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The First Store System Chapter 22 - Lily

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Chapter 22

Aakesh took a careful look at the tiny creature in his hand.

The creature was a kitten, but it was smaller in size than the other kitten he had read about in the quests.

Closed eyes, hairless body with pale skin, and the size of a tennis ball gave the creature a cute appearance. The kitten was sleeping peacefully with all its claws stretched in Aakesh's hands.

"So, a kitten," Aakesh gently murmured. He then thought of his status to check the pet status.

The next moment, a blue screen appeared in front of him containing all his details, but he only focused on the Last section.

Pet Status:

Number of Pets: 1(Think to expand),

Current status: Newborn.

The current status changed from unhatched to newborn. There was an option of thinking to expand, so Aakesh did that.

The next moment, a new blue window containing all the details of the kitten appeared.

Name: ,

Gender: Female,

Race: Epochal Feline,

Owner: Aakesh,

Bloodline: Primordial(Purity: 100%)

Level: None,

Elements: Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Ether, Wood, Thunder, Metal, Sound, Light, Dark, Time,

Skills: Time Shield.

Details about the kitten appeared in front of Aakesh. The details astounded him.

"Hey, system, didn't the Epochal Feline go extinct last epoch," He asked the system.

Epochal Feline was a race of Primordials from which every feline species originated. Due to their inability to preserve their bloodline, they went extinct at the end of the last Epoch.

Epoch begins with the birth of a Deva and ends with the birth of a new one which results in a new Epoch.

In the primal dimension, a decillion years signify an Epoch since the time flows differently in all the four dimensions, and Multiverse gives birth to a Deva considering the time flow of the fourth dimension.

[Yes, Host. They became extinct. Some Deva decided to give birth to some of the extinct primordial species, and it is one of them.]

The system told Aakesh. He wanted to ask more, but he didn't. He knew the issue of permission level would come, so he didn't waste his time.

He then refocused on the status screen and read other details about the kitten. Aakesh nodded after reading about the bloodline purity of the kitten since only those who have 100% pure bloodline can be called Primordial.

Since the kitten was just a newborn, it made sense that it didn't have any level. Aakesh's eyes went further below and read about the elements it can control. There was nothing new as he already knew the meaning of the patterns present on the egg due to the knowledge missions.

The kitten currently only had a single skill. The number of skills will grow as the kitten gets older. Reading about the skill in detail in the last section stupefied him and made him feel jealous of the kitten.

Time Shield: This skill allows the user to move the time backward on any attack coming toward them to the state where nothing exists.

"You got a defensive skill, while I only get support skills," Aakesh lamented while looking at the kitten.

"Meow," The kitten meowed the next moment as if it understood Aakesh.

Aakesh couldn't help but laugh, and the kitten also followed his laughing rhythm with its meow.

The time flew by, several centuries passed. The kitten had grown bigger by an inch in comparison to when it was born. A shiny and smooth white fur completely covered its hairless body. It had orange eyes the same as the color of the orange pattern and a dark vertical slit, the same as the last pattern. The eyes looked the same as the Dragon eyes. He named the kitten Lily.

It didn't meow anymore, as Aakesh taught her several languages used in the Multiverse since he was unoccupied all the time. He stopped watching Vanya's life when she attained Godhood.

"Aakesh, play with me," A childlike voice echoed in the store.

"No," Aakesh firmly refused.

"It's your lesson time," He said while picking up the kitten by the scruff of her neck to stop running away.


[Host, a new customer, has arrived.]

Aakesh ignored her fit as the system informed him of a new customer.

He's had three customers in the past few centuries, so today's customer will be his fifth. The last customer he had turned out to be a rebel. Despite Aakesh warning, the customer didn't clear the dues before the deadline. He thought he could fight the system or the cosmos contract beast, but alas, fighting it turned out tragic for him.

He has been in an illusion for the last century facing every kind of torture present in the Multiverse. Even Aakesh felt pity for him, but pity was the end. He didn't want to save him. He brought it on himself by refusing to pay.

"Behave, a new customer has arrived," Aakesh said. Lily stopped her fit, so he released her. She silently climbed up to his head and waited for the customer to leave.

Several minutes passed in the blink of an eye. He successfully sold the product to the customer. After the customer left, he was excited. He sold one of the most expensive products of the store at the cost of a leaf of the World Tree.

Time passed. He will train for few hours and then play with Lily for the whole day if he doesn't teach her anything. He already has gotten nine customers, and he was always able to compel the customer to buy the product.

His level has also grown from Level 1 to Level 4. Every time he grew in level, his stats will grow by ten times, so his current attributes were:

Strength: 24,785,

Agility: 25,674.

In the primal dimension, he was around the level of Level 8 mage or Tao seed Qi cultivator. He taught Lily around one-twelfth of the language spoken in the Multiverse and also taught about the races that use them.

Time passed. When his number of customers crossed 10, he got another mission by the system to create one hundred gods by the store product. It took him more than eighty thousand years to complete the quest.


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