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“So, it is really all about talent huh!” Fu Chen clenched his fist when he heard that word. Ysla was correct. Its only because of a system that he can now catch up to the top genius.

His hard work and persistence wont matter at all.

Miss Xue sighed after seeing his reaction. She expected it. After all, she has seen him putting so much effort into cultivation just to realize that everything is only possible with talent.

Of course, he would be mad. Who wouldnt The amount of hard work he puts into the cultivation doesnt matter at all if he doesnt have talent but she also knows something else.

She walked near him and patted his shoulder.

“Although hard work without talent is nothing, hard work with talent can push you to the top faster than hundreds and thousands of people. You see, when you have everything, you will do nothing.”

“Only when you have nothing, you will try to achieve everything. Do you know you pushed yourself to death during your awakening Zhu Tan awakened his martial spirit a year ago but now he is only at the Middle-Tier of the First Stage.”

“Of course, it is also because if he reaches the Second-Stage before the competition, he wont be able to participate. The rewards of the competition are quite alluring.”

“But still, he wastes most of his time and doesnt work hard. So, even if his talent is better than you, he is only one step ahead of you even though you awakened yesterday.”

“And, do you know why you survive yesterday Because you are a hard-working man. You were persistent and trained your body with the basics. To reach the first stage, one needs to clear his meridian.”

“The clog inside the meridian is stubborn and it cant be moved with easier force. So, we need to charge an immense amount of spiritual qi inside our body in order to open that clog.”

“The problem is that if we do it at once, then our body will explode unless we have trained our body for a year which you did. Do you know why your Martial Spirit absorbed such a crazy amount of spiritual qi in a single try”

“You already know that Martial Spirit is the souls of those from ancient races. So, they have some level of consciousness. And, when you awaken them, you forged a bond with them.”

“Forging the bond allows the Martial Spirit to understand you better and change itself according to your Will. It knew you had been working hard persistently for a year and it knew your body was ready for this.”

“So, it just grabbed all of the spiritual qi around you and helped you reach the first stage of cultivation. So to speak, your hard work paid off. All those days and nights you put into training paid off.”

“Believe me or not, it took me a week to reach the first stage because I never trained my body as you did. Without talent, you cant do anything in this world.”

“But, there is an unknown force known as Luck. If you have it, then with your hard work, you can do something that people with talent cant even think of doing. Do you understand the worth of your hard work now”

Hearing her words, Fu Chen felt like bursting into tears. But, he held on. Although it would the tears of happiness, it would still be shameful to cry in front of her.

He nodded his head and sourly spoke “Yes, Miss Xue!”

“Good! Now, lets train more. Remember talent to flow the spiritual qi as you wish isnt something you can perfect by talent alone. But, we arent striving for perfection.”

“You just need to focus on flowing the spiritual qi in a way that the next time you do it, it should always be better than before. That is called improving, understand” Miss Xue walked to his side as both of them stood in the middle and explained.

“Yes, Miss Xue!” Fu Chen nodded his head and stood straight.

“Now, lets run. You and me side by side. I will control my strength at your level so that we can be fairer. So, try to stay with me as much as you can.” Miss Xue released her spiritual qi.

Fu Chen did the same and the next second, both of them ran. Their speed was uncatchable by the naked eyes but for both of them, they were able to see each others movements.

Fu Chen was now seeing her movement clearly because she was controlling her true strength and letting him see her movements properly.

Eight Hours Later,

“Alright! Lets end our training here.”

Miss Xue stopped running and spoke. Fu Chen immediately stopped as well unlike before he didnt lose his control. They have been training for eight hours while taking twenty minutes break in each hour.

“Thank you for your lesson, Miss Xue!” Since they were going to end the training, Fu Chen gave her a deep bow and thanked her.

Miss Xue patted his shoulder and smiled.

“It was nice teaching someone who works hard as I do. Normally, most of my friends give up after two or three hours of regular training. So, I had fun teaching you.”

“Tomorrow, we will continue this training and hopefully I can reach the Small Accomplishment. I will try to get guidance from my master tonight and hopefully, I can learn a lot.”

“By the way, take this!” Miss Xue took out a small jar filled with black cylindrical pills and passed it to him.

Seeing those pills, Fu Chen paused for a moment but quickly he realized the identity of those pills and immediately backed off.

“No, no, how can I take those from you I am already grateful that you are teaching me inside the Training Hall. I cant take those.”

Qi Condensed Pill! Qi Grass can be found everywhere in the lands of Five Regions but only Alchemist can turn Qi Grass into something that the cultivator can use to improve their cultivation.

It is called Qi Condensed Pill. A small black pill is condensed by using a lot of Qi Grass. The problem is that because it requires a lot of Qi Grass and also can only be done by the alchemist, it costs a lot.

“Just take it and think of it as I am investing in you.” Miss Xue slightly bent closer to him and said.

“Since I am helping you this much, you will help me in the future, right”

Her hot breath struck his face and his eyes could barely leave those half-closed upper clothes.

Her face covered in sweat wasnt ruining her face but rather making her smell even wider. Even her sweat wasnt pungent. His face slowly turned red as he took a step back and nodded his head.

He couldnt stare at her for a long time he lowered his head.

“Hehe! Dont be shy. Like I said before, I am investing in you. The stronger you get, the more useful you can be. And, dont get any wrong ideas, okay” Miss Xue giggled and straightened her body once again.

Fu Chen nodded his head but he kept his head down.

“Now, take these and return back to your house.” Miss Xue passed him the jar once again and this time he took it.

The stronger he gets, the more useful he will be. This has always been the ideology of the people. And, he deeply understands it. If his father wasnt a strong mortal, nobody would have given him the job as a guard of a City Lord Palace.

In the middle of the five regions, his sect resides in Yellow Star City. This city has been here for a long time and due to the strong power of the sect, the people are at least living in peace.

But, the outer part of the city is occupied by the mortals who cant afford to live in the middle and often are the victims of the beast slaughter. His father was a mortal but also a strong mortal which is why he was given the job of the guard.

He and his mother lived in the outer part of the city. Because of his dream to be a cultivator, his father left the job with a little money that he saved over a year and decided to help his son join the sect.

He still remembered that his father had to kowtow in front of several people to get recommendations for him. And, he also risked his future just for his son. He cant live in the middle part of the city without being a guard and he cant leave his wife alone in the outer part of the city either.

So, he left his job and bet everything on his son who had no talent for cultivation. Some said he was foolish. Some said he has gone insane. But he never doubted his sons hard work.

Fu Chen knows everything in this world can be achieved by strength and even be used as a pawn, you need to have strength.


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