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The First Store System Chapter 20 - Watcher

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Chapter 20

After getting no information about his level from the system, Aakesh decided to focus on the status screen again.

The next addition to his status was in his physical attributes. Both his strength and agility had equal growth. Both attributes showed 10.

"Hey, system, I need to test my strength," He asked the system.

The next moment, Aakesh disappeared from the store and appeared in an empty space. The sudden movement stunned him for a moment, but he calmed down the next moment.

[Host, you can check your movement speed here.]

The system informed him. With a nod, he dashed off. He has unlimited endurance, so he can run for eternity and not feel tired at all.

He ran for hours, continuing his top speed. He only stopped when he felt bored by running continuously.

"Hey, system, show me the details," He asked the system for his running status after he stopped.

The next moment, a blue screen appeared with his running details.

{Running duration: 562 minutes,

Running distance: 3372 kilometers,

Top speed: 110 m/s,

Average speed: 100m/s.}

"Not bad," Aakesh commented after looking at his running details. Having a top speed of 110 m/s only at Level 1 made him faster than any initial power level he read about in the Primal dimension.

The screen then disappeared, and a drum appeared out of nowhere in the empty space.

[Host, this drum will check your strength. After you hit it, it'll show you an illusion of your damage.]

The system explained about the Drum. With a nod, he stepped forward and casually punched on the drum.

A moment later, an illusion appeared. After standing in front of a thick tree and punching it, Aakesh noticed nothing happened to it. The next moment, the tree disappeared, and bamboo appeared in place of it. When the illusionary him punched the bamboo with the same strength, it was smashed into smithereens.

After that, the bamboo disappeared, and a human appeared in place of it. The illusionary him punched the human on his chest. The next moment his hand came out of his body, crushing his heart in the way.

Aakesh only watched the illusion. He had no control over his body. Several simulations ran, showing his strength in comparison to other race's defense.

After the illusion ended, he increased his punch power by a little and tested it. The visions continued until Aakesh checked the power of his punch, kicks, slaps, elbow hits, etc.

After checking the strength and movement speed, he returned to the store. The result of the exercise excited him for his future powerups. He then happily refocused on the status screen.

When he came to the skill section, he noticed a new skill, 'Watcher' in it.

He thought about the explanation of the skill, and a new screen appeared in front of him.

Watcher: It allows the owner of the skill to observe every detail of the life of the customer from a third-person view. The only requirement for this skill is the customer must have signed the contract.

Aakesh was intrigued by the skill. But, there was a slight hint of disappointment in his eyes because he was getting yet another support skill. He already had a customer's life to watch. So he could use this skill at any time.

He then refocused on the status screen, as a new section had appeared on it. He lost interest after reading about it. It was about pets, but the egg was still unhatched, so there was no point currently wasting time on it. He then thought about the screen disappearing, and the next moment it disappeared.

"Hey, system. What is the estimated arrival time of the second customer" He asked.

The more customers came, the more rewards and quests he'll receive, and the more missions he complete, the higher his authority will be, and the higher the permission level, the more information about him will be open to him. So, everything was dependent upon the customers.

[Host, there isn't an estimated time for the buyer's arrival. I select only those who can pay back the cost of the products in the future. And there are some other criteria for selecting customers, for which you need a higher permission level to know.]

The system explained. Aakesh could only sigh in response. He had no idea how long would this wait of customers last

He had nothing to do, so he used the skill 'Watcher' to see what Vanya was doing.

Vanya was currently digesting the knowledge of the chip. Since the price she had to pay for it was outrageous, she couldn't waste even a single moment.

The time flew by. In the blink of an eye, several decades have passed. Aakesh didn't have a single customer in these past decades. He will let the egg drink 1 liter of his blood every day. Seven of the eleven orange patterns always shined brighter, while the eighth would shine whenever the egg would get blood.

The system seeing Aakesh wasting so much of his time made a combat room specifically for him. He would fight different creatures at the same level as him in their fighting style. He was improving every day and was slowly becoming a fighter of every fighting style. His physical attributes also increased, with his agility surpassing his strength. His strength was 17, while his agility was 23.

In the extra time, he would watch Vanya's actions. She had already paid the price of the Holy Knight's knowledge. In fact, she gave around twice the amount of the 108 supercluster cores.

She saved her father in the seventh month after getting the knowledge. She didn't straight away fight her enemies. The escaping from the prince still continued for her family. She wanted to destroy the Ithaviel Kingdom in a single swoop, so she bided her time.

She destroyed the Ithaviel Kingdom in the fourth year and made her father 'King'. In the next few years, she only meditated. She only came out of meditation when she reached Level 9. She then started the conquest of her original universe. In the next two years, she conquered several superclusters and made her father 'Emperor'.

As the deadline of the payment approached, she started collecting supercluster cores. Only a month away from the deadline, she completed the contract by paying 200 supercluster cores. After clearing the dues, she stopped involving herself in mundane affairs. She meditated all day to reach immortality and then attain divinity.


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