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Chapter 21: Chapter 21: I Want Shares

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Xu Wanwan finally reacted, and her eyes were filled with shock.

No wonder the Zhao family had come to apologize personally. It turned out that Zhao Zixuan had been convicted of a crime.

She suddenly thought of Li Jingrans gloomy mood last night and what he had said.

He had said that it was far from enough, but that was actually what he meant.

Only when it touched on the core interests of the Zhao family would they be forced to lower their heads.

When Father Zhao heard this, he became even more anxious. “Director Li, I know that Zhao Zixuan has caused trouble this time and has caused you trouble. We sincerely want to solve the problem. Why dont you give us a number”

“Thats right. When we go back, well definitely discipline that brat properly, give him another chance.” Mother Xu pleaded as she looked at Xu Wanwan, her eyes full of flattery, “Wanwan, I apologize on behalf of Zhao Zixuan. If youre really unhappy and want something, well try our best to make it up to you.”

Xu Wanwan frowned and looked at Mother Zhaos fawning expression, not wanting to say anything.

The Zhao family must have known that Zhao Zixuan dared to treat her like this.

They had only taken advantage of the fact that she was not liked by the Xu family, so they had never taken her seriously.

Now that something had gone wrong, they finally remembered to apologize to her.

Li Jingran glanced at the girl and then turned to the Zhao family. His tone became even colder. “It seems that Wanwan doesnt want to talk to you, so theres no room for negotiation. Wait for Zhao Zixuan to go to jail.”

“Wanwan, you and Zixuan have an engagement after all. Do you really have to be so heartless!” Mother Zhao became agitated. “Besides, I have a good relationship with your parents. Have you considered their feelings when youre taking things to the extreme”

The Zhao family knew about Xu Wanwans situation. She was just an adopted daughter that the Xu family had brought back from the countryside. In order to live a good life, she had always been humble and fawned over the Xu family.

She did not believe that Xu Wanwan would dare to cut ties with the Xu family.

Xu Wanwan scoffed in her heart.

Why should she consider the Xu familys feelings

These people had the same attitude. They liked to stand on the moral high ground and attack her.

Xu Wanwans tone was cold. “Zhao Zixuan got what he deserved. I have no reason to forgive him, let alone look at the Xu family. Please dont disturb my life anymore.”

Mother Zhaos expression was stiff. She did not expect that she would not be able to threaten Xu Wanwan at all.

Since she could not force it, she could only resort to soft talk. “Wanwan, dont be so absolute. Even if you dont recognize the Xu family, you still have a long life ahead of you. You have to live.”

“I know youve suffered a lot in the countryside, but it doesnt matter. As long as you promise to forgive Zhao Zixuan, well give you money, okay”

“No need,” Xu Wanwan refused immediately. “I dont need money.”

“How can you not need money Its good for a girl to have some money in her hands for her future. Well give you whatever you want, okay”

“Since when does the Li family deserve your charity” Li Jingran said coldly, interrupting Mother Zhao.

“Director Li, is there really no room for redemption” Father Zhao sighed heavily. “If youre willing to let Zhao Zixuan go once, Im willing to follow the Li family in the future.”

“The one you offended is Wanwan, not me.” Li Jingrans attitude remained indifferent. “If you want to negotiate terms, it depends on Wanwans willingness.”

Father Zhao could only place all his hopes on Xu Wanwan, his eyes filled with sincerity, “Little Xu, I know this matter has a great impact on you, but we can change the way we handle it. As long as Zhao Zixuan doesnt go to jail, anything is fine.”

“Anything is fine” Xu Wanwans eyes flashed, and a bold idea suddenly popped up in her mind.

“Really, anything is fine. As long as its something we can give, we will definitely give it to you.”

Xu Wanwans lips curved, and her smile was faint. “Then I want ten percent of the shares of the Zhao family. Will you give it to me”

The corners of Father Zhaos lips trembled violently as he looked at Xu Wanwans smiling face. It was simply unbelievable!

A girl from the countryside actually did not want money and came to him to ask for shares!

“Wanwan, we can give you money. It just so happens that we brought 30 million today. Can we give it all to you” Mother Zhao quickly changed the topic. She took out a box from behind and opened the lid, revealing a thick amount of RMB.

Xu Wanwan only glanced at it casually. “Either give me the shares or let him go to jail.”

Li Jingran followed up immediately. “Did you hear that If youre willing to solve the problem, bring the share transfer letter here this afternoon. If youre not willing to solve it, then let Zhao Zixuan go to jail.”

Father Zhao let out a heavy breath, gritted his teeth, and steeled his heart. “Okay, I promise you.”

“Ill get someone to bring the share transfer letter here this afternoon.”

With that, the Zhao family took the money and left angrily.

Xu Wanwan looked at their backs with a cold gaze.

Now that the problem was solved, Li Jingran had to go to work.

He got up, picked up his coat from the sofa, and tidied up the gap between his sleeves. He said calmly, “Rest at home in the afternoon. Send a photo when you sign the contract. Ill help you check it out.”

Xu Wanwan stood up as well. There was a hint of hesitation in her eyes as she looked at the man. “Hmm... you want to sign my name”

“This is to compensate you in the first place. Its only natural to sign your name.”

“But if you didnt help me, the Zhao family wouldnt have come and apologized, much less give compensation.” Xu Wanwans eyes were serious. “I dont want anything. Ill give you the shares, take it as a thank you for helping me.”

She knew this family too well.

In her previous life, they had indulged Zhao Zixuan so much, allowing him to be with Xu Yue and abandoning her.

“I dont need it,” Li Jingran refused flatly. “Its yours, you take it.”

Xu Wanwan pursed her lips. She wanted to say something, but Li Jingran had already put on his coat and turned to leave.

After watching the man leave, she sat back on the sofa and let out a sigh.

Thinking about how she had taken so many shares, her heart felt heavy.

She didnt want these shares for herself. To put it bluntly, she wanted them for Li Jingran.

But Li Jingran didnt care about them at all, so she owed him more.

In the afternoon, the Zhao family sent someone to deliver the contract.

Xu Wanwan followed Li Jingrans instructions, took a photo of the contract, and then sent it to him.

Not long after, a message popped up on her phone. “No problem, you can sign it.”

Xu Wanwan obediently replied, put away her phone, and bent down to sign her name on the contract.

After signing the contract, she was not in the mood to do anything else. After saying goodbye to the butler, she decided to go out for a walk.

When she walked out of the Li family home and passed by a boutique, she saw all kinds of decorations in the transparent window. She had an idea.

If she could buy some decorations to put in Li Jingrans office, it might make him feel better when he was working.

Without thinking too much, Xu Wanwan went into the shop and chose a bunch of small decorations.. She paid the bill with her only pocket money and went home happily.


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