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The First Store System Chapter 15 - Cultivation Level

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Chapter 15

The black screen appeared after the quest window disappeared. The title 'Power System' in golden fonts appeared on it. It explained,

There are countless races in the Multiverse; some are born immortal like Deva, some are born physically strong but mentally weak, or some are born weak physically as well as mentally, etc. So every race can not become powerful using a single power system.

Many unrivaled characters of the races made a new power system suitable for their races with the help of Primordial beings or Devas, so there are many power systems in the primal dimension.

Yet only a few power systems can aid creatures in becoming immortal and thus become gods. These power systems are:

(i) Qi cultivation system: In cultivation, beings attain immortality using Tao,

(ii) Prana cultivation: Using Prana to cultivate,

(iii) Tamer system: Becoming stronger using the help of different races,

(iv) Warrior system: Cultivating body or weapon,

(v) Faith system: Using the faith of the creatures to attain Godhood,

(vi) Soul system: Here, beings cultivate their soul

(vii) Mage system: Here, beings study magic...

Aakesh read many of the power systems on the screen. It disappeared after introducing the names of the power system. As soon as the screen lit up, the Qi cultivation system appeared.

Laozi, a Deva, created the Qi cultivation system and gave it to humans during their stay on Earth. People in the Qi cultivation system cultivate using Qi and then strive toward Tao; as they become closer to Tao, they become stronger. As humans grew influential and powerful, the influence of Tao reached other races too, so it's currently the most used power system in the primal dimension.

Then Prana cultivation system appeared on the screen. No one knew who founded this cultivation system, as Kartikeya from the Peacock race found a cultivation art in ruin during one of his travels. Using that one cultivation art, he reached the peak in the three dimensions; only Devas are more powerful than him.

Kartikeya created many cultivation arts using that one cultivation art and gave it to many races. Due to this, the influence of Prana cultivation increased in the primal dimension. It's the second most used power system after Qi cultivation. There are many similarities between Qi and Prana, but one tries to attain Tao in the Qi cultivation system, whereas there is nothing to attain in the Prana cultivation system.

Time flew. In the blink of an eye, a week has passed. There was a detailed description of every power system displayed on the screen. Aakesh learned many things about the Primal dimension from this.

The screen then started showing the levels in the power system. First was the Qi cultivation system.

The Qi cultivation system was divided into Eleven Levels:

(i) Qi condensation,

(ii) Houtian,

(iii) Xiantian,

(iv) Soul Formation,

(v) Nascent Soul,

(vi) Void Condensation,

(vii) Void Forging,

(viii) Tao seed,

(ix) Tao Manifestation,

(x) Tao Palace,

(xi) Heavenly Monarch.

There were 4 sub-levels for every main level. There followed a description of every power level on the screen. The time flew by. It displayed every detail about different divisions in different systems.

Every power system had more than eight levels. Only the warrior system was the exception as it had only three levels, (i) Rathi, (ii) Atirathi, and (iii) Maharathi. There were more levels, but they were in higher dimensions, not in primal.

After the primal dimension, the screen explained the power system in the other three dimensions. As in the fourth dimension, only Deva lives; they were born with their own power systems except for the first eleven Devas. The Qi cultivation system was only a minuscule part of the cultivation system Laozi had from birth.


[The fourth quest: Knowledge of Power System, successfully completed.]

[Mission reward: Unlock of the profession, and few skills, successfully rewarded.]

[Host, check the status for your reward.]

The system informed Aakesh about the completion of the fourth quest in a mechanical voice.

He didn't wait for long and excitedly called out the status, as he'll be a store owner from now on.

A dark blue opaque screen appeared in front of Aakesh. Golden fonts then started appearing on it.

Personal Status:

Name: Aakesh,

Title: Myrioglot (Think to expand),

Race: [*******],

Profession: Store-owner,

Level: [Locked],

Physical attributes,

Strength: 1,

Agility: 1,

Intelligence: -0-,

Stamina: -0-,

No. of quests completed: 4,

Skills: Energy Overseer, Omniscient Eye.

There were three changes in his Personal status. First, his profession changed into store owner from locked. He was a store owner from this moment. He only had to wait for the system to provide him with the products.

Secondly, the number of quests completed turned into four, and Thirdly, he got two skills from the system called: 'Energy Overseer' and 'Omniscient Eye'.

He then thought about the details of the skill, so two new blue windows appeared in front of him, explaining both the skills.

Energy Overseer: This skill will help you identify the value of a product based on its energy signature. No energy in the world can be hidden from your eyes.

Aakesh nodded after reading about Energy Overseer. It wasn't an offensive skill but a support skill. He learned about different types of skills when he was doing the second quest: Knowledge of Treasures in the Multiverse.

Taking this skill with him will be advantageous when he leaves the store in the future. As for the second skill, it was Omniscient Eyes. It gave him the ability to see every detail about the customer coming to his store. This skill was only applicable to his customers. Using this ability, he couldn't see the past information of everyone around him. It was also a support skill like the previous one.

"Hey system, why are both the reward skills, support skills" Aakesh asked the system.

[Host, you'll get the rewards according to the situation. Currently, there is no need for you to get an offensive or defensive skill.]

The system replied emotionlessly. Aakesh didn't know what to say in response.

[Host, the store is now active since you have successfully completed the quest required for activation.]

The system suddenly responded, and a blue light engulfed the whole room.


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