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Chapter 29: Chapter 29: Well Done

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Xu Wanwan turned around and nodded at the man, then devoted herself to her work.

Li Jingran directly ordered someone to bring the documents to the Internship Department. He sat across from Xu Wanwan and accompanied her while he handled his work.

Xia Nuaner secretly observed Xu Wanwan. When she saw that she was well prepared, she was a little uncertain.

If this Xu Wanwan really had some skills, wouldnt she be embarrassed

However, this thought was quickly dispelled.

No matter what, she was a graduate of a famous school and had eaten several years more than Xu Wanwan. How could she be inferior to her

She was just waiting to see Xu Wanwans face disgraced and get kicked out of the company.

Xia Nuaner retracted her gaze and began to secretly compete with her. She also began to formulate a plan.

The colleagues around the two started whispering about the competition.

“Looks like Xu Wanwan will definitely be kicked out of the company this time. She doesnt have much strength to begin with. If it werent for Director Li, she wouldnt even have the chance to enter this company.”

“Its fine if she doesnt have any strength, but shes still so stupid to dare to compete with Xia Nuaner. Doesnt she know that Xia Nuaner graduated from the Design Department of a famous university”

“Hmph, I think this is a good idea. Someone like her who entered the company through connections should be taught a good lesson so that she wont dare to be arrogant in the future.”

Zheng Feng frowned unhappily when he heard these words. “Alright, stop talking. Lets see the results first.”

“Do we still need to wait for the results Xia Nuaner will definitely win.”

An hour later, Xia Nuaner stood up and handed the proposal over to Li Jingran. “Director Li, this is the proposal I just made. Take a look.”

She smiled confidently and glanced at Xu Wanwan, who was still working on the proposal. Her eyes were filled with disdain.

Hmph, she still wanted to compete with her. Shes really overestimating her abilities.

When the people around saw that Xia Nuaner had already handed in the proposal, the discussion ended even further.

“I told you, Xia Nuaner is the best when it comes to work ability. I didnt expect her to submit the proposal so quickly.”

“Thats right, thats right. That Xu Wanwan definitely doesnt know anything. She pretends to compete with her, but now she cant come up with anything.”

Li Jingran took the proposal that Xia Nuaner handed over. He glanced at it casually and said coldly, “It seems that the top students in the Design Department are just so-so. The proposal that you came up with doesnt have any distinguishing highlights and simply followed conventions.”

“Director Li, although I graduated from a famous school, I dont have much work experience.” Xia Nuaner didnt think that Li Jingrans comment was a criticism, so she still said in a confident tone. “At least I can submit a good job proposal without any work experience. Unlike some people, they are nothing but good-for-nothings.”

Li Jingran looked at her coldly, his expression was terrifyingly dark.

Xia Nuaner felt a chill on her back. She took the proposal back and brought it to her colleagues in the Internship Department. “Director Li has already seen it, please help me take a look.”

Her colleagues passed the contract that Xia Nuaner had made to them one by one, their eyes filled with admiration.

“As expected of a graduate from a famous school. The design of this plan is very rigorous. Although it lacks characteristics, it is already very outstanding.”

“Thats nothing. Just this plan alone is enough to stay in this company,” Wu Mingyue said as she glanced at Zheng Feng. “Some people are blind. They actually think that an empty vase can be compared to our Nuaner.”

Zheng Feng casually glanced at the plan and did not say a word.

His gaze was fixed on Xu Wanwan, hoping that she could come up with a better plan.

A few minutes later, Xu Wanwan typed the last word on the keyboard. After the picture was attached, she finally let out a sigh of relief.

She stood up and handed the plan to Li Jingran with both hands. “Im done as well.”

Li Jingran nodded and took the plan from her, reading it carefully.

The printed plan had a clear picture attached to it, and the text was well-organized. Apart from the companys product introduction, there was also a drawing of the products manufacturing and usage instructions.

Li Jingrans eyes lit up slightly, and the corners of his lips curled up slightly.

This girls plan was indeed much more outstanding, but he did not know that she could also draw pictures.

How many surprises did she have that he did not know

Xu Wanwan unconsciously clenched her fingers and looked nervously at Li Jingran, worried that if she did not do it well, he would lose face.

After waiting for a few minutes, Li Jingran closed the proposal and stared at the lady with approval and appreciation. “You did well.”

Xu Wanwan finally let out a sigh of relief.

Xia Nuaner observed Li Jingrans reaction and was worried that he would side with Xu Wanwan, so she quickly said, “Director Li, since Xu Wanwans proposal has also been made, why dont we show it to our colleagues and let them select the better proposal”

She wanted to see how Xu Wanwans useless proposal would be ridiculed by others.

“Okay.” Xu Wanwan nodded her head gladly. She took the document and handed it to Wu Mingyue, who was sitting first. “Everyone, take a look. This is only fair.”

Wu Mingyue flipped open the contract in disdain. She originally didnt want to look at it in detail, but when she saw the novel drawings and illustrations on the proposal, her eyes opened wide.

“How is this possible She actually showed the use of the product in the form of illustrations! To express this kind of style is time-consuming and laborious. How did she do it in such a short time”

The proposal was passed on, and the colleagues sighed one after another.

“Its really incredible. This proposal can already be taken and used by others. Its very creative.”

“I cant believe that this is made by a girl who graduated from high school... The text about the product introduction is simple and easy to understand. The complicated parts are cleverly converted into comic form, making people want to buy it after reading it.”

When Zheng Feng received Xu Wanwans plan, he was really shocked.

He felt that this girl was not so simple, and it seemed like it was true.

Xia Nuaner looked at everyones exaggerated expressions and reactions. She even suspected that they had been deceived by Xu Wanwan.

What was so amazing that they had to brag about it like that

She did not give up and ran over to take a look at Xu Wanwans proposal.

With just a glance, she was stunned.

How was this possible! A high school student actually had such a high level of illustration skills!

Furthermore, she actually did not follow conventions and actually expressed the traditional and rigorous product proposal in such a way!

Xia Nuaner clenched the paper so tightly that she wrinkled it. She felt a hundred different emotions in her heart.

At this time, Li Jingran walked to the Internship Department in a good mood. Even his tone was much better. “The skills of the two of them are obvious. Its fine to let those who are not strong leave, right”

The Internship Department was finally convinced of Xu Wanwans abilities. They said in unison, “No objections.”

They did not dare to say anything more. After all, Xu Wanwans abilities were there. Moreover, she was Li Jingrans person. Who would dare to provoke her

Xia Nuaners face quickly became stiff. She was so regretful that she wanted to die!


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