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Strongest Offline Cultivation Chapter 23

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On the edge of the forest, a small burst into pieces as a powerful pressure suddenly bursts out. This pressure was so big that it spread nearly hundreds of meters away and destroyed everything.

“Hey, are you two alright” Inside the clouds of dust, the foxs voice rang.

“Yeah! Yeah! We are fine. We are fine but what happened to your voice” Fu Chens father spoke as well.

But, they were still inside the clouds of dust.

“My voice! No, my body. What is going on” The dust slowly fades away with the swing of a beautiful jade hand as she speaks.

But when the dust truly clears up, Fu Chens parents scream.


“Shoot! Shoot!”

Fu Chens father instantly turns around and closes his eyes.

“What happened” The fox still didnt realize until she looks down and the next moment, she screams.


“What is going on Why did I transform all of the sudden No, how did I transform all of a sudden” The fox shouted as she tried to cover her upper body with one hand and lower part with another.

“Thats not the point! Wear some clothes first.” Fu Chens mother screamed at her. For a second, she didnt recognize just how beautiful her future daughter-in-law looked in human forms.

She had beautiful jade-like skin. It looked incredibly smooth and soft. She had white hair and blue eyes. She was nearly as tall as Fu Chens father and had a slender body.

Her hips curved perfectly alongside her waists. She looked stunning. But, due to the panic, both of them didnt notice. The fox tried to find a shawl and used it to cover her body.

“Alright Honey, now you can look at her but be careful! Only after she calmed down, did Fu Chens mother recognize that beauty.

Fu Chens father turned around for a moment. He was frozen as well.

“You look so beautiful. What happened here How did you transform” Fu Chens mother ignore her husbands reaction and caught the foxs shoulders while asking her.

But, the fox got uncomfortable being touched by the humans so she tried to struggle but when she did that, her mind suddenly drifted away.

It was under the blue sky. The ground was also the blue sky. Everything around her was the blue sky. When her consciousness came to her, she saw a boy standing in front of her.

This boy had black hair and eyes, looked a lot like someone she knows, and also fit the age perfectly.

The boy slowly walked towards her. Out of instinct, she tried to move, but she didnt succeed. She couldnt move her body and the closer he got, the more she panicked.

She tried to speak but not a single word came out of her mouth. The boy reached near her. He was slightly shorter than her. So, he stood on his tip-toe. His hands moved around her waist.

She tried to struggle but she couldnt even move an inch. And, the boy pressed his lips on her. Her eyes just widened when he kissed her. As their lips touched, a strange sensation flowed in her body.

She wanted to reject it one moment but she wanted to continue another moment. Rejection and Acceptance! Both were happening at the same time. Slowly, she melted on that kiss.

Her hand finally moved. And, they moved just around his neck. She got intensely engaged in it as both of them started moving out their tongue. When their tongue touched each other, it electrocuted them.

When she was electrocuted, she suddenly pushed him away and the next moment, her consciousness disappeared.


The next moment, her mind reappeared back in her body as she screamed.

“What happened Are you alright” Fu Chens mother looked at him with concerned eyes. And, when she saw those eyes, she suddenly remembered his face. The next moment, she remembered their kiss and her face turned red.

“Its okay. Let me check something! I havent learned transformation technique so I dont know how I transformed.” The fox pushed her away and released her powerful spiritual sense.

It went inside her body and the next moment, her eyes remained wide open until tears fell down her cheeks.

“Awakened! Awakened! I awakened my bloodline. I finally awakened my bloodline. Hahaha! I finally awakened my bloodline.”

While crying, she started laughing and shouting about her bloodline. Fu Chens parents looked at each other and bitterly smiled. They got the feeling that she will leave now.

They didnt know where this feeling was coming from. Just the thought of that made them sad.

“This is bad. This is bad. This is bad.” But the next moment, the fox started screaming as she suddenly remembered something. She was angry and happy at the same time.

“What happened Are you going to leave” Fu Chens mother anxiously asked.

“Leave No, I am not leaving. This is bad because I kissed your son in my mind. And, I wasnt the one who did it. I couldnt move. He just walked near me and kissed me. Oh, ancestor! This is so not good.”

“What should I do What should I do”

Hearing her words, Fu Chens parents looked at each other in confusion. After a few seconds, Fu Chens mother said “Honey, can you leave and search for anything that we can use later”

“Ahh, yes!” Fu Chens father realized the situation and left.

At this moment, the fox was screaming and moving around with an embarrassed expression. Fu Chens mother walked near her and hold her arms.

“Calm down, dear! First, calm down and tell everything. Sometimes sharing things with someone you know helps a lot.”

The fox bites her lips and nodded her head.

“I dont know what actually happened. All of a sudden, my bloodline awakened. The bloodline that I have been trying to awaken completely for a long time is now awakened.”

“And because of that awakening, I can take the human form without any problem. Just when I was going to talk to you, my conscious mind suddenly drifted into a world that I dont even know.”

“There, I saw your son. He was standing right in front of him. He just looked like him and you. So, I recognized him instantly. But, when I tried to move, I found that I couldnt move.”

“And, he just walked towards me. He didnt say a word. I couldnt say a word. And, he kissed me. After that, I was able to move so when I pushed him away, my consciousness returned back to my body.”

“Well, after that, I checked my body and found that I have awakened my bloodline.”

Hearing her story, Fu Chens mother couldnt help but give thumbs up to her son inside her mind. She didnt know how her son did that or was it just her imagination but he did something great.

But, she couldnt show that to her. She nodded her head and said, “Well, now stop thinking about all of that and tell me your name.”

Hearing her words, the fox realized that she hasnt introduced herself and also didnt know their names as well.

“My name is Shen Xui.” The fox introduced herself.

“Well, my name is Fu Murong. And, my husbands name is Fu Tan. Now that you are healed, whats your plan” Fu Murong asked with a little bit of concern.

“What plan I will stay here and try to get familiarized with my new powers. This awakening has pushed my powers to the limit. I am not sure if I can ever grow further but there are lots of things that I dont yet. So, I will stay here and learn about my bloodline.” Shen Xui had no plan to leave especially after sharing that kiss.

Hearing her words, Fu Murongs smile became wide.

“Thank you so much for accompanying us!” She pulled Shen Xui into her embrace, completely forgetting that she is a monster beast.

When she got pulled into her embrace, Shen Xui couldnt resist it just like before. Her mind didnt even command her to move away. It felt so surreal and amazing.

But, suddenly her eyes narrowed. She instantly got up and closed her eyes. Slowly, the shawl on her body transformed into a white robe. It covered her body from top to bottom with transparent sleeves and blue cloth that tied her robe.

She pulled Fu Murong behind her and instantly released her spiritual sense. The next moment, her murderous intent shot up. She instantly rushed to the front and saw a lady holding Fu Tan in the air with her true essence.

Fu Tan was struggling in the air.

“Honey!” Fu Murong ran towards her after seeing her husband in the air from far. Her eyes were filled with terror.

“Who are you” Shen Xui stared at the lady and asked.

“A monster beast living with the humans. Do two of you know the consequences of actions” The Treasury Elder looked at Fu Tan and asked while also looking at Fu Murong.

“Tsk! Death!” Fu Tan clicked his tongue and spoke with nothing but disdain in his eyes. It was so pure that she couldnt see a single trace of fear in his eyes. This made the treasury lady stunned.


As soon as she got the opportunity, Shen Xui opened her fist and her nails elongated as her body dashed towards the Treasury Lady.

The Treasury Lady seeing her approaching with an immense force on her nails creates a powerful barrier around her while releasing Fu Tan.

Bang! Crack! Thud! Thud!


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