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Star-crossed Chapter 9

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Willow followed her and when she opened the other door she saw so many different things, dresses, shirts and shoes all sorts of colors. It made Willows head spin, "are you sure this is okay- us coming I mean those people are looking for us maybe we should be hiding instead" Willow said. She was afraid to even touch some of the garments. If she could get out of it and not have to maybe sit somewhere with a book that would be great. She was really missing just sitting and reading so this would be a great time to catch up with some of her old friends.

"I wouldn worry alpha will take care of them and make sure that everything is safe for tonight, so lets get ready. Lets see....this one will do alright" she said as she pulled out a dress.

"Everyone says the alpha will take care of it, don worry, we are safe here, and of course my favorite the alpha will make sure nothing happens. That just seems so unbelievable" Willow said. She crouched down on the floor like she was trying to keep herself safe.

"Your new to this world aren you," she asked, bending down to make eye contact. Willow nodded and she could see that there were tears starting to form in her eyes. "Listen, there is a big difference between a normal community and a magical one. First, we have to keep each other safe that is the main reason we are in groups. Oh, let me get that for you,"she was talking about all this and trying to get her dressed at the same time. "If someone found out about us well you can just guess what would happen. So many of us have never seen much more than town down there. Two its hard doing everything for yourselves in a group like this everyone has a job and everyone is taken care of. Its like that in most of them, alphas job is to make sure that only certain people come here but then there are others who take care of the house and everything else so again don worry about them. Just worry about what we are going to do about that hair"


"Now then, I understand you have something you wish to discuss, please sit" Alpha Jacob said with a smile. He loved playing games like these and knowing his beta, there was already a place set-up for them downstairs if things got out of hand. "Normally, you don come to our pack so there must be something I can help you gentlemen with."

"Not to doubt anyone in your pack, alpha, but there were some runaways that we had tracked up to this area. We think they may be hiding on your lands somewhere and ask that we be allowed to move around without restriction" the older one said he was trying to look and sound tough.


e looking for runaways? These aren supernatural kids that ran away, right? Because, it wouldn matter if you had permission. If they are and you take them you are breaking the laws by looking for them and taking them through my lands. Now, if are they normal human runaways? If they are then of course, Ill even have some of my best men help you. However, if they aren and you know it- Ill attend your branding and Ill make sure it hurts so much that youll beg for death" Jacob had said this last last part in a tone that made the glass that was on his desk shake under his hand. It made everyone in the room want to run, but their pride refused to let them. Just then there was a quiet tap at the door. "Come in! Ah Annie are you ready for tonight? You look beautiful," he said lighting up as he saw her. She nodded and smiled shyly. "Well, we have something going on that requires my attention. Gentlemen, I am sure you can figure out how to get out of here by yourselves or should I find someone to assist you" Jacob was now walking towards Anna.

"No, we can figure things out, but if we may ask tonight, what is so special" they asked. Anything to change the subject and this was the prefect change.

"Some of my pack is turning sixteen and we have some eighteen year olds who are going across to a pack on the west coast to see about their mate. So this is kind of like a going away party for them, and before you get too excited we already have their travel papers they are going to be catching the train up north. My gamma will be driving them, so if there is nothing else Id like to get down there"

"Of course, we will remember what you have said alpha, and congratulations to the youngsters" the older one said stand from his chair. "Next time on better terms," he asked. Jacob looked him over but nodded and opened the door the men left, leaving him and Anna which he pulled back it to his office.

"Now those kids, they are whats being looked for," he asked her. She nodded and then looked at the floor, this didn last because he then put a finger under her chin. "I told you, you never have to bow to me, but they are going to be a problem Annie. Just when I wanted to keep you here for a while too" He said. "You know I still want you to be here with me, stop always being at Alexs call the time and live here with us," he said playing with a bit of hair that had come loose. " And if that spell of yours is the reason you have been staying away, listen, I will love you so if I were to die before you you would have so much love in your heart that you would never be sad ever again." this last part he said against her ear. It was making her want to stay more than ever.

"Let me think about it tonight, all though will I have a handsome guy with me down there or will I just have to conjure one for myself" she asked slyly. She could tease just as much as him.

"Ill be down there I have some kids I have to be sending off and hopefully they find someone at this party and they don have to go, besides, I want to see those kids that you brought and seem to be so valuable. They must be something special, and I want to see what all the fuss is about" he said. Then he kissed her and let her go to the party he needed to get ready and she needed to go find those kids. Something tugged at him and it was one that he should have listened to.

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