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‘Argh! Where am I A fox sleeping on the bed grunted as she slowly opened her eyes. She was covered with bandages. She looked around and found herself inside a small house.

‘The last time I remembered I was overcoming my tribulation. How did I come here

‘Ahh! This hurts…

The fox tried to stand up but her legs couldnt support her properly. But, her eyes saw the small head near the bed. When she saw the head, she immediately recognized that head.

It was the human head. But, she didnt understand why she was inside a human house covered in bandages.


The door suddenly opened and attracted her attention. The fox turned her head and looked at the middle-aged woman walking inside.

“Oh! You are awake. Honey, dont fall asleep when you are supposed to take care of someone.”

The middle-aged woman walked up to the bed while shouting at her husband. But her husband didnt wake up.

“He must be tired. Anyway, I am glad that you woke up. With our condition, we didnt think we could help you survive.”

Saying so, she put a bowl full of liquid on the bed and said “Drink it! Its nothing much but it will give you the energy to heal. I heard monster beasts have a powerful healing ability. This will give you the energy to use that ability.”

While she put the bowl on the bed, some drops spit on the ground. The fox could see her hands trembling.

“Sorry about that! Of all the monster beasts we have seen, none of them let the humans live after seeing them. So, its just instinct. Its funny, isnt it Even though you could kill us after you heal, we still saved you.”

“But, I believe if you do good things, something good will always happen to you. I am living my life in this belief.”

The middle-aged womans voice was trembling a little.

The fox glanced at her and thought.

‘What a weird woman Does she really think monster beasts will listen to her belief Humans are their mortal enemies. There is no way a monster would let her live.

“Anyway, I am not sure if you can understand me but you should drink it. I will go and make some food for tonight.” The middle-aged woman left the room without waking up her husband.

‘Is she really leaving him here Is she just too kind or too foolish The fox was confused at her behavior. But, her eyes fell on the bowl of liquid.

Sniff! Sniff!

‘Rice huh! The fox thought to herself and looked around once again.

‘One room! Rice soup! I guess she is both foolish and kind.

Thinking so, the fox finally started licking the liquid from the bowl.

‘For the kindness, they showed, I should forget the enmity and leave once I can walk.

The fox finally decided to leave without causing any problems. That night the middle-aged man woke up. Husband and wife had dinner. Since there was only one room, they slept on the floor while the fox slept on the bed.

Like that, the days passed.

On the third day, she recovered a little. The life went on and somehow she began to understand the life of those two even more.

She was shocked to find that they were living somewhere far from other humans. They were risking their lives here just because they could grow more food, sell it, and earn money.

Then, they dont use that money for themselves. Instead, they sent their money to their son. The fox could easily see their talent and from that, she could deduct their childs talent.

To give up so much for a child who doesnt have talent, she understood just how kind they are. During these three days, she learned a lot about them. The middle-aged woman mumbled a lot in front of her and she had no choice but to hear.

She told her about her son nearly a hundred times and every time she brought up that topic, she ended it by sayingI hope my son can find a beautiful and kind girl to marry.

She heard this line for hundred times. She didnt know whether this woman was just telling her or convincing her to marry his son.

At the night, the fox stared at the couple and thought.

‘I guess this is the last night we will be spending together. Thanks for curing me, humans!

After spending three days with them, the fox finally grew a little attached to them. Finally, she closed her eyes to sleep but the next moment, her eyes opened and a serious expression appeared in her eyes.

A strange wave emit out of her and covered hundreds of meters, keeping her at the center. Through this wave, she started hearing the voice in her mind.

“Do you think he planned all this”

“What do you mean”

“I mean it took us three days to find them and we had to ask several people. Dont you think it is suspicious for his parents to live so far from others”

“Now that you mentioned it, everything feels like he planned. Dont tell me he waited till he could get on the radar of that girl to awaken his talent”

“I wont rule that out. It is possible that he knew about the masters identity and had to find a background for himself. Now, he is protected at the sect by them and his parents live in a place which took three days even for us to find.”

“Well, even he did plan his, he forgot about the variables. We are the variables here. Even if he had hidden them far, they are still nothing but mortals.”

“Alright! Enough talk. Lets kill them and return. We have been running around for three days without rest.”

“Yes, you are right. I am a bit tired too.”

When the fox heard those words, her eyes turned cold. She turned her head at the couple who were sleeping soundly and suddenly her cold eyes changed.


She finally decided to help them solve these people but suddenly, she heard another voice.

“W-wh-who are you”

The shaky voice of the assassins rang in her mind which made her confused. Then, she channeled strange energy in her eyes and looked through the building.

Nearly hundreds of meters away, she saw a girl killing those assassins. The girl was none other than Miao.

“I never thought of that possibility but now it feels like he is trying to use us. Should I teach him a lesson for using us”

Miao muttered as she also believed in that possibility. After killing those assassins, she turned around and muttered.

“It seems like he wont rest until he kills that guy. I promised to stop assassins until the competition which would start tomorrow. I guess this is my last job then.”

Saying so, she turned around and muttered “Although he hid them well, they will die. That crazy man wont stop sending assassins. Death is probably a good thing for them.”


Just when she said those words, she heard a growl. She instantly turned around but she didnt see anyone. The next moment, her legs started trembling.

‘What is the pressure Where is it coming from No, there is no time to think. I need to run.

Miao freaked out as she turned around but a voice rang in her mind.

“Where do you think you are going”

When she heard this voice, immense pressure pushed her to the ground.

‘Whats going on Why is there a strong monster beast here Monster King No, its the same as the Mistress. Monster Emperor! What is Monster Emperor doing here

Unlike humans, monsters have a different realm categorized by humans. Profound Monster Beast, Spirit Monster Beast, Monster Lord, Monster King, and finally Monster Emperor.

Monster Emperors are equal to that of the Nascent Soul Realm. She never thought there would be one living here. But, she still couldnt sense its position.

Monster Emperor could hide their presence and thats how the fox managed to sneak far away from other monsters. After all, if she had awakened the bloodline in front of other Monster Emperors, they wouldve attacked her.

If they cant get stronger, they wont let others get stronger. This is the hidden rule of the world of strength.

“It seems you know a lot about that boy. Although I want to devour your soul, I am currently tamed and thus killing you would only make them worse. So, tell me everything before I really have to kill you.”

When she heard tamed, she couldnt believe it for a moment. Monster Emperor getting tamed is a miracle that has never happened. But, as she more thinks about her questions, the more confused and terrified she got.

“Didnt I tell you what to do Tell me everything about that boy.”


Wait, did you forget to vote with powerstones. Come on, you cant do that to me. Vote! Vote! Vote!


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