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Her words brought a completely new vision to the people about her. They knew she was a sharp girl but not by this much. And, with all that confidence she has, it would be hard to believe that she was lying.

Elder Zhu and Elder Zhang were beaming with rage coming out of their heads. It was so hard for them to take it in but they couldnt do anything either.

Elder Zhu had to make a decision. And, he knew he cant get into the bad side of Elder Zhang either. So, he had pretty much no choice but to show the complete version of Roaring Tiger Stance to him.

“Elder Zhu, I think we can solve this without much conflict if you just display all three stances of Roaring Tiger Stance in their perfection state.” The lady elder who was sitting on the chair spoke as she no longer wanted this conflict to go wild.

Hearing her words, Elder Zhu got no choice. Two male elders walked out of their seats and went near Elder Zhu.

Elder Zhu stretched his hands to them and closed his eyes. Two elders caught his hand and their spiritual qi burst out. It flowed through their hands and entered his hands.

Slowly, a yellow crest appeared on both of his wrists. When that crest appeared, two elders took back their hands and left. Elder Zhu glanced at his crests and felt a powerful suppression over his dantian.

He can still perform all three stances of Roaring Tiger Stance without any difficulties in their perfect state but their powers wouldnt be good enough.

“Come closer!” Miss Xue whispered and Fu Chen got even closer to her.

Miss Xue released her energy but it wasnt normal spiritual qi. It was more condensed like the water. It was flowing through her veins and emitting out a blue barrier around both of them.

Elder Zhu snorted seeing this but he didnt care. He clenched his fist and took the first stance. His knees bent and slowly, a figure emerged out of him. But unlike Fu Chens, it felt like a phantom was separating out from his body.

It didnt feel like the phantom at all. It felt more like a soul body.

‘Ysla, how many years do you think I will lose if I comprehend it Seeing such a process, Fu Chen immediately asked Ysla. He could feel the power of the first stance and the difference wasnt something he expected.

‘Nearly Three Years! Are you sure you should comprehend it Ysla asked.

‘Yeah! I cant let down Miss Xue. I must comprehend it. Is there a way you can guarantee that I will be able to capture it in a single shot Fu Chen asked.

‘Dont worry! You already got the foundation for this art. So, Copy-Paste Function would easily be able to copy this art. Ysla reassured him and went silent.

At this moment, Fu Chen didnt know what was going on but his eyes were capturing every single movement that Elder Zhu was making.

Unlike Fu Chens attack, the tiger phantom completely coated Elder Zhu right from the start while Elder Zhu focused on releasing spiritual qi into his hand.

He pressurized the coating until it felt like it will break. This allowed him to condense a lot of spiritual qi in it.

“First Stance- Crushing Fangs!”

He took a step forward and punched straight. When he punched, the coating opened its fist and bents its nails towards the target which was air. So, when he punched, it not only released a powerful impact, it also captured the air for a moment and slammed everything away when his fist reached the air that his phantom fangs caught.

From the outside, Fu Chen only saw him punching so hard that created a vacuum the size of a fist which released immense air pressure toward the target.

It looked like a two-strike attack. One strike struck and created a vacuum while releasing an immense impact on collision. And, the second strike was the air pressure pushing everything with an immense impact.

But, he didnt stop there. Just like Fu Chen, he stretched back his arm and opened his fist. The phantoms hands were already opened. The phantom was already red before but now it was slowly changed to scarlet.

And not just that, the phantom was leaking out red blood like droplets. Each time the droplet hits the ground, it melts the ground. It wasnt the drops of blood rather densely condensed true essence.

Without wasting any moment, he slashed his hand across the air. His slash created ripples in the air. And, not just that, when his hand slashed down, those same droplets fell from his hand as well.

“Second Stance- Pouring Blood Fang!”

When the ripples were released, powerful slashes moved towards those elders but they easily blocked it with their true essence. Even so, it managed to create a sharp line on the ground and also some holes with the help of those droplets.

After finishing the second stance, he slightly raised his right hand and connected his left hand to his right hands wrist. He opened his palm wide and pulled his hands near his stomach.

His body released an immense amount of true essence which condensed on his palm. Unlike previous trikes, he took nearly thirty seconds of break. He didnt move even an inch but at the same time, an immense amount of true essence condensed on his palm.

“Third Stance- Tiger Cannon”

Boom! Bang! Bang! Bang!

His palm released all of that true essence in a stream of energy that just blast through the desk. Although it didnt break those elders defenses, it easily pierced through the desk and made some damage even though his strength was suppressed a lot.

“Well, we needed to change this desk anyway.” The lady elder spoke as she broke the silence. Elder Zhu bowed in front of them and retreated but at this moment, Miss Xue spoke.

“Elder Zhu, would you hold on for a moment”

Hearing her words, Elder Zhu stopped and glanced at her in an unhappy mood. Miss Xue didnt care about him. She looked at Fu Chen and asked “Did you get it”

Hearing those words, everyone looked at her with suspicion.

“Although he can copy someones martial art, it also depends upon the person who did it. Before teaching him another martial art, I had to demonstrate him nearly ten times.”

“But, he was able to comprehend it as soon as he got the hold of foundation. So, I hope Elder Zhu wont mind displaying it again in case his eyes get caught your movements.”

“Its alright, Miss Xue. I got it.”

Fu Chen interrupted her but his face was turning pale. All that information almost made his brain overload. If it wasnt for his strong Willpower, he wouldnt have succeeded.

Miss Xue also noticed his situation but she didnt do anything. Fu Chen walked to the center of the stage and bowed in front of the elders.

Just like before, he took the stance. While he closed his eyes, everyone got their eyes wide open. Just like Elder Zhu, this time the phantom separated from his body and covered him.

This separation was more like coming out of his body and covering him from outside. This makes a gap between the phantom and him which was filled with silver-blue spiritual qi, especially at his fist.

“First Stance- Crushing Fangs!”

He took a step forward and slammed his fist. Unlike before, his fist created a powerful impact and an air cannon at the same time. But, it didnt do much damage. The air cannon barely touched those elders barriers.

Then, he took his hand back. His blue phantom transformed into red and his spiritual qi also transformed. Just like Elder Zhu, his phantom was dropping the bloody liquid except it only made a few centimeters deep hole.

“Second Stance- Pouring Blood Claw!”


Without waiting for a single moment, he slashed his arm and created the ripples just like Elder Zhu. These ripples released the sharp wind slashes but they just got blocked by the desk itself. They werent big like Elder Zhu who used True Essence.

Finally, he attached both wrists of his hands together and opened his palm wide. He pulled his arms back and condensed an immense amount of spiritual qi into his palms.

“Third Stance- Tiger Cannon”


The energy didnt come out like the stream rather it came out like a ball. It struck the desk and exploded the entire desk into pieces. As soon as he finished his attack, he tried to stand still but he loses his balance quickly as his eyes slowly closes.

But, Miss Xue instantly reacts and catches him before he falls to the ground.

“Are you alright” She asked.

Fu Chen slowly adjusted him with her help and nodded his head. That took a lot of toll on his body.

After receiving his response, Miss Xue turned her head at the elders and said.

“So, do you still think Disciple Fu Chen illegally trained Martial Art”

At this moment, three elders remained silent but just when they tried to reply, Elder Zhang, spoke.

“Yes, I think Disciple Fu Chen illegally trained the Martial Art of Sun Dragon Sect. And, he should be punished for that.”


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