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When she asked him to stop, he no longer continued instead looked at her with a strange gaze.

She shook her head and said “There is no need to explain all the cultivation realms to me. I already know and now I also know that you know. So, lets skip to my final and last question.”

“Whats your goal Why do you want to cultivate”

Hearing her question, Fu Chen widened his eyes. He didnt expect her to ask such a question. He lowered his head and answered.

“To give my parents a better life.”

“Then you should leave cultivation.” Miss Xue narrowed her eyes and immediately replied which shocked him. He didnt expect her to be so blunt even if he had made a mistake. For a moment, his heartbeat was too fast, and fear appeared in his eyes.

“Listen, Disciple Fu, cultivation is a selfish act. You are consuming the energy from the world in order to gain immortality and leave everyone to dust. You can never do cultivation for someone else.”

“I do not approve of your answer. Tell me your real goal.” Seeing his frightened eyes, Miss Xue sighed and asked once again.

This time his fear calmed down a lot but he was still shaking. He didnt expect this to be a secret test. He didnt want to fail here, especially after he has come through so much.

But, he didnt know his own goal. Up until now, his only goal was to give his parents a good life. So, he had been working hard. In his eyes, only strength gives you the ability to do whatever you want.

Without strength, you cant do anything in this cruel world. His motivation was enough for him. So, he never tried to find his own goal.

He had no answers for her.

“Well, you dont have to answer this now. But mark my word, in this world, if you dont have a goal, then you dont have a reason to cultivate. So, I suggest you find a better goal for yourself.” Miss Xue sighed after seeing him conflicted for so long and decided to end it.

But, she still harshly reminded him about the value of a goal.

“And, one more thing, you dont have to dream big. Just having a small goal and slowly improvising it wouldnt be a bad thing. Now, lets start our training.” Miss Xue continued to enlighten him while taking out a book from her small ring.

This caught his attention. Fu Chen immediately recognized the ring on her index finger. It was a Spatial Ring. It is used for storing things to make it more convenient.

“Oh! You know the Spatial Ring” Miss Xue asked while looking at the ring.

“I have seen it in a book once. I heard that even the low-tier rings can store hundreds of books and swords inside.” Fu Chen answered, nodding his head.

“Spatial Ring is an artifact. There are three kinds of resources that humans can create especially forger. Artifact, Treasure, and Weapon.”

“Artifact and Treasure cant be compared since most of the time, they are completely different objects. But Treasures and Weapons do. Weapons are the lower level treasures while real treasures are some high-level weapons.”

“You can understand Weapons as tools without any spiritual consciousness while treasures do possess the spiritual consciousness. Then, there is Artifact. Unlike both of them, Artifact does possess intelligence but they arent weapons.”

“In some sense, you can say Artifact comes below Treasure but above weapons. But, most of the artifacts arent weapons. They can be tools that can enhance your strength or enhance your spiritual qi but they cant be used as a weapon.” Miss Xue explained.

“I never thought tools had so much difference. Miss Xue, do you have any treasures Can it speak” Fu Chens eyes brightened as the gloomy aura disappeared from him. He looked at Miss Xue and asked.

Miss Xue chuckled and shook her head.

“Not to mention me, even sect master might not have a treasure. They are very rare, almost impossible to find. By the way, do you know the weapons are divided into the same exact tiers as the stages of cultivation”

Fu Chen nodded his head and said “I knew that weapons are divided into Low-Tier, Middle-Tier, High-Tier, and Peak-Tier.”

“Yes, just a Low-Tier weapon would be enough for you as a Foundation Establishment Cultivator. Have you ever tried using weapons” Miss Xue asked.

Fu Chen shook his head.

“No, I havent tried a weapon properly. I cant afford it now.”

“Well, then you have to work hard. If you reach the top ten in this tournament, you can choose a weapon from Sect Treasury. You will also get a cultivation technique and a martial art alongside a few other resources.”

“By the way, if you cant reach the top ten, then you have to gather enough contribution points before you can buy a cultivation technique.” Miss Xue spoke.

Hearing her words, Fu Chens eyes widened. He didnt expect that he would need to gather contribution points to buy cultivation techniques for the first time.

He wasnt sure how much it would cost but it wont be cheap. But, suddenly, he remembered something. At the same time, a screen panel appeared in front of him.

[Quest- Top the Competition

Description- Competition is a part of training, and constant training is always helpful. Topping the competition shines the Players prestige and rewards him with lots of resources.

Quest Reward- 3 Level Up, 10 Stat Points, 5 Skill Points, and a Gift

Quest Failure- 3- Level down, -10 Stat Points, -5 Skill Points, and prepare a gift for the A.I]

‘Yeah! I almost forgot about this quest. I should ask Ysla about this later. Anyway, topping the competition is no easy feat. Fu Chen turned his gaze away and the panel disappeared.

“Alright now, lets start with our training. As I previously said, I will teach you martial art. I saw you coping Zhu Tans move at once. It felt like you learned it while he was doing it since your moves were pretty much the same.”

“So, I will perform this new martial art few in front of you. If you can learn it just by watching it, then tell me. And, even if you cant then there is nothing to worry about. Keep this with you for now and watch” Miss Xue said as she passed him that book.

Then, she took a few steps back. After she reached nearly five meters away from him, she stood straight. Slowly, a blue light glowed out of her body. It was illuminating her as the blue spiritual qi covered her body entirely.

“Now, focus on what I do next.”

Miss Xue spoke as she forced all of her blue spiritual qi into her foot.


The next moment, a small crack appeared beneath her foot as her body suddenly vanished. Fu Chen was closely flowing her movement but even he couldnt guess it precisely.



Fu Chen screamed when Miss Xue grabbed his hand and bent it completely. She didnt break his hand but made him feel terrible pain.

“You already have an offensive martial art. So, I decided to teach you a movement martial art. It is called Storm Steps. Did you see what I did” Miss Xue loosened his hand and asked.

Fu Chen felt better after his hand got released. He turned around and nodded his head.

“You released your spiritual qi into the foot. But, I didnt understand how that increases your speed”

“Well, its not that complicated. Using the spiritual qi, I increased the force that my leg can generate. I simply pushed my foot on the ground so hard that it launched me several times faster than what your eyes can keep track of.”

“But, using spiritual qi to generate force is not something easy to do. So, do you think you can learn it”

Hearing her words, Fu Chen fell into deep thought.

‘No message appeared! Does it have some kind of limit Is it because her strength and movement were too fast Or, is it my limit Should I ask Ysla

But suddenly, Miss Xue tapped his shoulder and said “You dont need to think too much about this. I understand that you didnt get it. But, that was just your first try and my movements are not like Zhu Tan.”

“I took only five seconds to use this trick while he took a long time. So, dont worry about it and watch this closely.”

Saying so, Miss Xue returned to her original position as Fu Chen also got back into his position. Although he would like to see that message soon, he also wanted to rely on himself.

His eyes were wide open as he stared at them closely.


But the next moment, she disappears and appears behind him once again. Again, he didnt get any message and she continued demonstrating it to him.

After seven or eight times, she finally decided to stop and asked him to open the martial art and read it.

At this moment, a panel suddenly appeared in front of him.



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