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The First Store System Chapter 19 - Reward

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Chapter 19

After Vanya signed the contract, Aakesh successfully completed the quest, selling the first product to the first customer. His mission reward was random, so he couldn't wait to see it.

As there is nothing more Aakesh can help Vanya with, he requested the system to return her back to her planet. After the system transferred her, he excitedly informed the system, "Hey, system, I've completed my quest. Where is my reward"


The next moment, a mechanical announcement appeared in his head.

[The quest: First Sale, successfully completed.]

[Mission reward: Random.]

[Mission reward calculating...reward calculated.]

[Mission reward: A Primordial egg,

Bonus reward: Unlock of Level section and a single powerup for selling a product worth one hundred and eight supercluster cores.]

Several announcements arrived after that. Aakesh got his reward as well as a bonus reward for selling an expensive product.

The next moment, a blue light engulfed Aakesh out of nowhere. He could clearly feel the internal change in his body. His bones turned harder, and his muscles got tighter. After a few seconds, he started shedding his blue skin.

The newly generated skin was darker in color than the previous. The shed skin turned into ash the moment it left Aakesh's skin.

After a few seconds, the blue light disappeared. With it, the progress stopped too. Aakesh still looked the same as he did before, but he was physically stronger now.

Then there was a movement in space. Suddenly, a dimensional portal appeared in the store, and something dropped out of it. It then flew at Aakesh at high speed.

The sudden situation stunned him, and he tried to move right away from the object, but its movement was too fast for him to dodge. It straightly hit his face, and he fell down due to the sudden attack. The portal closed after that.

Aakesh grabbed his face and groaned in pain on the ground of the store. He then checked his nose to see whether he was bleeding or not. He sighed in relief after feeling no blood on his face.

He then turned around and glared at the thing that came out of the portal and hit his face, but his anger soon turned into tension. Immediately, he rushed to the object.

It was the reward egg that the portal threw at him. He tensely rushed toward the egg to see whether it was fine or not.

He sighed in relief after seeing no cracks on the egg. He then carefully studied the egg.

The egg was oval in shape around the size of a tennis ball. Aakesh could hold the egg in his palm. The egg had a white shell covered with several orange patterns. To be precise, it had 11 orange patterns in the language of Primordials. He knew every language in the Multiverse, so he knew that every pattern signified a different element. Even the word {Divine} couldn't define the specialness of the egg.

"Hey, system, why did you throw the egg on me instead of giving it"

"What if something happened to it" He irritatingly asked the system while gently stroking the egg as if it was the most beautiful thing in the Multiverse.

[Host, this is the egg of a Primordial creature. Even Gods can't put a scratch on the egg, let alone cracking or destroying.]

The system answered emotionlessly in its mechanical voice.

"So what. It's still a life," Aakesh scoffed in response. The system stayed silent in response.

"How do I hatch the egg" He asked the system.

[Host, you have to drop a liter of your blood every day on the egg for the next 108 years.]

"What!" He exclaimed in response to the system's outrageous requirement.

[Host, your blood will help the egg in creating its body.]

The system informed Aakesh. He didn't know what to speak in response. He sighed, and using his sharp nails, created a cut on his right hand's palm.

He then put his cut palm above the egg as dark blue blood poured out on it. The egg started absorbing his blood. As time passed, one of the eleven orange patterns started shining brighter.

[Host, stop. Giving excess blood will harm the growing life.]

The system advised him to stop as well as warn the consequences of giving excess blood. He had an idea to transfer as much blood as he could every day so that the life in the egg may hatch earlier, but after listening to the warning, he stopped.

Immediately after he stopped transferring his blood, the cut he had healed on its own. He then put the egg on the shelf where the chip once stayed.

After he put the egg down, he decided to see his status to see how much stronger has he got than before. He then thought of the system screen to appear.

A dark blue opaque screen appeared in front of Aakesh. Golden fonts then started appearing on it.

Personal Status:

Name: Aakesh,

Title: Myrioglot (Think to expand),

Race: --ervddvdddhfv--,

Profession: Store-owner,

Level: Level 1,

Physical attributes,

Strength: 10,

Agility: 10,

Intelligence: -0-,

Stamina: -0-,

No. of quests completed: 5,

Skills: Energy Overseer, Detail-eye, Watcher,

Pet Status:

Number of Pets: 1,

Current status: Unhatched.

The Level section in his status changed. Now he was a Level 1 being, which he had no idea in what cultivation system.

"Hey, system, what does my Level 1 mean" Aakesh asked.

[Host, it means you've become a Level 1 being.]

Aakesh got stumped by the response of the system. He wasn't an idiot to know that he had become a Level 1 being.

"I meant, what cultivation system Am I now equivalent to the first step of other cultivation systems"

[Host, you don't follow other cultivation systems. I have created a specific route for you through which you'll grow. You require high authority for extra information.]

The system response excited him. Since he needed high authority for further information, he decided to wait to get more answers. Right now, he was content with the fact that he was following a unique cultivation system.


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