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“The elder who takes care of the library, the elder who takes care of treasury, three elders who are the heads of Law Enforcement Committee, and the elder who takes care of Tasks.”

“You must always maintain the highest level of respect for them. If you are supported by even one of them, then you wont have to fear anyone unless you are doing something wrong.”

Hearing her words, Fu Chen kept his mouth open. He didnt expect there to be six elders to have strength equal to the sect master and status same as him. He felt like the frog in the well who knows only things that he sees.

Suddenly, he thought of something and asked.

“Miss Xue, forgive me if I am rude but the way you speak in that room felt like you were backed by someone of such status. Is it true”

Hearing his question, Xue Le nodded her head and said “I am backed by the elder who takes care of treasury. She is my master. And, if you are also curious about my punishment then you can say that I have done something like this before but took it to a much higher level.”

This made Fu Chen think for a while and question.

“Was it also related to Elder Zhang”

Xue Le suddenly froze and a sad expression appeared on her face.

“Sorry, if that offended you.” Fu Chen quickly apologized seeing her sad face but he was still curious about that incident.

Xue Le shook her head and said “Almost every inner disciple knows this so it isnt something that I need to hide from you. Actually, a year ago, I almost wreaked havoc in his place for what he did.”

“He is just trash without any talent or strength. All the strength that he has is only because Royal Family needed to save their face and so they used different resources to increase his cultivation.”

“Thats why he hates those who have talent but comes from a low background family. He cant stand it when they have the talent better than him when he is from the Royal Family. You can say that it is his pride of Royal Family.”

“Four years ago, I and a girl joined the Sect together. We quickly became friends. She was very talented at cultivation as well. But, quickly, I realized something. She was being targeted by someone.”

“One day, she was found on the bed of that scum. She was drugged and taken there. Not only he took the advantage of her, but he also made her look bad in everyones eyes saying that she did all of that to get in contact with Royal Family.”

“This put her into an extreme condition and her family was apprehended because the sect saw her act as a mistake. Later, she couldnt bear it anymore nor she could take revenge. So, she killed herself.”

“I was in so much rage that I went to his house and almost killed his servants. At that time, my strength was a lot weaker than current me but still, I had more than enough strength to face him head to head.”

“My actions felt like rebellion to the sect and thus I was apprehended. But, because of my masters face, they only punished me for a year. Thats why I did everything I could to insult him in front of the crowd of elders. In fact, I wanted to insult him in front of everyone but I need to wait for that opportunity.”

Hearing her words, Fu Chen finally closed his mouth and remained silent. But, it only made him awkward. Finally, he couldnt help but resist asking.

“So, what are you planning to do him I am pretty sure he will target me soon enough.”

His question surprised her. She shook her head and said, “I am not sure what I would do but I am pretty sure that I am going to make him pay for every sin he has committed.”

Hearing her words, Fu Chen understood the deep grudge even more. He sighed. Although Xue Le helped him get out of the trouble, she also invited more trouble for some.

Now, he has to look out for assassination. Inside the Sect, normally assassination doesnt occur but he is still not the part of the sect and he doesnt live inside the main boundaries of the sect.

So, it wouldnt be hard to say that he might not live if someone strong truly attacks him.

“Alright! Lets go back to the Training Hall and start our training. Although your strength has improved overall, you can always improve, right” After they reached a certain distance, Xue Le turned towards the Training hall and spoke.


Suddenly, a voice rang from Fu Chen which surprised her. Fu Chen turned away his head with embarrassment and said “Sorry Miss Xue, I didnt get the lunch in the morning.”

There was no such thing as breakfast for him. After all, he can barely eat two times a day with the money his parents sent him.

“Hehe! Sorry for being so inconsiderate. How about I treat you to a meal today Lets go to my place and grab lunch.” Xue Le chuckled and decided to invite him to her place.

But, Fu Chen was terrified just with the thought of that. He quickly shook his head and said “No, no, how can I ask my tutor for the food It wont take long. I will be back in just twenty minutes.”

Saying so, he turned around but Xue Le caught his shoulder and said.

“Lets go to my place and eat!”

At this moment, Fu Chen didnt know what to say. He wanted to go as well but thinking about all of the problems that might create, he got terrified.

“Come on! Its just a small lunch. Its not like you are going to sleep at my place. And, more importantly, why are you shy about eating at your tutors place Are you starting to have bad thoughts about me” Xue Le tried to convince him but in a hard way.

When she said her last sentence, she gave him a powerful gaze that terrified him even more. His head went to the vibration mode as he started shaking it.

“Thats good then, lets go!”

Finally, he had no choice but to agree. Xue Les place was in the most silent place of all in Yellow Star City but still within the boundaries of the sect. It took them nearly half an hour to reach there. For some reason, Xue Le decided to walk slowly while chatting with him.

When he reached in front of her place, his mouth opened wide. It was a mansion, a really big and shiny mansion. The path that led to the door was paved with crystal and the mansion with colored golden and red.

It looked gorgeous. And, before moving in, he noticed some of the people near the mansion. All of them were female and they seemed to be working with different things.


Only people who have a lot of wealth can hire maids and hiring maids for such a large amount is even more ridiculous. He doesnt even know how much her family earns to give such a luxurious life to her.

As he walked with her, he started getting stares from those maids. He couldnt help but feel uncomfortable. He started regretting coming here. But, his expression didnt get unnoticed by Xue Le. She simply smiled and said.

“Dont mind their stares! I have never brought a man here. So, they are quite surprised.”

‘Easy for you to say. Why am I even here Fu Chen rolled his eyes and tried to calm himself. But the more thought about it, the more he regretted coming here.

They entered the mansion. The door was left open since there were maids guarding it. They walked in and he was left stunned once again. The interior of the mansion was even more gorgeous than he thought.

The golden pillars, colorful paintings and sculptures, and a lot of other stuff that he didnt even know existed.

“Miao, serve the lunch for two people!”

Saying so, she turned her head at Fu Chen and said “Sit here for a moment! I will be back soon.”

Fu Chen stiffly nodded his head and sat on the couch which was more expensive than his entire house. He couldnt believe that he was sitting there. He didnt even feel anything.

After all, he had the bad of sitting on the stone or wood. Sitting on a fluffy couch wasnt part of his life.

While he waited, Xue Le went to her room. She went straight in front of the big mirror hanging on the wall. She stared at her reflection and roared in mind.

‘What the hell did I just do

Her face turned red with embarrassment. She stomped her foot a few times and roared even more.

‘I never brought a man in my house before. So, why now Why him Oh my god, this is getting really embarrassing. Calm down, Xue! Calm down! The ground is still beneath you, the sky is still above you. Nothing has changed.

‘Just calm down and take this as your first experience!


On the edge of the forest, the black clouds were no longer there. On the ground, there was a fox covered in blood. She was breathing her last breath.

‘Ancestor, it seems even I failed to awaken your bloodline.

Slowly, tears fell down her eyes as she continued to blame herself.

‘Sorry for disappointing you, ancestor! I am too weak to bear your bloodline.


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