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The First Store System Chapter 17 - First Customer

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Chapter 17

The sudden quest confused Aakesh. Not even an hour has passed since the products arrived, and already a mission has appeared.

"Hey, system, didn't you say that you'll only activate a quest when I ask" He asked the system as this was the second time when the system forced a quest on him. This time there was a punishment for failing the mission, unlike the previous times.

[Host, it was before you unlocked your profession. Before, it was possible to control quests. But now that they have become situational, so they're out of my control too.]

The system explained emotionlessly. Aakesh nodded, understanding the explanation made by the system. Only finding a customer was difficult because of the location of the store, but since there was no time limit to complete the mission, he had time. The only issue was he had to sell the product to the first buyer.

[Host, the first customer, has arrived.]

The system suddenly announced in its mechanical voice, breaking his thought process.

"Already!" Aakesh exclaimed, listening to the announcement.

The door of the store then opened for the first time. Aakesh turned around and only saw darkness at the door.

[Host, receive your customer.]

The system advised, breaking him out of his trance. Aakesh nodded and went out through the door.

He excitedly looked at his surroundings, but all he saw was darkness. His excitement dimmed down, seeing only darkness. A being was standing on the opposite end of him.

Aakesh then focused on the appearance of the being. A pair of pointy ears on the being led him to believe it was an Elf. His eyes first went to a captivating half-moon tattoo on the Elf's forehead. The Elf was tall, slender, had white skin with silvery hair and eyes. The half-moon tattoo signified them being a moonlight Elf. He believed the being to be a female Elf, but he wasn't sure as all the Elves are beautiful from birth. At this moment, he saw the being on the other side looking at him and his store with deep hope.

Aakesh also turned around as he has never seen the storefront. He saw an ordinary cottage with enormous golden fonts 'The First Store' lying above it. It wasn't captivating for him, so he turned around and focused on the Elf again.

He then used the skill 'Omniscient Eyes' on the Elf to know about their past details. Suddenly, a memory emerged in his eyes. the Elf on the other side was watching the sky, tears streaking through her cheeks.

"Vanya, you have to stay strong," Came a voice from behind. Vanya was the name of the moonlight Elf.

Vanya turned around and saw a female Elf, having the same appearance as her, concerningly looking at her. "Mother," Vanya spoke and rushed at the lady. She grabbed her mother and started crying.

"Your father will be alright. He has promised us," Her mother said as tears rolled down her cheeks.

"If I was dili...gent in trai...ning, I could've prot...ected father. It's all my fault," Vanya said with a slurred voice.

"It's not your fault. It's our fault for not being able to protect you," Her mother responded.

Vanya's father was a noble in the Ithaviel Kingdom. The current king had two sons, and the king spiled both his sons. The youngest prince was a philanderer, once he was walking with his friends when he saw Vanya enjoying shopping.

The prince tried to force himself on her, but Vanya was too strong for him, so she slapped him. The guards around the prince arrested Vanya and threw her into prison. When her father came to know about this, he publicly killed the guards that arrested his daughter and humiliated the prince.

Vanya's family became a criminal from a wealthy family in a span of a day. They had been running from the prince soldiers to save themselves. Unfortunately, they were found out, and his father got severely injured, trying to protect his family. He was on his deathbed currently and had no money for treatment.


Aakesh cut the memory short as he understood the story of Vanya. He went toward Vanya and extended his hands forward. He then announced, "Welcome to 'The First Store', where you can buy your dreams."

Vanya also extended her hand and did a handshake with Aakesh. "Hello, I am Vanya," She introduced herself in a hoarse voice.

Aakesh smiled and responded, "Hello, I am Aakesh, the store owner."

"Follow me!" He told Vanya, turned around, and returned inside the store. Vanya followed him, as the store was her last hope to save her father.

After entering the store, Aakesh sat down on a chair and gestured for Vanya to sit down on the other chair. She nodded and sat down.

"So, what do you want" Aakesh asked. The system has taught him to show the products to the customer before they ask for them, but Aakesh decided against it. He wanted Vanya to choose her products as per her desire, not the other way.

"I want my father to get healed," Vanya straightly responded.

"Any healer can heal your father," Aakesh responded.

"But, I don't have money. Even if I get money somehow, no one will try to treat my father due to the king," Vanya answered while tears started pouring out of her eyes.

"But you'll have to pay here too," Aakesh argued.

"I know, I'll pay with my body," Vanya hoarsely replied, clenching her fist.

The response dumbfounded Aakesh. He decided to show her the suitable products himself, to avoid talking with her.

He went up to the shelf on the north-eastern side of him. From the third shelf, he took out two things and returned back to the chair.

"Here, these two are the products suitable for you," He told her.

He then explained the description of both the products to her. The first was a spell that could heal even immortals, and the other was a device in the shape of a chip. The chip contained the knowledge of the Holy Knight.

Holy Knight was a class in Mage-system. One could use healing as well as offensive skills in this class. The healing spell cost ten world cores, whereas the chip cost one-hundred-and-eight supercluster cores. The payment duration for both the product was the same, eleven years.

"So, what is your decision" Aakesh asked Vanya.


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