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The First Store System Chapter 13 - Title

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Chapter 13

[Host, you can check your title in the status screen.]

The system informed Aakesh, breaking the awkward silence present in the room. He also remembered the reward, the system gave him. He then thought of the system,

A dark blue opaque screen appeared in front of Aakesh. Golden fonts then started appearing on it.

Personal Status:

Name: Aakesh,

Title: Myrioglot (Think to expand),

Race: [*******],

Profession: [Locked],

Level: [Locked],

Physical attributes,

Strength: 1,

Agility: 1,

Intelligence: -0-,

Stamina: -0-,

No. of quests completed: 2,

Skills: None.

There were only two changes in the status screen. First, a new title section appeared, and second, none appeared on the skill section in place of [Locked].

He got the title 'Myrioglot' as a reward from the system. Think to expand was written next to it, so he did the same.

Another screen appeared on top of the status screen. New golden fonts started to appear on the new screen.

[Title: Myrioglot

Description: This title is reserved for people who can speak languages used by at least one-quarter of all races.

Benefit: If you spoke their spoken language with the race, they would feel close to you.]

The title's description disappointed Aakesh, as he didn't see any benefit in the title. The reward didn't matter much for him, as he felt learning the knowledge of creation was already generous enough. He then thought of the screen disappearing, and both the screen disappeared after that.

"Hey, system, what's the benefit of this title" He asked the system, as something the system gave him can't be a wasteful thing.

[Host, this title will protect you from other races unless you do something to anger them or you have something they could fight to the death for.]

The system answered in its mechanical voice. Aakesh wasn't surprised by the answer as he also expected the same.

"What's even the point if I can't go outside" He muttered, as the moment he can go outside, he'll become one of the strongest in the Multiverse.

But he stopped worrying about the use since he'll come in contact with many races when he starts his store.

"Hey, system. How many quests do I need to complete before starting the store" He then asked the system as it would be good to know about the no. of quests he needs to complete.

[Host, only two more quests are left.]

The system responded, making him excited. "Then, start the third quest," He informed the system. He enjoyed doing missions because he learned new things and was getting closer to opening the store.

[Host, see the screen for the quest.]

The system informed him, and a blue screen with golden fonts appeared in front of him.

[Mission: Knowledge of levels of Treasures

Description: To become the most prominent store owner, you need to have perfect knowledge of the types of treasures and their differences, whether in terms of use or value. How can a store owner be legendary if he doesn't even know the worth of his products

Requirements: Learn about differences in every kind of treasure.

Reward: Unlock of the last quest to become a store owner.]

Afterward, the screen disappeared as Aakesh read the mission objective. The reward of the quest was different this time, unlike the last two missions. He also noticed 'store owner' in the description of the mission. It wasn't like it was being used for the first time. However, Aakesh did not emphasize this before.


"Hey, system. Why is it that you use store owner in the description of the quests"

"I neither supply the store products nor do I own the land. You will supply me with the products I need to sell on the land that you provide me. How can I be considered a store owner Why am I not a store manager or a salesperson" Aakesh curiously asked the system.

[Host, it is true that I'll provide everything the store will sell or the land, and you'll only act as the salesperson. But there is another truth, the moment I bound with you, you became my owner.]

A mechanical, emotionless voice straight away answered. Aakesh was intrigued by the system's response.

"Don't you feel dishonor acting as someone lackey despite providing everything" He curiously asked. Yantra was one of the top races in the Multiverse, but still, to select some weakling as owners, and act on their whims, must be a dishonor.

[Host, we Yantras are born without any emotion.]

The system replied emotionlessly. Aakesh only smiled in response since he had no words to retort.

Since Aakesh stopped asking questions, the system decided to start the quest. A black screen appeared in front of him, and fonts started appearing on it.

Aakesh forgot everything and focused on the screen to learn new things. It said there are many kinds of treasures like weapons, pills, or potions, etc. every kind of treasure can be divided into many levels based on the materials used to make them or their value after creation.

The words disappeared after that and the weapon word appeared in their places.

Weapons determine people's fate, regardless of their civilization. So it is the most common treasure in the Multiverse.

The Multiverse is divided into four dimensions: (i) the dimension of creatures without divinity, (ii) the dimension of beings who attained divinity (Gods), (iii) the dimension of Asuras, Yakshas, and Primordial beings, and (iv) the dimension of Devas.

Weapons are divided into levels according to their dimension, except fourth. For fourth dimension weapons, there is no level since every Deva is born with a weapon, and they have an unlimited growth rate like their owner.

The first dimension where the beings without divinity live is called 'The Primal dimension'. It doesn't mean that there are no beings who can live forever in the primal dimension. It's called such because even the weakest god has the capability to destroy it.

In the primal dimension, weapons are divided into ten categories:

(i) Common: The weapon even the weakest can use,

(ii) Rare: These weapons are rare in a star,

(iii) Epic: Strongest weapon of a world,

(iv) Legendary: Weapons famous in more than ten worlds,

(v) Mythical: A weapon famous in a galaxy,

(vi) King: Weapon used by Kings (ruler of more than ten galaxies),

(vii) Emperor: Weapon used by Emperors (ruler of one or more superclusters),

(viii) Overlord: Weapon used by the Overlord of a Universe,

(ix) Immortal: Weapon used by the Immortals,

(x) Growth weapons: Weapons that can grow stronger.


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