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Strongest Offline Cultivation Chapter 1

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“Ahh! Hello, is anyone here Where is this place” A young man wearing a white robe and white pants stood on a dark ground. He looked around the darkroom and shouted.

[Welcome to the Character Setting]

“Who Who Who is speaking What is this What kind of technique is this” Suddenly, a melodious voice rang in his ears and he saw a blue panel with few words on it. He backed down a few steps with a frightened look on his face and shouted.

[Please create your character]

“Who are you” The young man spoke with a frightened tone when he saw another blue panel appearing in front of his eyes.

[Would like you to create a copy of yourself as your character]

“Hey, I dont know who you are. So, please can you introduce yourself It feels creepy hearing a melodious and charming female voice in my head. It feels even weirder when you ask me to create a copy of myself.”

“I heard there are few female cultivators who have a weird fetish of taking their mans clone wherever they go just to show their affection. Unfortunately, Miss, I dont have any clone art. And, you seem to be asking as if you want to create a clone of mine.”

“Uhh! If you can create a clone of mine, then please do it. I always wanted a clone art. Unfortunately, my sect doesnt have any clone art. And, even if they had one, I wouldnt get it with my status.” The young man mumbles with traces of confusion in his eyes but there was a smile of excitement on his lips.


[It is detected that the Player doesnt need to create a new character.]

[New world detected]

[The old settings are unable to continue.]

[Searching for new settings]

[No new settings found]

[Activating A.I.]

[Overriding Systems function and transferring all of the instruction to A.I.]

[Congratulation on obtaining an A.I.]

“Hello, Player!”

Suddenly, the previous melodious voice disappeared and a new cute voice rang in his ears. But, this time he was able to find the location of the sound.

He frightening turned around and saw a small insect-like being floating in the air. She was like a tiny human with wings.

A tiny human with wings

“You are a pixie. Are you truly a legendary pixie Arent pixies extinct” The moment the young man recognized her, he immediately leaned closer to her and shouted at her.

“Player, please step away. I am an A.I. created to help the Player. Would you like to continue with the game settings” The little pixie retreated a few steps showing no emotions on her face and asked. But, she had a little bit of annoyance in her tone.

“Ahem! I am extremely sorry for my rude behavior, legendary pixie. I hope you can forgive me.” The young man didnt understand those words like game or A.I. So, he thought she got angry because of him and immediately apologized.

“Player, you have done nothing wrong, so you dont have to apologize. Now, can we move on to the game settings” The little pixie spoke with no emotions on her face.

“Are you talking about shuttlecock or ping pong Unfortunately, I am not a mortal so I dont play these games. As a cultivator, I should focus my whole life on cultivation.” The young man asked and shook his head with a trace of regret.

Before becoming the cultivator, he loved playing shuttlecock. But after he becomes the cultivator, he doesnt feel like wasting his time in such games.

“Player, the game you are describing is not this game. Would you like to move on to the game settings” The little pixie answered him and continued with her same line.

“I dont know what kind of game you want me to play. But, I dont have time to play games. I am a cultivator. Dont you know a cultivator should spend twenty-fours in cultivation Cant you send me back”

“And, where is this place I only touched the blue light that appeared out of nowhere and the next thing I know I am here. But, I dont even know what kind of place is this Why is everything dark around me Dont you have the lamp or windows”

“You are a legendary pixie. How come you cant afford a house without a lamp and window But then again, how did you take me inside the room in a blink of an eye Did you use a teleportation array But, you clearly dont have money to buy a lamp or make windows. So, how come you have enough money to buy or even make a teleportation array”

The young man instantly shook his head and rejected her offer for the game. He didnt have time to play. Rather, he would sit down and cultivate even if it is for a few extra minutes.

“I am overriding the system. Player has agreed to play the game.” The little pixie spoke and in the next second, dozens of blue panels appeared in front of him.

[Generating Quest Function- Energy Absorption Function Activated]

[Generating Stat Function- Primordial Chaos Body Function Activated]

[Generating Skill Point Function- Ancient Enlightenment Tree Function Activated]

[Generating Data Function- Satellite, SIM, and 3d Visuals Activated]

[Copy, Extract, and Store Function- Golden Finger Activated]

[All Basic Functions- Divine System Race Function Activated]

[Welcome to the Strongest Offline System]

[Please ask your A.I for any additional information]

[Do take a note: You are restricted to talk about the Strongest Offline System and its functions to anyone. Once you unlock third rank Player Status, you will be able to consult with A.I. about the Strongest Offline System in the details.]

As soon as he finished reading the last panel, his eyes suddenly closes and opens. But, this time he was no longer inside the black room. He lowered his head and saw the grass. He raised his head and saw the blue sky.

Then, he pinched his cheeks and shouted “Ouch!”

“So, what just happened”

The young man asked himself and looked around. He saw a few disciples staring at him with weird eyes.

“Fu Chen, what happened Why did you suddenly got lost in your own thoughts in the middle of the practice Are you slacking Did you forget if you dont practice well and fail this time, you will be kicked out of the sect”

He heard the voice of a female and turned back. There was a tall female standing in front of him, wearing a red Qipao. Her dress was extremely tight, showing her slim figure. She was one of the tutors who was tasked to train Fu Chen for a week since he paid for it. This was the second day of his training.

[Ding! New Quest Generated]

[Quest- Top the Competition

Description- Competition is a part of training, and constant training is always helpful. Topping the competition shines the Players prestige and rewards him with lots of resources.

Quest Reward- 3 Level Up, 10 Stat Points, 5 Skill Points, and a Gift

Quest Failure- 3- Level down, -10 Stat Points, -5 Skill Points, and prepare a gift for the A.I]

“What” Fu Chen took the steps back as soon as he saw the panel with frightened.

“Has this guy gone astray Why is he behaving like this”

“Maybe he got frightened when he heard he will get kicked out of the sect.”

“Yeah, his family put everything together just to send him to sect but he couldnt even pass the basic exam to become the outer-court disciple.”

“Hush! If he had the talent, he couldve succeeded. Unfortunately, not everyone can awaken Martial Spirit. He should probably accept the fact and go back home.”

When he took the step back, everyone around him started looking at him with disdain and whispered in each others ears.

But, suddenly they got a glare from the female elder and immediately scattered away. The female elder turned her head at Fu Chen and frowned.

‘Although he doesnt have talent, he hasnt backed down from the cultivation. He practiced day and night just to reach the first stage of the Body Tempering Realm. Why is he suddenly acting like this

“Disciple Fu Chen, are you alright What happened” She walked closer to him and tapped his shoulder while asking. When she tapped his shoulder, she found he wasnt shaking or anything. He seemed to be momentarily frightened.

“Miss Xue, cant you see this blue… Argh!” Just when Fu Chen tried to explain, he felt extreme pain in his head. He felt that his head was split in half for a moment and a new panel appeared in front of him.

[Host shouldnt talk about Strongest Offline System to anyone.]

[This is only the warning. Next time, the consequences would be deadly which means death.]

Only then does he remember the last panel he read before appearing in this place. He took a deep breath and it worked. He calmed down and raised his head at Elder Xue.

“Miss Xue, can I take a day off I feel extreme pain in my head. I will join your session tomorrow.”

Hearing his words, Elder Xue puts her index finger on her cheeks and nodded her head.

“Alright, you can take your day off. I think you have been stressed out for cultivation day and night for an entire week. I know this might sound hard but if you cant then just give up.”

“You can still return back to being a mortal just like your parents.”

Saying so, she patted his shoulder and walked away.


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