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Star-crossed Chapter 7

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After Willow got out of the shower and got back to the room where everyone else was at it was now Xaivers turn. Noticing that he had the same problem as Willow, Ryder threw a pair of pants at him before he left. "Now Willow, we talked to Xaiver while you were in the shower. If this is what we are thinking you won be able to go home, and for good reason too" Anna said after handing her a drink. "Now before you get too worked up I need you to listen to me, the spell that was cast wasn a spell- it was a curse. An old one too, in fact this guy doesn know all the ins and outs of it fully. Just know that if you were to go home that thing with the locker room- would only be the start. Not only that all of those bruises- Xavier was feeling them, so he is probably feeling ten times better same as you. You guys also won be ageing at all, now, right now not too many people will notice but they will notice when you don get any taller, or if Xaiver still looks like he did in high school." Anna said she had a sad look on her face.

"Now don think about it, being immortal its got its perks, both of us can speak to that" Ryder said pointing to himself and Anna. Which made Willow confused, she expected him to be but Anna she should be human, right?

"Okay, knock it off, that was a long time ago" Anna said pushing him. She now acted like they were old friends. "Willow I am 283 years old, well 284 in about a month, but the curse you have is not like the spell I have, so don - anyway we haven come across the counter for yours. Now we had thought that we had all the copies of it but we missed some. If its some street vendor we plan on locking the person up. However, if its something else it will take a bit more in the mean time we are making calls to find somewhere for you two. My friend is finding someplace now and Ryders job will be to get you there safely and in one piece, and before you get upset the places we are picking from are really nice. You guys could live and not be worried about anything happening."

Just then Xavier walks in, it takes her a minute to get over the fact that he has no shirt, before she starts yelling. "Did you know about this?"

"About what? Them being older than time, I found out when you were in the shower."

"No, not that the part we

e we won be going home. Because of this stupid spell that your bimbo girlfriend used because she thought I was going out with you. I wasn interested in guys or dating or anything like that."

"Hey, this is not my fault, Will, and to be fair, she thought she was going to be you. She thought that the other half was her. She never thought it would be someone else, so the fact that it is you must mean something."

"Ummmm...hey are you two done? Or do you need more time," Ryder asked, looking amused. Both of them now had one thing in common, they didn like the way we just talked and looked at them like they were entertaining in some fashion. "No, keep going its been awhile."

"Its been a while my ass, you can shove..." Willow started speaking but was stopped.

"Well, you most definitely are answering a question I have had since I have seen ya," Ryder said, still smiling." Before I do anything, calm down and speak English, in case you two want to know the reason you have been shouting at each other in two different languages and both aren spoken much anymore." The teens stopped and became silent, this making Anna breath relieved. "Now then, yes, we do plan on taking you somewhere else, and if that last display wasn enough for ya we can give the two of you another. Point is, aside from not aging whenever your emotions get too intense you speak in a language that while not familiar to you it is, you Xavier, your family is from Spain the northern part Id figure" Ryder said while Xavier looked at him, defenesly. "And you, luv, while yes you are adopted, your family of birth must have been from the highlands. You spoke old gaelic, now if you think you can keep yourselves from doing that again, Im sure Anna can come up with something so you at least look older, for a little while. However, that the feeling weak without the other, are minor compared to what else could happen. We don mean what we say as a form of punishment. If anything shes right those girls should get some form of punishment, but thats not for you to deal with." Ryder said this and, while he sounded harsh his eyes weren showing the same thing.

"Now Alex is going to be calling me in about an hour, Ryder.... your second is going to be here," Anna was going through her list.

"In about three had to stop for something, and this time grateful shes getting it." Ryder said. He was ready to go, but the just needed to know where to. It also gave him a chance to fight a bit, if the need arose.

"Andrew said hed be here in fifteen minutes, so lets go and get those charms started while we wait, and kids? Try and keep calm I like my shop the way it is" Anna said. She was starting to get anxious, and that didn work for what she was suppose to be doing. Alex better have some good news when he does call or Ill reach through the feed and slap him. Just then a hand touched her arm and shook her from her thoughts. Seeing it was Willow, she smiled for some reason, talking to her was soothing. Almost like rain in the summertime, it gave a calming effect that she wished she could keep. She also had never heard of this so it might just be her and left it at that. "Willow, come we are...." she started, but then stopped, Willow looked like she had something on her mind.

"Why did you do the whatever spell," Willow asked. She had begun to twirl her hair, which was making it curl even more than it already was.

"Well, mine isn based entirely on love like yours is or at one time might have been," Anna said and she started looking at the shelves for things. "I wanted the honor of changing something that had been done to another." A bang came at the door, Anna was distracted from the story she was about to tell. Two men stood at the door, both dressed as if they had been out in the woods for quite some time and one carrying a crossbow."Ryder, we have there is a couple of problems at the door, and I don know how to get rid of these" she said bringing Willow into the back where everyone was. She both looked and sounded panicked.

Well, didn take them long, Anna will Alex pay if the place gets damaged" Ryder asked shuffling in his pockets. She nodded, but didn like the sound of what he was saying. "Is anything in this place of value to you- like you can be without it" she thought then shook her head slowly, she really didn like where this was going. "You have that treaty with the pack in the woods, right"

"I do, but what does that matter" Anna asked, walking towards the phone.

"We have to get someplace safe, and thats as safe as I can think, you two," pointing at Willow and Xavier, "come with me. Anna if you have a car, go get it ready. We can deal with our guests"

"How are we going to do that," Willow asked, a little stunned.

"Yeah, wouldn Anna be a better choice then us? We are just kids" Xavier said, just as stunned as Willow.

"Ok, now here I want you two to read whats written" Ryder said handing them each a card. They looked at him like he was crazy. "Come on you haven been sure as to why you needed to come with us, do this and find out why trust me, its a great show" Ryder said and he leaned against a wall.

Willow read her card first just like it said to,

"If you said goodbye to me tonight, there would still be music left to write. What else could I do, Im so inspired by you that hasn happened for the longest time" Willow read, "this is stupid"

Ryder looked at Xavier and he read his, he felt just as stupid.

"Once I thought my innocence was gone now I know that happiness goes on Thats where you found me when you put your arms around me, I haven been there for the longest time" Xavier felt like an idiot, "is something incredible suppose to happen now" he said getting mad. He was tired and didn want to have jokes played on him anymore.

"Okay, now face each other and say the same thing in the same order" Ryder said just standing like he knew some sort of secret. But they did as he asked after Xaviers line their eyes started to glow, and they both acted like it was only them.

"Im that voice your hearing in the hall and the greatest miracle of all"

"Its how I need you and how you needed me too, that hasn happened for the longest time"

As the two of them kept going Ryder just leaned back and watched. They weren doing much but walking around the store, but that was enough, the place was starting to glow and sparkle. He could only laugh thinking how much they despised each other. Just then Anna walked in with some not so good news. "Ryder my car won start for some reason...what are they doing" she had never seen this before and she became stunned. She was not only one, the ones that were trying to get in, they now just stood and watched. Ryder quickly grabbed something out of his pocket and put it around her neck. Anna blinked a few times, then came back to her senses, but the ones at the door were still stunned.

"Just keep that on, call it a gift if youd like."Ryder smiled at her then went back to watching. "Your pack friends? What about them" Ryder asked.

Anna smiled a bit, but then said "we are all good there, we just have to show up. They are having some kind of party so it will be hard to pick us out. Also, the other members will want to dress the two of them up for the night."

"Well, with that taken care of we better get going the song is about to end," Ryder said, backing off a bit"Anna, luv, nows a good time to hit the deck. At least, if you like to stay among the living." Ryder had started to get close to the ground.

"I don care what consequence, it brings I have been a fool for lesser things"

"I want you so bad I think you ought to know that I intend to hold you for the longest time"

"for the longest time"

"for the longest time"

"for the longest time" and as they both sang this the lights in the room exploded, and the store was gone.

"What did you do? What did they do they whole block is gone" Anna yelled as she pulled herself from the rubble. "No one is going to believe any kind of story that I could possibly come up with." She began to kick at bits of wood trying to process what she just saw.

"I know thats why we are leaving now, hey kids still want to go home" Ryder asked. They were both dazed and a little tired from what happened. All they could manage was shaking their head. "Now we have a party to get to and some hunters to get away from" Ryder said. He was carefully leading them out of the wreak like a pro. How many times had hed done this stunt he lost count, but it never got old and he was still waiting for the ultimate. The one that would take down an entire city, but a whole block was getting closer.

"Hey, what happened here" a thin man said, standing on the edge of the rubble.

"Andrew, can you drive us somewhere" Anna asked. He nodded, showing he had keys to a vehicle and then pointed down the street. "Come on guys we have to get out of here" all of them ran to get inside the car.

"Im glad I brought the bigger one today, well you will have to tell me what happened and where we are going" Andrew said putting the key in and starting the car. "Also, where are the ones that I was suppose to be bringing clothes for. I mean it Anna you do this all the time, tell me to come then say I have to go to some weird place out it nowhere land."

"They are right here and we are running from hunters, do you want to stay there or come with us." Ryder asked, he sounded like someone who was not to be messed with.

"Hunters? No way am I doing that again! They never pay what they are suppose to, also they act like they own the world just cause they have shot a few of us down." Andrew said driving out of the town."If you had said you were running from hunters we would have been gone before you could have finished the sentence."

"Andrew, I promise I will tell you but let me get over the shock" Anna said. She had only heard rumors of what the lovers curse could do. Alex would never tell her and just told her that if she found anyone under this curse to quickly send them to the cities they have set up for them.

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