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Chapter 30: Will Always Be Your Brother

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Shi Xi was standing in the crowd. When she heard this, her heart trembled.

She wasnt bullied!

Ning Yu wasnt a delinquent!

However, Shi Xi couldnt explain it. When she spoke up for Ning Yu, it made people feel that Ning Yu was going too far. On the other hand, they would feel that she, Shi Xi, was gentle and magnanimous.

Simply put, it made Shi Xi look like a white lotus flower.

Shi Xi: “...”

Ning Yu noticed everyones gaze and felt disdain in her heart.

She did not care about what the others thought.

After Father Shis introduction, they were going to dance the opening dance.

Everyone was paying attention to Shi Xi and Ning Yu. They wanted to see who they would dance the opening dance with.

After all, they were both daughters of the Shi Family. Now, it seemed that Shi Xi was no longer favored.

Sheng Yan walked up to Ning Yu and raised his eyebrows. “Miss Ning, can I invite you to the opening dance”

Ning Yu raised her long eyelashes and stretched out her hand. “Sure.”


When the other guests saw Sheng Yan inviting Ning Yu to the opening dance, they were so shocked that they couldnt close their mouths.

“D*mn, Young Master Sheng is going to dance with Ning Yu What about Miss Shi then”

“Young Master Sheng is definitely going to marry the real daughter of the Shi Family. It seems that the Sheng Family also recognizes this real daughter.”

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“I thought that Young Master Shi would have the opening dance with Ning Yu. I didnt expect it to be Sheng Yan.”

“Then what about Shi Xi Has she really been abandoned”

The gossipy guests secretly looked in the direction of Shi Xi.

However, at this moment, Shi Xi was chatting with Shi Xu and was not unhappy at all.

Shi Xu asked in a low voice, “Did you ask Sheng Yan to invite Ning Yu to the opening dance”

“Yes!” Shi Xi nodded, her eyes curved, “If the Shi Family only recognized Ning Yu, those people would still bully Ning Yu. Only by asking Sheng Yan to invite Ning Yu to the opening dance would they treat Ning Yu as the daughter of the Shi Family.”

These people were the best at flattering and trashing the higher ones.

Although Ning Yu didnt care about these things, Shi Xi didnt want the female lead to be bullied.

It wasnt their fault that their identities were swapped.

Shi Xus eyes were filled with relief as he rubbed Shi Xis head. “Xi Xi has grown up.”

“Dont touch my head, my hair is all messed up!” Shi Xi covered her head.

“If its messed up, then its messed up.” Shi Xu continued, “But if you dont come back to the Shi Family, theyll think that the Shi Family is mistreating you.”

“This...” Shi Xi hesitated. “When my filming ends, Ill come back and stay.”

Initially, she wanted to avoid Ning Yu, so she stayed in a hotel.

However, when she really got into filming, she realized that she did not have enough time.

She had never learned acting before, and now she was starting from scratch. Fortunately, this was only a small-budget school drama, and it did not require high acting skills, so she could still take on the role.

However, she had to rely on this in the future, so of course, she had to improve her own strength.

“Whatever you want to do, I will support you.” Shi Xu could not help but rub Shi Xis head again. “Remember, I will always be your brother.”

Shi Xi covered her hair. “Then remember, your sister hates it the most when others touch her hair!”

Shi Xu laughed and invited, “Dance with me.”

“Dont rub my hair.” Shi Xi stretched out her hand and placed it on her palm.

The others also entered the dance floor. When they saw the Shi Familys eldest young master dancing with Shi Xi, they roughly understood.

Be it Shi Xi or Ning Yu, they were both the Shi Familys doted daughters.

Other than some extreme idealists.

“Ning Yu is really too much! She stole Shi Xis home and even stole Shi Xis fiancé!”

“So, we must help Shi Xi vent her anger!”


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