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As Harvey walks along the lonely frightening street, he starts to wonder: "Am I sure that this is the right path to her house?"

He then opens the book he had written the direction in and starts to cross-check if hes on the right road.

"Yes, thats exactly what they said, to follow the path with trees, then branch left to the mountainous side of the town. But isn this place too dangerous?" he asks after confirming that he was in the right road.

The dark region ahead of him is really scary, in fact, no one has ever used that road in the night.

Hence, it is not surprising that Harvey asks: "Should I just return?"

However, with the mission at hand, he replies to himself, saying: "No, I can . I just have two weeks to make the best painting in the world. I have to find my assumed muse and see if she can help me reach my goal."

Now he takes in a deep breath, and starts his journey into the heavenly mountains of Sugartown.

He starts climbing the mountain, but soon feels tired.

He asks himself: "Am I really to climb this mountain to the peak? What does the directive say?"

He takes out the book once again and opens it up. But since it is too dark to see its message, he takes out his phone and turns on its flashlight.

"Climb the mountains till you are the near peak. Then branch right and walk towards a tree house", he reads.

"Okay, so I need to go a little higher and search for the tree house", he says as he closes the book and resumes his journey.

After panting consistently, holding trees, taking breaks and being in constant dilemmas about his journey, he gets near the peak of the mountain. He then turns right according to the directional manual he is holding and looks up, in search of the tree house.

Soon enough, he shouts aloud, saying: "I found it!" He exclaims joyfully as he sets his eyes on the tree house, his eyes brightens with joy as smiles flood over his face.

Now he wonders: "Whats next?"

He picks up the directional manual and continues reading: "Once you get to the tree house, youll see a path that looks like a thick forest. Don be scared, pass through it."

He then closes the book and looks around in search of the path that looks like a thick forest. After looking around for a moment, he finds it. However, he starts saying to himself: "Harvey, you are a man. Don be scared. It isn so scary. Come on, you have been in Boys Scout camps and walked through scarier forests than this. You can do this."

He tries to encourage himself as the tasks that lie ahead are scarier than an execution. Walking more slowly than a tortoise, he gradually nears the thick forest. He touches a tree and stands near it trying to survey the thick forest with his phones flashlight. He moves a little further into the forest then slowly delves deeper into it. Soon, he finds himself in the heart of the forest.

But as he moves further, the forest awakens. Like a child just woken up from sleep, the forest awakens. Harvey unaware of the current condition of the forest, walks majestically through the tall shadowed pines stretching up like arrows into the sky. However, the forest who does not welcome visitors when awake sends out a messenger to notify Harvey if its current state.

Hence, as Harvey steps over a twig, a slimy silky substance taps him on the neck. Turning around to see what just hit him, Harvey screams as he sees the human like tree staring straight eyed at him. His heart jumps out of his soul and his feet carries him fast through the woods. But as he sprints forward, he trips onto the dead end ground and hears the howling of a wolf which scares the hell out of him.

He quickly gets up and runs towards the end of the forest. But as he is about to reach the end of this monstrous place, the forest gives him a goodbye send-off as one of its dark tree trunks holds onto his shirt. Harvey gets stuck and tries to free himself. However, the trunk refuses to let go and indirectly warns him never to return in the night as it plays its horrific melodies of sounds made up of creaking trees, stormy winds and snapping twigs. A ghost-like cry is also heard and Harvey sees this as the end of his life. But in the moment of despair, the trunk sets him free. Like an accelerated vehicled, Harvey vanishes from the sight of the forest as his feet winds faster than the blades of a fan.

Finally, he is far from the forest. Sitting on a rock nearby, he pants excessively and sighs heavily as he makes it out of the forest alive. Still not giving up, he takes the directional manual and goes through the next task at hand.

"Once you are out of that path, return to the paved road and walk for about an hour, then run once you see the rocky path", he reads upon which he asks himself, "But why should I run once I see the rocky path?"

He gets up after taking a nap and walks along the paved road for about an hour. Now day break was gradually blossoming. He then see the rocky path and decides to take a rest as he was tired from all that walking and running. Fortunately for him, he finds a large coral looking pillow which he walks towards and puts his head down on it.

"Wow, this feels so comfortable", Harvey says as he cushions his head well against the soft object. However, as he closes his eyes for a nap, he realizes that the object starts moving. He gets a little alarmed and decides to find out the reason behind this reaction from the coral-looking pillow.

Raising up his body, Harvey turns to look at the pillow and sees it straightening up. The object starts to look different and yet similar to a…

"Snake!!!" Harvey shouts and speeds off once again. I think he would now understand why the Lukes told him to run upon reaching the rocky path. His legs carry him as far as tht can as the previously considered pillow chases after him. He jumps an it also jumps. He flies and it also flies. He runs and it also runs. Whatever Harvey does, it repeats and hence Harvey has no option than to keep running until his competitor gets tired. It eventually does get tired, but Harvey who does not know about this, keeps running until he realizes that hes on the tarred road, the last point in his journey.

If this was the required task for meeting a woman, I am sure ninety-nine percent of men around the world would have optioned to stay single.

But despite being in the city, Harvey now wonders which house belongs to me. Anyways, it is dawn and the sun would soon rise. So as I was fast asleep after being stressed out by moms debt, Harvey was wide-awake in search me.

"The instruction was to walk for thirty minutes once I reach the tarred road. I think I have been walking for more than thirty minutes already", Harvey says to himself as he looks at the numerous houses before him.

However, a saviour appears in the form of Miss Tibbett. She sees him confused and lost, looking a little tattered on top of everything and asks: "Gentleman, how may I help you?"

Harvey who was lost in thoughts and initially didn hear her, still looks around him trying to guess which building I am in, as all the building structures are the same.

He then sees Miss Tibbett behind him and jumps in fright before realizing that the figure was a human, a woman on top of everything.

"Oh, Im so sorry for startling you", Miss Tibbett tells Harvey upon his reaction after he saw her.

"Its okay. I just got scared a little. But I am actually glad to see a human being and not something else", Harvey says.

"What?" Miss Tibbett asks unable to comprehend what Harvey just said.

"Anyways, I am searching for Miss Motorcycle, I mean Miss Mia. Please, do you know where she stays?" Harvey asks.

"Yes I do. But I don think you should meet her in this state", Miss Tibbett suggests as Harvey after his adventure was looking like a warrior from the Amazon Forest.

At my end however, my reaction the next morning is quite different after I had vent out my anger at mom the previous night. This time round, I step out of my room and head to the kitchen for food. Theres not much in there to eat but I still managed to obtain a box of cereals which needed a little finishing touch before I could obtain the needed meal.

Mom walks in on me but is not able to utter a word.

Hence, I take the initiative. "Mom, I know that you didn do what you did for selfish reasons but because you wanted whats best for me. I am really sorry about all the hateful words I spewed at you", I apologize wholeheartedly.

"Sweetie, I am the one supposed to say this. I am sorry for not being capable and bringing in more problems", Mom also sincerely apologies.

"Its okay mom", I say to her as I get up from my seat. Next I walk towards her and give her a hug.

As we were having our personal moment, we hear someone knock on the door.

"Ill go and get it", I say to mom as I walk out and approach the door. But once I open it, I am stunned at the sight I am seeing.

"Harvey, what are you doing here? How did you find my house?" I ask Harvey who smiles back holding Toms hand.

"I have my ways", he says still smiling devilishly.

"What?" I ask for a better explanation, however he looks at Tom and says: "Tom, thanks a lot. Tell your mom that I will make sure to reward her handsomely."

"Sure Uncle Harvey. Please take good care of Aunt Mia. Then goodbye Aunt Mia and Uncle Harvey", the cutie says with his teeny tiny voice and heads home.

"What was that about? How do you know Miss Tibbett?" I ask confused about what just ensued.

"Its quite a long story. But before I explain that, let me ask you this: Why weren you answering your phone? I called several times but it never went through. Do you know the ordeal I had to go through because of that?"

"Ordeal? What kind of ordeal?" I ask back as he did not look like someone who had been stressed out.


Scene: Harvey at Miss Tibbetts home.

"Are you done dressing up?" Miss Tibbett asks and without waiting, enters the room.

"Whoa! Im not done", Harvey exclaims as he covers himself with a shirt whilst wearing only a Y-shaped underpant.

"Sorry, I was just too curious about something", she says.

"What is it?" Harvey asks as he puts on his pants.

"Its just that ever since I knew Mia, no man has ever come to search for her. On top of it all, go through such ordeal. So I wanted to ask if…" Miss Tibbett starts asking the expected question.

"If I like her? Is that what you want to know?" Harvey asks whilst putting on his shirt.

"Not trying to be inquisitive but do you?" Miss Tibbett acknowledges Harveys question.

"I don know if I do. All I know is that she might be the one I need at the moment", Harvey replies in a puzzling way.

"Does that mean that you are just using her for a while?" Miss Tibbett wrongly interprets.

"No, not at all. I just want to work with her at the moment", Harvey replies.

"And what would you do afterwards?" Miss Tibbett asks.

"Well, it depends. Mia is a wonderful lady so who knows? Maybe she might be the one", Harvey replies.

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