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"Mia, can I ask you for a favour?" Harvey asks right after the old woman has left.

"What sort of favour?" I ask back.

"Well, since my car is spoilt and I need to complete my mission here, I was wondering if you could help me out", he says.

"What exactly are you talking about?" I ask not grasping his statement.

"I am an artist whos been out of ideas now and so I came here to Sugartown to rediscover my inspiration. But since you have placed my travelling buddy in the mechanic shop, I need another means for touring the city", he explains in details.

"So are you asking me to be your tour guide or to give you a ride around the city?" I ask trying to figure out his true intention.

"Both", he replies.

"What? Both?" I ask and afterwards tell him: "Sorry, I don …" Before I finish my statement, he gets a call.

After he goes out to take it, it clicks me.

"Wait a minute, if I take on this job,I might as well finish paying up my debt without any difficulties. I guess the Lord really whipped sense into his head. This might be the work of the iron rods", I mutter as I see him returning to his seat.

"So what do you say?" He asks right after sitting down.

"How much would you pay per day?" I ask.

"What?" He asks a little shocked before the information sink deep into his head. He then asks: "Wait, is that a yes?"

"Just state the price mister", I order as if I am the owner of his money .

"Okay, umm… an hour will be twenty dollars", he replies.

"Fifty dollars", I state.

"Thirty dollars", he says.

"Fifty dollars", I reply still at the same stand.

"Thirty-five", he starts bargaining professionally.

"Fifty dollars", I reply still staying at the same price.

"Forty. Fine, Forty-five last price", he says.

"Deal. Forty-five", I finally agree.

"Where did you learn to do that?" He asks.

"When would I start work?" I enquire.

"Tomorrow", he replies.

"Okay, then see you tomorrow,Mr Asphalt", I say as I pick up my bag and get ready to leave the coffee shop.

"Sure thing. See you then", he replies.


"Is that what really transpired?" Juliana asks after I have narrated everything.

"Yes", Harvey replies on the phone to his friends, Hank and Jamie who ask him the same question as Juliana asked.

"But why would he ask you to work for him?" Juliana asks.

"How would I know?" I reply without an answer.

"Harvey, tell us, why did you ask her to be your tour guide?" his friends ask.

"Well, thats because I want her to be in my reach as she pays the debt. I mean, it would cost more to go in for a professional. So this way, I monitor my debtor whilst saving money. Double gain", he replies.

"Is that what you really think?" Juliana asks after I give an answer similar to Harveys.

"Man, we are not asking for a business answer, isn there any other motive behind asking her to work for you?" his friends ask over the phone.

"An ulterior motive? I am not sure he has one", I tell Juliana.

"Well, I think she might be the reason for my travel, my lost inspiration. However, I want to confirm if shes really the one. Thats why I gave her this job opportunity. In order to spend more time with her", he replies to his friends over the phone.

"So what do you think is this ulterior motive?" I ask Juliana back in the bakery.

"Maybe he likes you", she replies.

"Stop joking girlfriend", I tell her.

"I mean it, he might be using this opportunity to spend time with you. Before you realize,you are dating and before you wake up, you are his lawfully wedded wife, thats the future Im seeing", she says.

"Harvey, what would you do if shes indeed your muse?" Hank asks.

"I will marry her at all costs", he replies.

"What?" his friends ask in unison as they are surprised at his answer.

"Come on Juliana, be realistic. Why would he go all the way to marry someone he just met", I reply.

"If it happens, make sure to grant me a wish", she says back.

We then get back to work as a group of students came in for some savouries.

After work, I return back home, not with Juliana though, she said she had to submit some forms for an audition. On my way, as I walk down the alley, someone walking before me falls to the ground. It was a female around my age. My heart skipped a beat as I saw the body drop to the ground freely. I quickly rushes in to see who it is and check whats her condition.

"Miss, are you okay?" I ask totally concerned.

"Miss, wake up", I say but she doesn fidget.

Now I get worried hence I decise to call the ambulance. I take out my phone and start to dial the emergency line. But just at that moment, I hear feminine voice say, "Theres no need to call the ambulance. I am fine."

And just like that she stands up.

"Are you fine?" I ask her as I can stop worrying.

"Are there still people like you on earth?" she asks.

"What?" I ask unable to comprehend her question.

"Did it look so real in your eyes? If only everyone was like you, the. I would have already been in the industry", she says.

"What are you talking about?"I ask as I am still confused.

"Don you still get it? It was all an act. Me falling, it was total pretence. How could you not tell? Are you that dumb?" she asks totally embarrassing me despite no one being present.

She then picks up her bag and turns around, ready to leave. However, she had stirred some anger in me. I know angels are not supposed to be angry but I couldn help it. Hence, I used my biggest strength, my physical strength.

"Stop right there!" I yell out and run at her. Upon getting near her, I stretch my hands and grab hold of her hair. You know follows next, don you? Yes indeed. I start pulling her hair with all my strength and get her onto the floor.

"You were pretending to be unconscious", I tell her as I pull her hair whilst sitting in top of her.

"What do you take me for? A dumb idiot?" I ask as I continue pulling her hair. She screams in pain.

"Is it painful?" I ask as her shouts intensify. "Or are you also acting this out?" I ask her still sitting on top of her. Finally, I let go of her and warn her saying: "If you ever play with someones emotions again, I promise that you won be spared."

"And who says you will be spared?" she asks me.

"What are you talking about?" I ask but before she replies, I hear a siren that sounds familiar.

It was a police vehicle. After parking, fortunately but unfortunately, the officer who steps out was the one who asked for my number.

"Whats going on?" The officer asks and to my utmost surprise, I hear the drama queen crying tearfully.

"Its her", she says as she points her finger at me.

"Wow, you are really unbelievable", I say in response.

"Wait, aren you the motorcycle lady from last time?" The officer asks me totally ignoring her.

"I have been busy since we met and not had time to call. That stunt you displayed was totally amazing so I even recommended you to our senior offices", he says.

"You what?" I ask back surprised.

"Officer, can you see my state? She beat me up", the drama queen says.

"Hey lady, I will get to you in a jiffy", the officer says, putting her on reserve.

"So what do you think? Would you like to work with the police?" The officer asks me.

"Currently, I have a job, but if my situation allows, I will think about it", I reply.

"Sure thing. But why is she crying?" He asks as he watches Miss Drama Queen still pulling on an act.

"Its all an act", I reply.

"Ah, I see. Should I drop you home?" he asks.

I wanted to reject his offer but since I wanted to get to Miss Drama Queen, I nod my head in my agreement.

As she sees me entering the vehicle, she says: "Yes officer, make sure she rots in jail."

"Miss, you are mistaken here. I am giving her a ride home, not to the police station", the officer replies.

I smirk at her as I wave my hair backwards before entering the police vehicle. She angrily screams in disbelief. And with that I get my revenge.

Inside the officers patrol car, I realize that theres something missing from me. I start checking my bag and realize that my phone was gone.

"Officer, can we return?" I ask.

"Why, is there a problem?" He asks.

"I can find my phone", I reply.

"Alright then, Ill help you find it", he says as he turns about and turns on the siren. He drives at maximum speed and gets there in less than a minute.

Once we step out of the car, I start searching for my phone. The drama queen who I had fought with earlier was also nowhere to be found.

As the police officer searches one side of the alley, I search the other side.

Nevertheless, as I was growing anxiously and tense because of my lost phone, I hear a voice shout out loud: "I found it!"

I quickly run towards the police officer who holds my phone in his hand. However, when I take it from him, I discover that the state of the phone is not as it used to be.

"Seems like it needs some repairs", the officer says.

"Yes, everything needs a repair in my life", I mutter as I look at the crushed screen with sadness in my eyes.

At his apartment, Harvey stands in front of a blank canvas ready to paint. However, like always, he is out of ideas. He then takes his phone and decides to call me. "Calling her might help", he says.

After dialing my number, he calls but it does not go through. He tries again and still achieve the same result. "Is there a problem with the signal?" he asks as he moves about the room in circles trying to find a signal.

However, he realizes that there is nothing wrong with the signal.

"Why is it not going through?" he asks to which he himself answers: "Wait, did she get rid of this phone number? Or did something happen to her?" He asks, now worried. He is not able to sit down as he still tries to contact me.

I on the other hand, just handed my phone to a repairer, hoping that the damage caused to my mobile is not so great.


Scene: Harvey prepares to meet Mia

"What should I wear to meet Miss Motorcycle?" He asks whilst going through his closet.

"Why do I only have casual wears?" he asks himself in frustration.

Flinging the T-shirt in his hand onto the bed, he looks at the laptop before him and gets drawn to it. He then searches online for answers.

"What should I wear toeet a girl?" He searches.

The results are as follows:

"If you are meeting her for the first time, you should put on your best apparel. Even if possible, try to look diplomatic rather than casual."

"The best clothing to wear to meet a girl is a tuxedo. It gives the impression that you are a well groomed gentleman."

Harvey then asks himself: "A well groomed gentleman? Thats exactly how I wish to appear."

Therefore he orders for a tuxedo online just to impress me.

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