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“B-Brother, what are you doing here” As soon as she saw her brother in front of her door, she panicked. The worst nightmare, the person she wanted to see the least was standing in front of her.

Although she panicked, she quickly calmed down. She knew if she acted completely abnormal, then it will only make her brother even more suspicious. She wont let her brother find out what she has done to his wife and one of their maid.

“Did I surprise you with my sudden arrival” Her brother smiled at her and asked.

“Y-yeah, big surprise” Xue Le forced a big smile and nodded her head, thinking.

‘Surprise that I wanted the least.

“Well, dont mind me! Before I left last time, I gave your master a teleportation talisman that she can only use when her life is threatened. I had asked the talisman master to create it in a way that I will be able to sense it whenever the talisman is used.”

“So, a few hours ago, it was activated. Thats why I came here unannounced. But, after coming here, I couldnt sense her. Do you know where she went” Her brother asked with some tension in his eyes.

“What Really How could this happen No, I havent seen master since she met Miao this morning. Brother, please dont let anything happen to my master.” Hearing his words, Xue Le showed a panicked expression and she bursts into tears just to show her concern.

Seeing his sisters expression, he pulled her into his embrace and patted her head.

“Dont worry, your brother will find her soon. And, I have a surprise for you but for that, I have to find her first. Anyway, I heard you got punished for wreaking havoc in the sect. Is your punishment finished” Her brother asked.

Xue Le nodded her head and said “Yeah, it ended a few days ago. Brother, there is something that I wanted to ask. Can I ask you here”

Her brother was a little surprised by her tone. He pushed her away from his embrace and smiled.

“Of course, you can ask me anything.”

Xue Le lowered her head and hesitated for a moment before asking.

“Brother, is there something going on between you and master”

When he heard her question, he was shocked. Then, he covered his head and laughed.

“Hahaha! I thought I could give you a surprise but it turned out you already had the suspicion.”

“Of course, I had a suspicion. You showed so much concern for her. It wasnt like showing concern to my master but rather a concern for your lover. Humph! I cant believe you actually made my master fall in love with you.”

“From what I have seen, she doesnt like men. How did you do it” Xue Le pouted and asked while sticking out her tongue.

Her brother patted her head and fondled her hair.

“Even though your future sister-in-law doesnt like most men, she has a soft spot for me. In fact, I am thankful to all those bastards who made her made. Because of that, I am the only one who gets all of her love and care.”

Twitch! Twitch!

Xue Le stung her elbow in her brothers stomach and teased “Someone is getting romantic. So, do you have any way to know her current situation I dont think she has returned back to the sect from wherever she went.”

Her brother nodded his head and took out a lamp. There was a flame burning in the flame.

“This flame represents her life. Since it is still burning, it means she is alive but I still dont know where she went.”

“Dont worry, brother! Since she was in a trouble, her teleportation must have worked wrongly. And, she should be somewhere cultivating and recovering her powers. Once she recovers, she should come back.”

“And, you still have this. So, you dont have to worry too much about her, right” Xue Le tried to calm her brother. She didnt want him to search for her right now.

She still needed some more time.

“Hmm….. You are right. I should stay here for a month and if she arrives, it would be good. But in case she doesnt, I will go out and look for her.” Her brother nodded his head and smiled.

Suddenly, a figure appeared behind him. He had a bulky body and he was wearing a white and blue dress. He had a goatee and short black hair.

“Xue Pun, it seems you came here unannounced again.” A middle-aged man stood behind him and spoke with a cold tone.

“Dont worry, I wont make any mess. I am here for a reason.” Xue Pun spoke without even looking back.

“So, what could be the reason” The middle-aged man asked.

“It doesnt concern you.” Xue Pun replied with a cold expression.

“Look Xue Pun, I dont care if you are the head of Great Family. You come to my sect, you must answer my question. Or else, our sect doesnt welcome you.” The middle-aged man spoke with rage contained in his tone.

“Dear Sister, can you go out for a moment” Xue Pun looked at his sister and asked with a smile.

Xue Le nodded her head and left. She was trembling a little since now it was only her brother and the sect master inside her room. She believed that they cant sense her inside that room but she still cant remain confident.

Inside her room.

“It seems the position of the sect master is getting into your small head.” Xue Pun stared at the sect master with a deadly stare as he spoke.

“What does that suppose to mean” The sect master narrowed his eyes and asked.

“It means you are being arrogant.”

“Oh…. Wait, look who is talking about arrogance Bastard, you forgot to bring it every time you come and visit the sect. And, you are calling me arrogant” The sect man roared at him which even Xue Le could hear from outside.

“I didnt forget this time. But, I dont know if I should be doing it when my wifes condition is unknown.” Xue Pun slowly let out a big smile and took out a big bottle filled with wine.

“Bastard, you finally brought it. Its been more than two years since I drank this. Anyway, her Life Flame is still burning, right” The sect master snatched the bottle and asked.


“Then, dont worry too much. Lets just drink and talk for a moment.” The sect master took out a small desk and two mats. He also took out a small-sized cup and placed it on the table.

As he started pouring the drink, Xue Le burst in which surprised both of them.

“Sect Master, let me pour the drink for you two!”

Xue Le ran towards them but her brother caught her and picked her up like a white rabbit and threw her out of the room.

“Dont come in!” After giving her some serious stare, he locked the door and sat on the mat.

Xue Le looked at the door with confusion. Until a year ago, whenever the sect master and her brother stays inside the room, her master also remained in and pours the drink for them.

So, why isnt she allowed to do it

Unfortunately for her, she didnt know that her brother cant let her sister serve the drink for her own brother and sect master.

She sighed and walked away.

‘I hope he wont figure it out. I really need more time.

Inside the room,

“Are you sure you should be here I saw an intense competition outside.” Xue Pun asked.

“Ahh! Dont bring that up. There are barely five geniuses that entered my eyes. Oh yeah, one of them is someone who is rumored to be your sisters lover. Hahaha! I cant believe those kids are trying to match your sister with him not knowing her condition.” The sect master opened his mouth and drop some bombs.

“What” Xue Pun slammed his cup on the desk and opened his eyes wide.

“Dont think too much! Its just a rumor. Its just that childs talent is very unique. And, he awakened just after your sister started tutoring him.”

“And, because of his unique talent, she tried to win him over into her faction which led to this belief. I dont think your sister would fall for someone who comes with no background and is currently at the First Stage of Foundation Realm.” The sect master tried to calm him down and poured the wine into his cup.

Xue Pun took a deep breath and nodded his head.

“Anyway, whats his unique talent Is it really interesting”

“Apparently so! He got an eye talent that allows him to copy not just someones martial art but also his experience. Of course, there are some restrictions but just imagine the potential of this talent.”

“If he is given an opportunity, it wont take him long to catch up to most geniuses.” The sect master nodded his head and answered.

“Interesting! Should I pay him a visit tonight”


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