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Fu Chen didnt disagree. He had no reasons to disagree. In fact, he was so happy that there was no bound to his happiness.

Training Hall is one of the most important resources of the Sun Dragon Sect. Here, one can train in any situation or with anything he wants as long as he can pay with contribution points.

There are hundreds of arrays implanted in the training halls where different conditions and scenarios can be created. But, he doesnt expect to train in those extreme conditions.

Not to mention he wasnt physically strong enough to train there, he didnt think Miss Xue would spend extra just for him. After all, even she isnt sure about his current talent.

Both of them reached in front of a giant building. This building was very tall and had dozens of pillars around it. The walls covering the building had different and strange symbols on them.

It was said that the entire building is a part of a big array. Fu Chen had seen this a few times but he has never come inside.

As he walked together with Miss Xue, he noticed a few disciples staring coldly at him. He didnt understand why they would give such reactions. He didnt even know them.

But, he had nothing to care about. At least for now, he was completely safe. They both reached inside the mansion and the first person they meet was an elder overseeing the Training Hall.

He had a white beard stretched all the way to his stomach and a bald head. He was slender and sitting straight so he looked tall. Just like Fu Chen, he was also wearing a white dress with blue stripes on them.

“We would like to take a basic training room.” Miss Xue took out a silver jade and put it on the table.

The old man took the jade and touched a stone on the table with it. With a single touch, the grey stone suddenly lets out blue light and a few seconds later, the light fades away as the old man returns the jade to Miss Xue.

“Your room number is 34, third floor.”

Miss Xue nodded her head and walked away. Fu Chen hurriedly followed her. He felt a little creepy after hearing this elders voice. It was cold and distant.

Normally, elders do not talk much but they dont often talk coldly unless they hate someone. He didnt know whether this elder hates Miss Xue or him.

‘But then again, he has no reason to hate me. I might be thinking too much. Fu Chen shook his head and denied his thoughts. He quickly catches up to Miss Xue and they soon reached the third floor.

It wasnt hard to find his room since there were very less people outside and more people inside the room. After they find their room, both of them entered, and Miss Xue locked the door.

“Now, before we start your training. There are some things that I want to be clear off. Since you arent even the Outer-Door Disciples, you didnt receive any lessons from the elders, right”

“So, I would like to test how much you know about the cultivation. Shall we start” Miss Xue stood in front of him and asked.

Fu Chen nodded his head.

“You dont need to feel ashamed if you dont know anything. Just answer me whatever you know. These are just some basic knowledge for a cultivator. So, lets start with the most basic foundation of cultivation.”

“What is Spiritual Qi” Miss Xue patted his shoulder and made him feel a little better as she asked.

“Spiritual Qi is an energy present in the air that humans use for cultivation. This kind of energy comes from the ancient races who have died for millions of years.”

“This is why some places have a higher concentration of Spiritual Qi and some places have a lower concentration. Our Sun Dragon Sect is located in the middle of the five regions which makes it the home of some high-level ancient races which provides us with an immense amount of Spiritual Qi.” Fu Chen answered.

Hearing his answer, Miss Xue was quite shocked. She assumed that Fu Chen didnt know much about cultivation since he was so focused on training. But, what she didnt know is that Fu Chen had always dreamed to become cultivation.

Hence, he started learning about cultivation from the age of eight. He learned every little aspect that he was able to access.

Miss Xue smiled while nodding her head and said “Although your definition is correct, there is something you can change. It is not just humans who cultivate Spiritual Qi. There are monsters living in five regions who also cultivate the same energy as us.”

“Now, tell me what is the Martial Spirit”

“Martial Spirit is the embodiment of those ancient races. Each martial spirit has an ability to suck spiritual qi from the surrounding which us, the cultivator can use for the sake of cultivation.”

“Martial Spirit resides inside our dantian but it can be used for battle if necessary. It burns an immense amount of stamina and spiritual qi so cultivators only use it whenever they are in danger.” Fu Chen answered.

“Nice! Now, tell me about cultivation techniques and martial art.” Miss Xue praised him and asked.

“Cultivation Techniques are the special method that only Outer-Door or higher level disciples are allowed to access. Unlike martial arts, even elders arent allowed to teach disciples the cultivation technique unless they become the Outer-Door Disciple.”

“After awakening a martial spirit, a human can do basic training to slowly develop a stronger body. A martial spirit can be awakened after the age of ten to eighteen. After awakening the Martial Spirit, one can absorb the spiritual qi through sheer training.”

“But, this speed is a lot slower and it requires a massive effort in training which renders cultivators unconscious for hours. So, Cultivation Techniques are developed to cooperate with the Martial Spirit and create an ability to suck the spiritual qi.”

“Each word in the cultivation technique has its own profound meaning which creates a certain rhythm. Thats why Cultivation Techniques are also called Song of Dead.”

“They attract the Spiritual Qi near humans and Martial Spirit can absorb all of it at once which makes the cultivation many times faster. Except for those rhythms, the cultivation techniques also hold certain training methods.”

“Some are elemental while some arent. This is all I know about the cultivation technique.” Fu Chen replied.

Miss Xue was still in shock after hearing his reply. She smiled and shook her head “You know more than enough. But, you have to remember, the higher the cultivation technique is the more strain it can cause in your body if you arent careful.”

“Not to mention, it also needs a powerful comprehension talent to comprehend those rhythms. So, what about martial arts You havent explained them to me.”

Hearing her words, Fu Chen embarrassedly rubbed his head and spoke “Martial Arts are the art of battles. Each martial art holds a unique and creative way to utilize ones Spiritual Qi for movement, offense, and defense.”

“All of these are only possible by following the instruction of certain martial arts. First Stage of Foundation Establishment Realm without a martial art can die if he fights someone of same cultivation but with martial art.”

Miss Xue shook her head and said “You are partially true about martial art. They arent just for the battle. Martial Arts are our basic lifestyle. For example, an alchemist needs a flame system martial art in order to create a certain pill.”

“This is why Martial Arts are divided into three categories; Battle, Support, and Unique. Battle Martial Arts are the same martial arts you describe. Support Martial Arts includes the martial arts connected to the alchemy, forging, array creation, talisman smiting, and even healing.”

“As for the Unique Martial Arts; they are very rare. And, you can barely spot one or two. Unique Martial Arts can be used for battle and for support as well. They can also be used for cultivation.”

“And, most of the time, they are categories completely different, giving them a nameSecret Arts. But, in reality, they are just Unique Martial Arts.”

“Now, tell me about the cultivation realms that you know.”

Fu Chen nodded his head and said “There are currently five cultivation realms. Foundation Establishment Realm, True Essence Realm, Golden Core Realm, Law Condensation Realm, and Nascent Soul Realm. Each realm is divided into nine stages and each stage is divided into four tiers.”

“Some realms have names and categorization for their stages while some dont. Foundation Establishment Realm has nine stages and every three stages are categorized into one sub-realm. Body Tempering Realm, Blood Condensation Realm, and Bone Forging Realm.”

“These are specifically named because every three stages specifically focus on a certain aspect of the body. The first three realms focus on strengthening the body to use martial art.”

“The middle three stages unlock the potential of the ever-growing body by condensation blood into a much purer form. Finally, Bone Forging Realms makes a mortal body into something stronger.”

“As for the next realm…”



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