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Strongest Offline Cultivation Chapter 18

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Twelve hours later,

“Alright, we will continue our training tomorrow.” Xue Le stood in front of Fu Chen covered in sweat while panting.

Fu Chen was in worse condition than her. He was laying on the ground. He nodded his head while panting and tried to stand up. Todays training was truly hard, especially since they continued it for four more hours.

Xue Le and Fu Chen rested for a few minutes and finally left. Fu Chen went straight to his house. Thankfully, his dress was only wet, not torn. He washed it and dried it while taking a bath.

It was already night so he wore another dress and eat some rice balls before sleeping. When he slept on his wooden bed, he suddenly missed the comfortable couch.

Even if it was for sitting, it was a hundred times better than his. He bitterly smiled and murmured “We cant be greedy. If cultivators mind isnt settled, then he will fall astray.”

“I need to be satisfied with what I have while striving for greater strength. But for now, I need a good sleep.”

Fu Chen closed his eyes but just as he drifted into his sleep, the door slowly opened.

Whoosh! Thud!

A figure rushed towards him with an extreme speed. Fu Chen instantly sensed it and rolled down the bed. A dagger pierced his wooden bed but he didnt see the person clearly.

It was completely dark before but the moonlight coming from the door gave him a little vision. As soon as he escaped that attack, he ran Storm Steps and pushed his foot with all of his strength.

Thud! Crack!

He punched his way out of his house. His current strength was enough to break the wood. As soon as he got out, he tried to run away but when he ran, he stumbled against the body of the killer.


The killer instantly thrusts his dagger forward. When it touched his stomach skin, Fu Chen felt nothing but coldness. His strength was nowhere enough to block this attack. He had no way to evade it.

He felt nothing but death. He couldnt even feel pain. But just after touched his skin, it didnt pierce. This froze Fu Chen. Only then did he notice someone near him.

He turned around and saw a girl. The same girl he saw in the kitchen of Xue Les mansion but now she no longer had that smile. Her expression was icy cold.

The killer tried to move his hand but he was stuck. He got no choice but to slam his other hand against the hand that was holding him. But, before he could land a hit, he was suddenly pulled up in the air.

The hand was no longer holding so he tried to escape but the next moment while he was still in the air, his face got covered with a hand.


Miao slammed his head on the ground and the blood splattered on her hand. She didnt just slam him but also crushed his head with her finger. With the blood dripping from her finger, she stood up and stared at Fu Chen.

Seeing that icy stare, Fu Chen knew what was coming for him. He gulped his saliva and remained thankful that he is alive. He didnt know he will continue to live but at least, the imminent threat is gone.

“Seeing your expression, I can guess that you know whats coming for you,” Miao spoke with not so usual tone. She was very cold.

Fu Chen nodded his head while thinking.

‘Well, she is a cold bi*ch.

At this moment, all of the good feelings he had about her were completely gone.

“Good! Now, I dont need to tell you the consequences if you dont do what you are told to. I dont want to waste my words insulting you. So, lets be direct. If Miss tries to talk, ignore her or try to end the conversation.”

“I dont care if that makes her hate you. She wont kill you thats for sure but she will slowly forget you and thats all we want. In return, I will help you solve this assassination problem until the competition.”

“After that, everything depends on you!”

Saying so, Miao turned around but just when she was leaving, Fu Chen spoke.

“Please stop!”

Miao stopped and turned around. Her eyes were truly cold but Fu Chen raised his hands and said “I am not saying that I wont do what you told me. So, you dont need to intimidate me but there is one little favor that I want to ask you. Can I”

Miao stayed silent for a moment but then nodded her head.

“I know I am stepping out of my boundary but can I take this slow She is my tutor for now. There are still four days remaining and I dont want to make her feel that I have gotten arrogant just because I awakened my talent.”

“I want to take this slow. Give me four days! I will settle this with her and then probably never got in your way. Just four days!”

Hearing his words, Miao narrowed her eyes and frightened Fu Chen for a moment. But, after a while, she nodded her head.

“Thank you! Thank you very much!”

Miao didnt say anything and left with the body of the assassin. A few minutes later, she arrived above a mansion. It wasnt Xue Les mansion but rather Elder Zhangs.

Crack! Thud!

She got above his room and throws the assassins body. His body collided against the glass and broke inside.

Elder Zhang who was meditating inside saw the body and looked up. There was no one standing above but he quickly realized who did it.

“Master! What happened”

Suddenly, one of his men ran inside the room. He froze when he saw the body of the assassin.

“Master, did someone send an assassin” He looked at Elder Zhang and asked.

“No! It seems like I cant make my move within the sect even if it is outside the sect boundary. But, do you really think you can stop me, bi*ch”

“Po! That bastard has a family outside the city, right Send assassins to kill his parents. If I cant start with him, I will start with his family.” Elder Zhangs eyes turned cold as he looked at the body of the killer.

“Yes, master but why dont I go and solve this for you It wont take me long.” Po asked.

Elder Zhang shook his head and said “Po, there is no need to involve yourself in these tiny matters. You are my only hope to complete my dream. Dont forget who you are. That bastard doesnt deserve to be killed by you.”

Po smiled and nodded his head as walked. After he walked out, a few assassins wearing black clothes and black masks appeared next to him.

“You know the target, right” Po asked.

They nodded their head and left. Po walked away and entered a room.

Po walked to the bed and sat crossed legs. He looked at the door and muttered “One month! I should be able to reach the peak of the Law Condensation Realm in one month. After that, I will start hunting geniuses for you, master.”


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