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“I have already done what you have told me. Now, can you leave me alone”

When he heard Xue Puns words, Fu Chen immediately rejected them. He knew nothing good would come if he tries to associate with Xue Family.

“Well, this is a slightly different offer. I am pretty sure you will be excited about this. Because what I am offering you is completely opposite to what someone offered you before.”

“Your talent has shown an endless potential and I want to recruit you into our family. As long as you change your surname, you can enjoy all of the benefits from our family and you can also keep your relationship with my sister.”

“That means you can marry her and have kids. Except your child will become the next heir of the Xue Family. So, what do you think” Xue Pun didnt take his words offensively and explained his offer.

“So, what you basically want to say is that you want to buy me as a slave. In other words, a disciple who has been recently accepted as a genius by the Sun Dragon Sect is nothing but a slave to the Great Families.” Fu Chen replied with no emotions on his face.

Changing their surname wasnt just a disgrace to him, but to his ancestors and his future generation. It would be a disgrace to his parents as well. And, this would be no different than being their slaves.

“Disciple Fu Chen, I dont think you are getting what I am trying to say. We just want you to change your surname and become the part of Xue Family. In return, we will provide you a hefty amount of resources and also get a chance to marry my sister.” Xue Pun narrowed his eyes and explained once again.

“Yes, you have basically made it clear for me. Not just me, who isnt part of the Xue Family yet, you even think of your own sister as a slave. Do you really believe that I can become a part of such a family” Fu Chen replied.

This time he didnt act cowardly or tried to save his life. He knows his life is important but there is always a limit to how much you can bow. If you cross that limit, you are no different than a slave.

“Fu Chen! If you are trying to anger me then you have succeeded.” Finally, Xue Pun lost his patience and released immense pressure on Fu Chen. The pressure was so strong that it blew away his house again.

But as soon as he acted, two figures appeared next to Fu Chen.

“Xue Bastard, do you think this is your home” Another pressure exploded from Fu Chens side. This pressure was pushing Xue Pun away while giving Fu Chen a chance to breathe.

Clap! Clap! Clap!

“Brother, brother, brother, you really do think of your sister as a slave, dont you”

A very familiar voice rang from behind. Fu Chens eyes widened as he turned around and saw the Xue Le.


Just when he tried to speak, Xue Le dashed in front of him and caught his face with both of her hands. The next moment, she placed her lips against his and kissed him.

Among the three strongest people in the entire kingdom, she kissed Fu Chen without any care in the world.


“Argh!” But, the next moment, Xue Le slammed a fist on his stomach. Fu Chen broke the kiss and coughed out a few times.

“Ahem! Disciple Xue Le, although we are kinda your bodyguard for a moment, can you solve your lover quarrel later” The person standing on the right-side spoke.

When Fu Chen heard this voice, he turned around. He was surprised to see Elder Wei here. Then, he turned to the left and seeing this elder made him even more confused.

Library Elder!

One of the strongest people in the sect. Then, he suddenly remembered those cold stares he gave Xue Le. This made him even more shocked. Because not only did she bring Elder Wei but also brought the elder who probably hates her family.

“Le, what is the meaning of this” Xue Puns voice turned cold unlike before as he spoke while looking at his sister.

“Isnt this clear enough, brother You and the family wanted to use me as a tool to reconstruct the Xue Bloodline into the family but I dont want to play by the rules.”

“So, how about we change the rules a little” Xue Le smiled as she walked in front of Fu Chen, covering him, and asked.

“What the hell are you talking about” Xue Pun clenched his fist. For him and his parents, the familys progress was everything. So, even if he had used his sister, he wouldnt hesitate but he didnt want to make her feel that way.

At this moment, Xue Le took out a purple jade and infused her true essence in it. The next moment, a voice came out of the purple jade.

“MISS, MISS, me and mistress are in danger……. Argh! She is unconscious after fighting the Monster Emperor and we are out of Blue Star Kingdom…… We need support…. The monsters are still chasing us.”

“Tell the family to send Nascent Soul Cultivators to the western desert. Clack!”

After the voice stopped, everyone looked at Xue Le with wide eyes. She only had a smile on her lips as she looked at her brother and said.

“For someone who doesnt care about family members and even his own sister, I wonder what kind of reaction would you give She is your wife and my sister-in-law after all.”

“And, also the Nascent Soul Cultivator. I wonder if you would send someone or go there by yourself. And, just to make this clear which you should already have understood by now.”

“Teleportation worked! Something arrived in my mansion but it wasnt them. Now, what would you do brother Would you stay here and try to pick a fight”

“Or, would you go out and save your wife And, remember, you dont have much time. The Western Desert is ten times bigger than our kingdom after all.”


Xue Puns rage was soaring as his pressure was getting stronger with each second. The pressure got so strong that Elder Wei also had to step in and use his pressure with the Library Elders pressure to suppress Xue Puns pressure.

“Tick tock! Tick tock! Tick tock!”

Seeing this rage, Xue Le giggled and started making the sound of the clock. Her words were provoking him but also send some sense to him.

Slowly, his pressure returned back to his body. He stared at Xue Le and hoarsely spoke “This isnt the end. I will teach you the lesson for not listening to your brother.”


Finally, he flew up and left the Sun Dragon Sect.

“Well, now I know why became the Head of the Xue Family at the age of two hundred.” Elder Wei muttered as he sensed the overwhelming strength of that man.

Normally, Nascent Soul Cultivators can live for thousand years. Thats why being a Nascent Soul Cultivator at two hundred years old age can be considered young.

“Humph!” Library Elder snorted at turned around. Unlike Elder Wei, he wasnt impressed or suppressed by him.

As he left, he looked at Xue Le and spoke “I believe you will keep your promise.”

Saying so, he left without hesitation.

“Well, I dont know what you promised him, but it was a good thing that you brought him here, or else I wouldnt be able to keep this in control.” Elder Wei didnt like the attitude of this elder but he still had to show some respect.

“Thank you for helping me out, Elder Wei.” Xue Le bowed in front of him and expressed her gratitude. She was really shocked when Elder Wei came to her and told her that he will help her.

“Thank you, Elder Wei!” Fu Chen also expressed his gratitude. Although it was Xue Le showed brought them here, it was still his presence that helped him a lot.

“Dont worry, kid! You got a lot of potentials and as long as you dont betray the sect, the sect wont sell you away.” Elder Wei smiled and spoke.

“I will never betray the sect, Elder Wei!” Fu Chen seriously spoke as he continued to bow.

“Alright then, I should get going. I dont know what will happen next and how are you going to handle it but best of luck!” Elder Wei gave her thumbs up and left.

After he left, only Fu Chen and Xue Le were left alone. For a moment, it got really awkward.

“Im sorry, Xue Le!” Finally, Fu Chen turned his head at her and apologized.

Xue Le clenched her fist and slammed his stomach. She only used a little bit of her physical strength or else she wouldve killed him. But, it was still a strong punch for someone of his realm.

“Ugh! I totally deserved this.” Fu Chen groaned and smiled.

“Yeah, you do.” Xue Le had totally different expression. She was biting her lips and also on the verge of tears. Just when Fu Chen tried to speak, she puts her hand on his mouth and slams her head on his chest.

“You idiot, do you know how hard it is for a girl to get rejected even before confessing her love”


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