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Strongest Offline Cultivation Chapter 10

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An hour later,

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

A figure was running a circle around the room at an insane speed, leaving small footprints all over the place. It was so fast that normal eyes couldnt even see it.


Suddenly, the door opened and Fu Chen lost his concentration. His mind asked him to stop but his body didnt listen. He ended up facing the door and falling to the ground.

Thud! Thud!

His body reacted to his previous speed and even on the ground, his body continued to move towards the door. But as soon as he stopped, Fu Chen quickly got up and excitedly spoke.

“Miss Xue!”

“Whoa! Your condition seems quite rough.” Miss Xue looked at his appearance with confusion. His clothes were half ripped off and his body was full of bruises.

He looked like a person who has been beaten to death except there was no trace of blood in him.

“Yeah! I managed to copy your movement but because it was something I learned by watching you, I wasnt good at controlling it. So, I ended up thrashing into the ground every time I use it.” Fu Chen answered with a gleaming smile on his face.

Originally, he didnt know how to explain his copy-paste function to others. Ysla told him to tell others that this is his talent without mentioning anything about the system.

“Wait, you can really copy others martial art after seeing them You have an innate talent” Miss Xue excitedly held his shoulder with her eyes wide open.

Just as he tried to speak, Miss Xues excitement suddenly faded away with the serious look.

“Wait, I need to see it with my own eyes. Do it in front of me!”

Fu Chen is taken back by her cold tone but he still complies with her command. He walked up to the center of the room and took a stance. His sliver-blue spiritual qi coated his body and infused with his foot.


The next moment, his foot pressed hard against the ground and his body dashed forward. He quickly changed his direction and tried to hold Miss Xues hand just as she did before.


But, unlike him, Miss Xue was able to see every move he makes clear. So, she was easily able to dodge it.

“Sorry, Miss Xue! I got too excited to show this to you.” Fu Chen immediately realized that he wasnt able to catch her off guard and apologized. He wanted to do the same thing to her but her speed was completely out of his league.

But, when he looked at her face, her mouth was wide open and the same goes for her eyes.

“You reached the Entry Realm”

[Ding! Congratulation on completing your first quest]

[Your rewards have been distributed.]

[Please check your status to confirm]

“You really have the ability to copy others martial arts just by looking at them. And, not just copying martial art but their experience as well” Miss Xue instantly appeared in front of him and put her hands on his shoulder while speaking with wide eyes

‘Doesnt that mean he can copy any martial arts or maybe even cultivation techniques after seeing others perform Although the strength of a cultivator is measured by his cultivation, martial arts are still one the greatest strength of a cultivator.

‘If he manages to copy someones art in the battle, he can easily defeat them. Learning a martial art also means learning their weakness. That means if he can learn someones weakness, then he doesnt need to worry even if he faces someone stronger than him.

‘But wait Why now He has been in the sect for so long but he never awakened a special talent or martial spirit why now Pressure! Wait, yesterday, something happened to him.

‘He said that his mind wasnt working properly. Now that I think about it, it could be the awakening of his talent. He was trying to copy my movements while I am teaching him which overloaded his mind.

‘Now, he is the cultivator of the first realm-first stage, he could bear that pain and continue to train. Wait, I cant come to a conclusion without learning the whole history. I need to test it.

“Miss Xue! Miss Xue!”

Fu Chen tried to wake her up but she wasnt hearing him at all. But when her thoughts finally ended, she woke up completely. He didnt want to touch her especially when he could get in the trouble so he just tried to wake her up with his voice.

“Ahh! Sorry, I was too lost in my thoughts. By the way Disciple Fu, how did you learn it I mean you didnt even properly see my movement when I showed you but now you have already reached such a level. I dont understand this properly.” Miss Xue let go of his shoulder and asked in a serious mood.

‘Here it comes! Relax Fu Chen, you just need to answer as Ysla taught you.

Fu Chen took a deep breath and nodded his head.

“At first, I wasnt able to see your movement or so I thought. But, my mind was recording your movements even though I wasnt able to understand them properly. So, when I read the martial art, my mind started building a foundation that I needed to learn this art.”

“The only reason why I was able to comprehend it so fast is because you showed me everything. My mind copied your experience but it needed a foundation to put that experience. And, I got it just by reading the martial art.”

“Actually, I am not sure how it works. It awakened this strange feeling yesterday and it really tires me. The problem is I cant control it properly.”

‘So, it is a talent. Miss Xues eyes sparkled when she heard his explanation. The excitement flowing inside her veins was clearly radiating from her face.

‘He doesnt need high-level cultivation talent now. Even if his cultivation talent is low, as long as he can comprehend the cultivation technique to its fullest, he can easily contend with the top geniuses of our sect.

‘Calm down Xue! Calm down! I need to make this as natural as it can be. I need to maintain my composure. This is the perfect moment I have been waiting for. I need to maintain our good relationship and then ask him to join my faction.

‘I can help him get stronger and as he gets stronger, he will be a huge resource for our faction. He could possibly help us win the Spiritual Qi Pond.

The more she thinks about it, the more excited she gets.

Even Fu Chen was able to see her excitement. He felt an insane chill in his back. So, he quickly backed down. But, he suddenly remembered something and asked.

“Miss Xue, there is something I want to ask.”

He wasnt sure if Miss Xue was even listening to him. But, it turns out this time she was listening to her surroundings. She nodded her head.

“When I read that martial art, I felt like it would take me years to master this martial art if I didnt have that special talent. But I dont understand why. When I use this martial art, my mind works on its own so I dont understand the difficulty there .”

“But, I get this feeling that I cant comprehend it without that special talent especially not within an hour. But, Zhu Tan was able to perform the martial art to a higher extent.”

“I dont think I am dumber than him. So, why Why cant I comprehend this martial art without the special talent or is it because Zhu Tan also has special talent”

Hearing his question, Miss Xue was slightly stunned. She didnt expect him not to know this but only then did she realize most people do not know this at all.

She smiled and shook her head “Actually comprehending a martial art or technique needs some sort of talent. This martial art isnt something that I can perfect in a few days but I was only able to reach the Entry Realm in one night because I have experience and am one of the top talents in the entire sect.”

“And, I also had the guidance from my master. Counting all these factors, I reached the Entry Realm in one night seems nothing compared to you reaching the Entry Realm in an hour.”

“So, its not about your wisdom or intelligence. Its about talent. To comprehend a martial art, you need to understand its meaning which is written by someone thousands of years ago.”

“And, it is even harder when the creator of the martial art cant be more specific. So, it really takes time to master it. If I were to master it on my talent alone, it would take at least one week.”

“So, of course, it would take you years to master it without that special talent of yours. As for Zhu Tan. You have a wrong idea here. He took a year to master it even though he was guided by his grandfather every single day.”

“But on other hand, you copied his hard work in just a few seconds as if it was nothing. Just imagine how great your talent is.”


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