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“Sorry! I wont make any excuses. I will do whatever you tell me. I just want you to forgive me.” Fu Chen put his hand around her and pulled her even closer to him.

For a moment, it felt like the universe was spinning around them as they soaked at the moment.

After a while, Xue Le pushed him away and retreated a few steps.

“Dont be so close.”

She was blushing as she lowered her head and spoke. But, Fu Chen didnt listen to her. Instead, he walked closer and pulled her into his embrace. She tried to struggle but it was so weak that she couldnt even shake him.

“I just want to keep holding you.”

Fu Chen whispered in her ears and her face turned red. She moved her hands and lightly placed her arm around him.

“I never thought I would ever fall in love.” Xue Le whispered in a low voice.

“And, I never thought a princess would fall in love with me.” Fu Chen chuckled.

“Dont say that! I dont know how this happened. At first, I just wanted to rope you into my faction but from the moment you started ignoring me, I started realizing my feelings for you.”

“Do you think I rushed like crazy lovers” Xue Le asked.

“Nope! It took us a whole week especially when we spent most of that week together. You know from the morning to the evening, we were alone, spending our time together inside the training hall.”

“Maybe thats the reason why I also fell in love with you even though I promised myself not to.” Fu Chen shook his head and answered.

“But why Why didnt want to fall in love” Xue Le raised her eyes with confusion and asked.

“You have already seen this, havent you Every girl in this sect has better background than me. I was the infamous trash of the sect for a reason. I learned to control my emotions so that I wont make any mistakes and embarrass myself.”

“Unfortunately it turns out my self-control wasnt strong enough. I still fell in love and the person was none other than you. I was scared. Not because I was a coward rather I was afraid of consequences that my family would face.”

“By the way, there is something that confused me. I saw Miao today. Did you lie to your brother” Fu Chen asked.

“Hehe! Let me show you a surprise. Lets go!” Xue Le held his hand and pulled him away.

“But wait, I havent repaired my house.” Fu Chen tried to stop but he was still getting pulled by her.

But suddenly, Xue Le stopped and walked closer to him. Fu Chen felt a strange danger as he retreated. But she reached near him and whispered.

“From now on, you will live with me, even during the night.”

Fu Chen opened his mouth wide but just when he was about to say anything, Xue Le continued “Of course, we wont sleep together. You are still sixteen.”

When he heard that, Fu Chen suddenly got frustrated. He felt ashamed of being younger than her.

“Hehe! Dont worry too much! Your family is safe and as long as you stay inside the sect, you will be safe as well. Lets hurry! I have something to show you.”

Xue Le finally pulled him as she ran at her full speed. Fu Chen was simply hanging in the air like a piece of cloth.


After they reached her mansion, Fu Chen fell to the ground.

“Miss!” The guards who were guarding the door bowed in front of her.

“Alright! Close the door and also remember, he will stay in this mansion from now on. Miao has gone out for a long time and it would take some time before she will return, understand” Xue Le made a serious expression and asked.

“Yes, Miss!” The guards nodded their heads but they were surprised. Both of them were females and it was quite uncomfortable to hear that a male will start living with them. Previously, it was just lunch but now she even invited him to sleep in the same mansion as them.

“By the way, clean the room next to me. He will sleep there.” Xue Le gave her another command and went to her room.

“I think she has completely fallen for him.” One of the guards whispered.

“Otherwise, do you think she would bring a man here for no reason” The second guard replied.

“Well, it is also good but I am not sure if her family will accept him. Although his talent has been revealed to be one of the best, he still comes from the mortal family.” The first guard spoke.

“Yeah, maybe he will stay in her family as a son-in-law. No matter what, his future is bright now.” The second guard nodded her head with jealousy.

“Anyway, lets clean that room and inform other sisters as well.” The first guard finally closed the main door and walked towards the room next to Xue Les room.

After they opened it, slight dust came out. The inside was beautiful and well designed but there was a lot of dust stagnant. This room hasnt been used for a long time now.

“Its going to take some time.” Both of them looked at each other and sighed.


Inside Xue Les room,

Xue Le took him inside her secret room and when they reached that room, Fu Chen was left stunned. He didnt know how to respond to this.

“How did you” Fu Chen looked at Xue Le with confusion.

“Hehe! Short story; I found this bitch injured and used a trick to knock Miao unconscious. Then, I chained them here and recorded that sound.”

“Long story, I managed to piece things together and learn that it was dear bitch and Miao who threatened you using your family. So, I was quite angry at them.”

“But, I knew I couldnt make any changes until I found this bitch getting teleported into my room, full of injuries, and unconscious. It turned out Elder Zhang had sent assassins after your parents but Miao also found them and killed them.”

“When she was about to return, she got stopped by the presence of a Monster Emperor. Later, it turned out your parents are protected by the Monster Emperor. Dear Bitch went to find that monster beast after learning that that monster was injured.”

“But, not only that monster wasnt injured. It was much more powerful and had awakened her race bloodline as well. She smashed this bitch to death and finally forced her to use the teleportation talisman.”

“After that, I got her inside this room alongside Miao. I chained them and sealed their cultivation. Since this bitch is Miaos weakness, I tortured her to force Miao to say those things.”

“I planned to buy time from my brother. And, since your parents are being protected by monster beast, we need to find the complete detail before making any moves.”

Hearing her words, Fu Chen was frozen for a moment. He didnt expect so much to happen behind his back. But what shocked him the most was the involvement of the fox.

Because he knows her, he had kissed her. Even though it was just inside a mysterious space, he still kissed her. And, she was the first addition to his harem as well.

He couldnt believe that she was the one protecting his parent. But, suddenly an image emerged in his head. This image belonged to his mother.

When he remembered her, he couldnt help but chuckle for a moment.

“Are you alright” Xue Le found it very confusing. She didnt know why Fu Chen was laughing at this moment.

“I am fine. I am just happy that my parents are in a good state.” Fu Chen smiled and replied.

Then he looked at them and asked “So, what do you plan to do with them Lock them for a long time”

“I have no choice. Unless this bitch and Miao make an oath to help me, I cant release them.” Xue Le nodded her head and answered.

“By the way, why are you calling her bitch for so long” Fu Chen asked.

“Because she is a bitch. While in love with someone, she tried to destroy my love. Isnt that what bitches do” Xue Le answered with a cruel expression on her face as she stared at the half-unconscious Treasury Elder.

Because of previous torture, she was barely breathing. It also made a huge fluctuation in the lamp which made her brother panic.

“Even though she did a horrible thing, you still cant call her bitch. Unless you decided to cut all ties with your family, she would be your sister-in-law. You cant call your sister-in-law, bitch.” Fu Chen tried to calm her down.

Xue Le suspiciously looked at the half-conscious Treasury Elder and turned away.

“I will think about it. Lets go for now.”

Both of them left the secret room and Fu Chen finally got notified that his room was ready. After that, he left his room. He decided to take a good nights sleep rather than cultivate.

So, he went to bed. Half an hour passed but he couldnt sleep. After another half hour, he finally stood up and left his room. He found that Xue Les door was still open.

‘Host, I will go offline until tomorrow. Good luck! Yslas voice rang inside his mind. But when he tried to ask something, she didnt reply. She was truly gone until tomorrow.

Fu Chen bite his lips and finally walked inside. He closed the door and whispered.



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