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As soon as I heard my father’s words, I lifted my head. 


“So everyone, don’t leave your room tomorrow.

He’s not a good person to run into.”


The siblings nodded silently.

Schville, who had been dazed, also nodded hastily.


‘…Did the head of the wolf family directly visit the mansion in my previous life’


My memory was hazy. 


After returning, I couldn’t remember very well what happened in my previous life.

But it seems that he visited the mansion once before sending the marriage proposal—.


‘It’s best to ask when you don’t know.’


“…Why is the head of the wolf family entering the territory of the bird family”


I tilted my head and asked as innocently as possible.


Don’t let my father be offended.


Fortunately, my father calmly put down his napkin and replied.


“He said he has something to tell.”


Just thinking of the wolf family made him angry, and my father seemed quite uncomfortable.



Bellin, who was watching my father, swallowed her saliva.


I lowered my head and thought to myself.


‘I guess he doesn’t know yet.’


Kendrick Yeckhart is on his way to proposing a political marriage to the bird family.


If so, it meant that my father had not yet planned to send Schville to kill Arsene.

It also meant that the opportunity to change the future was rolling in.


I sat down on the sofa to organize my thoughts.


Maybe it was a side effect of regression, or it was because I was young, I had to wrap my head a few times because my head didn’t work well. 


First of all, my father doesn’t know what Kendrick Yeckhart is up to.


Even in my previous life, after the marriage proposal arrived, it took a month for Schville to go to the Duke’s house.

My father pondered and eventually decided that he would kill Arsene, and he had been planning to send Schville for a long time.


Thanks to him, my family collapsed, and I died.


I couldn’t do that in this life either.


‘I must stop that.’


To do that, I have to stop Schville from going to the Yeckhart family—.


Since the head of the wolf family proposed a political marriage, the bird family had to marry the wolf family.

In addition—.


‘…if my memory is correct, my father got a pretty good thing in return for the marriage.’


The Hampton River.

A small river between the territory of the bird family and the territory of the wolf family.

Although it was smaller than other rivers, the wolf family and the bird family have been fighting to take over the river for a long time because of its good location.


So my father wouldn’t refuse this marriage.


The head of the wolf family also needs a bird family to save his son.

And they also can’t cancel an arranged marriage.


—If so, 


‘I’ll go.’


I’m going to marry Arsene instead of Schville and treat him.


I clenched my fists.


Then, the wolf family will not lose their mind or invade Raniero.




‘If I go to the territory of the wolf family, I will be protected at least until I reach adulthood.’


Even if I had finished molting and had the cursed feathers, the wolf family wouldn’t let me go.


Because I have to treat Arsene.


I fiddled with my hair.

The fine, wheat-colored hair slid between my fingers.’


‘When the molting begins, they’ll abandon me again.’


Like in my previous life, I will be locked up in a room where no one comes for the rest of my life.


And I will absolutely refuse it for this life. 


I bit my lip and shook my head.


‘I will marry him instead of Schville, then heal his heir and ask protection in return.’


It’s about getting a promise that they will not abandon me under any circumstances.


‘Because I heard the wolf family never forgets a kindness.’


Until I became an adult, I would be able to be protected by the wolf family.


Then, when I become an adult, I can divorce and live alone in a moderately quiet country village.


It was a perfect plan.


The problem was that my father couldn’t let me go.


Because I have wheat-colored hair now.


Soft wheat hair was the symbol of young Raniero.


It was clear that my father would never hand me over to the wolf family.


‘Because I have the strongest ability in the family.’


So I have to go in secret.


However, replacing Schville in the carriage was impossible.

Because in my previous life, Schville left for the wolf territory under strict security.


‘Then the only chance is tomorrow.’


Tomorrow, the head of the Yeckhart family will visit Raniero’s mansion ‘directly’.

And Kendrick Yeckhart will not refuse and will say yes if I follow him.

It must be so because he is in such a hurry that he proposes a political marriage to the bird family that he hates so much now.


The problem is—.


‘My father told us not to leave the room, so Mrs.

Bellin will be watching us.’


Plus, the maids in charge will ensure the kids can’t get out of the room.


However, there’s no chance if it’s not tomorrow.


So I had to follow Kendrick Yeckhart tomorrow at any cost.




“You can’t.”


Adele said firmly.

She placed her hands on her waist and blocked the front of her door.

I stamped my feet and looked up at Adele.





Belin is walking around outside.

You’ll definitely get in trouble again if you go out now.”


She was determined.

I said I would go to the garden for a while, but she wouldn’t even allow it.


‘I was thinking of meeting Kendrick secretly by pretending to go to the garden.’


Kendrick Yeckhart was expected to arrive at three o’clock.

Thirty minutes later, the conversation will be over, and he will leave Raniero.


Outside the window, I saw a carriage with Kendrick Yeckhart in it.

And now it was already 3:20.


I’ve been arguing with Adele about leaving the room since 02.30.


But Adele was stubborn.


“Absolutely not, Lady.



It seemed like she was determined never to let me go.


Then plan B.


I grabbed my stomach quickly and drooped my eyebrows.

My stomach was rumbling.


It was only natural because I hadn’t eaten properly for breakfast and lunch. 



Belin said she would take care of it because she didn’t feed us on time. 


And Adele was weak against my hunger.


Children must eat well no matter what!


Adele, who had that thought, would always bring me cookies, small cakes, or bread whenever I was hungry.


I grabbed my hungry stomach and turned my head to Adele.

And after making the most miserable and pitiful expression, I said.


“Adele, I’m so hungry.

I’ll go out for a minute, okay”


“…Didn’t you say you wanted to go to the garden a while ago”


“…But suddenly I’m hungry.”


I changed my words urgently, and Adele looked at me suspiciously. 


Silence passed for a moment.


She quickly sighed and grabbed my shoulder.



“Then I’ll bring you some cookies, so you can never leave, okay Mrs.

Bellin’s out there.

Don’t even open the door.”


“Yes, I will.”


“I’ll be back soon, so don’t go out!”


“All right.”


Adele sighed and left the room.


Adele was seen explaining the situation to Mrs.

Belin through the door.

She glared sharply at the crack in the door I was peeping at.




I didn’t get caught, right


I’m glad I didn’t get caught.

Then Mrs.

Bellin nodded.


The sound of Adele’s footsteps was getting farther away.


I ran to the back bed and slipped my hand under the bed.




‘I found it!’


I pulled out a small note from under the bed and held it in my hand.

This was a note I wrote in advance last night when I asked Adele to bring me some paper and a pen.


‘It would be great if we could meet without me transforming into a beast.’


It was a note I had written down in case I had to leave the mansion in the state of being a bird.

If I become a bird and meet the head of the wolf family, we won’t be able to communicate.


Only members of the same family can communicate while transforming into a beast.


Therefore, it was safer to make a note in advance in case we couldn’t communicate.


I opened the note.


[My name is Linsy Raniero.

Please take me to Yeckhart.]


Since I might have to fly with a note in my mouth, I wrote down only the essentials on the paper.


Okay, this is pretty well written.


I double-checked the note and folded it up on the window frame.




I opened the window quickly, and the hot wind blew into the room.


‘I have to hurry before Adele comes.’


I bit my lips and ran a couple of times in place, and white smoke rose from under my feet.


‘Please, please!’


I leave myself to the smoke.


I could feel small wings sticking out from behind my back and raising my gaze.




I succeeded in transforming!


In fact, it was half a gamble.

You could usually learn how to transform from the age of ten or older.

In my previous life, too, I only learned how to transform at the age of ten.


However, I had past experience with transforming, so I only tried it once, but I naturally succeeded in transforming since I knew I could do it from the start.


I looked into my wings and tail.

It was a clean wheat color since it hadn’t yet molted.




I shouted loudly and tried to move my wings.

It was obviously tough for me to flap my wings while transforming with a seven-year-old body.


But if I can get out of here!


I quickly climbed onto the window frame.

I could hear whispers outside the door to see if Adele was already coming back.


Then I saw Kendrick Yeckhart walking across the garden.




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