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Ysla pointed her finger at the panel and said “You should already know the stages of comprehension of martial art. Starting from beginner, entry, small accomplishment, great accomplishment, it finally ends on Perfection.”

“Though there are still stages beyond Perfection I dont have complete data about that. As for the estimated time, it is the prediction made by the system for how long it will take you to perfect one stance.”

“As you can see, just to perfect the first stance, you will take three years. Talents are divided into two categories. Talent for Cultivation and Talent for Comprehension.”

“Your talent for both is at the bottom. Zhu Tans talent is one step ahead of you which means his talent is the first rank. Its not amazing but compared to you who rank at zero, it is a lot further ahead.”

Hearing those words again, Fu Chen clenched his fist. He was born into a family of ordinary mortals. His birth did decide his talent. He had nothing. Even so, he always believed that hard work can surpass talent someday.

“Host, your thoughts are optimistic and thats how it should be. But, you also need to understand the value of talent more than anything else. Just like how the sect is willing to turn a cold shoulder on you just because of your talent means you are nothing without it.”

“But there is nothing to worry about, Host. You have the Strongest Offline System. You just need to follow my instructions and you will easily make progress. Heck, you can even catch up to some ninth rank talents in just a few years.”

“Host, as soon as I was activated, I got a chance to test this systems potential. And, this system just exploded my test in every aspect. So, you can achieve something far greater than you can even imagine.”

Fu Chen took a deep breath and nodded his head. Suddenly, a thought rang in his mind.

“Legendary Pixie, as I cultivate, my lifespan will grow. So, will there be any effect if I use a small number of lifespan for now if I am going to increase my lifespan in the future”

“How many times have I told you I am not a legendary Pixie. Its just my design. I am your A.I. Ysla. You dont have to show me such respect. Its not me who chose you. It was a system or rather someone who evolved this system.”

“As for your question, yes you can cover up the lifespan you lose once you increase your cultivation. But be careful, if your investment fails, then you will fail miserably.” Ysla slapped her forehead and corrected him while answering his question.

Fu Chen nodded his head and lay down on the ground. He felt sore pain throughout his body. And, as he focused more, he realized that his body was aching more than ever.

“Not only do you reach the first stage of cultivation at once but also used martial art. Your body has broken its limit. You should take a rest for today. You are going to learn a new martial art tomorrow. So, you need to be prepared for it.” Ysla spoke and returned to his body as she entered his forehead.

Fu Chen considered it as well and slowly closed his eyes.

On another side of the sect,

“Grandfather, are we just going to let that trash live” Zhu Tan shouted while laying down on the bed. He had just woken up and the first thing that he remembered was the humiliation that he suffered.

“Shut up, bastard! You are nothing but trouble. Not only did you take two years just to master that art, but you also couldnt even use it to injure your opponent. Thats shameful, truly shameful. If you hadnt fooled around with women and those bastards and tried to cultivate, you would have been an Outer-Door Disciple by now.” Elder Zhu shouted at him and shook his head with frustration.

Zhu Tan clenched his fists and didnt speak.

“Dont worry, he will die. But not right now. His martial soul seems more like a mutated martial soul. If it is true, then his cultivation would be enough to enter the sect.”

“And, as soon as he enters the sect, I will dictate his missions. We cant kill disciples inside the sect especially disciples with talent but outside There will be no one stopping us, not that arrogant girl at least.”

Elder Zhu spoke and turned his head at his grandson, continuing “Heal faster! I have left a Golden Bee Honey on the table. Eat it and cultivate it. You need to reach the second stage or at least the Peak Tier within this week.”

“But grandfather, I am only at the middle tier. Even though Golden Bee Honey is good, it wont help me a lot.” Zhu Tan shook his head and immediately replied.

At this moment, Elder Zhu smirked and said “Dont you have those contribution points you got from that trash”

Hearing his words, Zhu Tan also smirked and took out a jade token. Elder Zhu took the token and said “I will return with a few resources for you.”

Zhu Tan nodded his head and Elder Zhu left. After he left, Zhu Tan looked at the ceiling and clenched his fist “Trash, during the competition, I will show you hell. You will regret not leaving the sect today.”

His eyes were blood red and his teeth were biting his lips. He was full of anger and murderous intent.

On another side of the sect,

“Hmm…. I cant find a variant of the blue snake at all. Is that really a normal blue snake But, these blue snakes dont have scales especially that symbolic scale on its head.”

“Is it a new variant then” Miss Xue murmured while holding a book in her hand. She turned over a few more pages but didnt find a single clue.

“Sigh! I hope his martial soul is a variant. He had been training so hard, harder than most. I dont want all of that hard work to go to waste. Well, I promised to teach him a martial art tomorrow.”

“So, what should I teach him”

Miss Xue walked around the library for a moment. This was a sect library where disciples and elders often come to search for new techniques and martial arts.

This library was divided into three layers which differentiate three levels of disciples. And, there is one more layer that isnt open to most elders and disciples.

Outer-Layer holds the techniques and martial arts suitable for outer-door disciples. Inner-Layer holds the techniques and martial arts suitable for inner-door disciples. And, finally, Core-Layer holds the technique and martial arts suitable for core disciples.

The strength between disciples and elders is much clear to the sect. Outer-Door Elders have strength equal to top Inner-Door Disciples. Inner Door-Elders have strength equal to most Core Disciples.

As for the elders of core disciples, they are often the most important elders such as Grand-Elder, some titled elders, vice sect master, and even sect master.

Their strength is not rivaled by any disciples. Miss Xue is a top inner disciple who has taken a certain task to earn contribution points and also because of a certain circumstance. This task was directly posted by the sect where she needed to be the tutor for the outer-door disciples for a year.

Miss Xue walked around the outer layer of the library for a while and finally spotted a certain martial art. She picked the martial art and finally a smile appeared on her lips.

With her beautiful jade-like face, that smile was mesmerizing for anyone who sees it.

Next Day,

“Yawn! I slept so well.” Fu Chen stretched out his arms and yawned tightly. He rubbed his eyes and walked out of the bed. He went straight to the small well near his house and draws out a bucket of water.

After washing his face, he returned back to his house and searched for the small white cloth. He found it under the bed. After unfolding the white cloth, he found a small rice bun inside.

He finished the rice bun instantly and finally leave his house. He walked straight towards his training spot. While walking, he noticed something.

The disciples were barely making fun of him and they werent even trying to make eye contact with him. Fu Chen shook his head and walked away without caring about them.

He had no friends in the Sun Dragon Sect so he had nothing to care about. He went straight to his training spot and found Miss Xue waiting for him already.

When he reached her, he bowed his head and greeted her.

“Greeting Miss Xue!”

Miss Xue nods her head at him. She turned around and saw the gazes of other disciples and said.

“Lets go to the training hall. Since we are going to learn a martial art, I dont want others to learn it.”

When she said that, Fu Chen hesitated and said “Sorry Miss Xue, I dont have any contribution points left.”

It was true. After he saved enough contribution points to hire her, he only had a few. But, when Zhu Tan learned that he was secretly saving contribution points and using them to hire a tutor, he angrily took everything away and also beat him to a pulp.

“Its okay. It doesnt cost much and I have some special training for you.”

“Lets go!”


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