor conflict. In such cases, you should resolve the problem on your own. The system wouldn't help you and tell you about it. You'll only grow when you're able to handle the situations around the store.]

To Aakesh, the system explained what was going on and told him not to look for more information from the system in the future. To be able to solve future situations on his own, he must rely on the knowledge he has acquired up to this point.

"I understand that, but if you would've told me at first, I wouldn't have to talk to such an irritating fellow," He complained to the system. He would've never talked to the soldier if he knew the reason he would've beaten the ** out of the soldier for giving him a warning.

He saw the look of disgust on the face of the soldier when he glared at him. If he already knew the reason, he would've taught him the lesson.

He then came out of his thoughts and heard what the soldier was saying. While listening to the soldier, he also noticed the look of astonishment on almost every face in the crowd. He couldn't understand people's hidden emotions, but he could understand what the soldier said was astonishing for the people who lived here. It implied that the soldier isn't a good person; he's only acting such due to the influence of the title 'Myrioglot'.

The soldier after still getting no response from Aakesh thought that Aakesh must be still worried about the prince punishing him, so he once again tried to calm him down, "I know you're still worried, but you don't have to. I promise you I'll not let even a scratch oc-"

"Okay, stop!"

Aakesh cut the soldier's speech off in between. The more the soldier spoke, the irritated he became.

Hearing the sudden change in the tone of Aakesh stunned everyone present on the scene, including the soldier. The moment Aakesh changed his tone, the effect of the title on the soldier disappeared, and the look of disgust reappeared on his face.

The soldier was stunned by the sudden change in his mindset. He cautiously looked at Aakesh because he did this. "Leave the land if you don't want to die," said the soldier. He left straight away after that. All the courage he had before talking to Aakesh disappeared after the effect of the title disappeared.

Aakesh ignored the leaving soldier, even a flick of his finger was too much power for him to destroy the soldier. The crowd had too much surprise today, so they also started leaving after the soldier left.

Aakesh had no mood to continue staying outside, so he also returned inside. It was the first time he felt irritated with someone. It was only his first day, and he already had a conflict.

When he entered the store, he noticed Lily sitting on the counter, staring in the direction the soldier left. All the irritation he had disappeared after he saw Lily.

"When did you wake up" He gently asked as he picked her up.

"Should I kill him" Lily ignored his question and asked instead by waving his claws.

"Leave him. He's only a weakling," He responded as he squished the tiny face of her with his other hand.

"Let me go!" Lily irritatingly complained but didn't attempt to escape.

They both played for a while after that. "Why did you let the soldier leave safely How dare he look at you that way" asked Lily in her childlike voice. She still couldn't forget the look of disgust in the soldier's eye.

Aakesh only smiled in response to her. Lily wanted a reply, so she asked him again. She may call him by his name, but Aakesh was a parent of her. Her body is the creation of his blood. How can she let go if someone disgustingly looks at her parent

"He's only a weakling. Why would I get angry with someone who I can kill with a flick of my finger" Aakesh responded, seeing the anger in Lily's eyes.

"A weakling should act like one," Lily retorted.

He smiled in response. He squished Lily's face and laughingly joked, "Oh, are you angry that someone insulted your father"

"Dream on, you and my father!" Lily scoffed in response.

"Oh, my daughter!" Aakesh continued joking and squishing her face. Lily tried to retort, but at last, she gave up and fell silent. She remembered the features of the soldier. She'll have her revenge when she goes outside.

The fun came to an end when they heard footsteps.. They turned around and saw a female human standing at the door.


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